Non-chemical treatments for ADHD

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    Because I am not going to have my son put on medication if that is a manageable option, I am starting to investigate alternatives. Biofeedback has a very good reputation - but exists only in the States (as far as I know) and is expensive. A couple of things seem more within reach. The first is that studies have shown that one hour plus of intense physical activity for ADHD kids can increase their dopamine levels and have something of the same effect as medication. In my son's case, this is a good idea anyway as he is so overflowing with energy that needs to be used up. Secondly, it has been shown that a HUGE proportion of ADHD children have low iron and ferrotine levels, even if this is not marked enough to be official anaemia. This is my son's case. Again, it is said that giving an iron supplement can produce behavioural improvements. My son has been taking an iron supplement for about a month... not sure if it has led to improvements :)
    In any case, there are clearly strategies other than just medication. The big challenge comes around six, I reckon, when school becomes more demanding. In a conventional school, ADHD children will experience problems. Alternative schools could work better and I know that Waldorf-Steiner schools (which you have in the states - my American nephew and niece go to one) often receive ADHD children as well as other children who learn differently.
    I'd be interested to know other alternative approaches that people know of.
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    physical activity is definitely a plus for the ADHD child. it's one of the reasons my difficult child had an IEP that did not allow his teacher to take away recess as a disciplinary measure for not completing class or homework (in elementary school)!

    i've recently been hearing about the iron issue. also there is some evidence that vit D can play a role as well.

    if your difficult child is able to achieve some level of success, whatever that is judged to be in his case, without medications, that's great! we never stop searching......