Northern Idaho

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  1. mstang67chic

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    Anyone know much about this area? I found a story on which led me to a website. There is a couple out there that want to move but instead of selling their house, they are having a contest. For $150 and an essay, you are entered to win the house (3 bdrm, 2 bath on 11 acres). Best essay wins. I'm actually tossing the idea around.

    Thoughts, comments?
  2. Lothlorien

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    I say write the essay and go for it!
  3. mrscatinthehat

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    Wow. That sounds kinda cool.

  4. klmno

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    It sounds too good to be true, but as long as there is no fine print, I'd go for it. Shoot, with 11 acres you could live in the existing house then someday build your dream house on the same property and rent out the original house- or move difficult child into it if he won't leave home. LOL!
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Who's underwriting the contest? Or maybe that's not the right word, but who's making sure this is legit? That they're not just going to run off with everybody's $150 entry fee -- I mean if 1000 people respond, that's a tidy sum of money they get for what? Nothing!
  6. Suz

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    Where is it?

    I lived in Spokane, WA for 7 years in the 80's. We lived in Greenacres (no kidding!), a suburb, about 5 miles from the Idaho border and Coeur d'Alene.

    It's beautiful.

    Tons of lakes.

    Small town feel.

    Easy to get around and close to Canada, which is also beautiful.

    I had my favorite job ever during those years.

    Northern Idaho used to have an active faction of a white supremacist group (boo, hiss :thumbsdown: ). It's probably safe to assume they are still there.

    The winters in those days were awful and looooong. It got cold the day after Labor Day and one year we had visitors in June who needed to wear ski jackets. That's probably the same year we only had a two week summer. The last year we were there it was -60 (wind chill but who cares) for 10 days straight and I told then-husband to GET ME OUTTA the winters are GRAY, GRAY, GRAY all winter long.

    When we lived there real estate was reasonably priced. It had a boom after we left but be careful- I'm not sure what the economy is like there now.

    If you are used to living in a big city you will be miserable. If you like country living and don't mind the above, it might be a good place for you.

    Heck, for $150.00 it's probably worth the risk because you can always sell it for more than that and make a profit.

  7. klmno

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    gcvmom, that's the way I'm looking at it. I would check into first. Even if they are wealthy and just concerned about being able to sell their house quickly, they could put it on the market for $40,000 and walk away quickly, with more in their pocket- I doubt that many people are going to send them valid checks for $150. If it's legit, someone should be putting the money sent in into an escrow account or whatever it is called. And, is there any catch where you have to assume an existing mortgage? There are times when I'd give my house to someone who sent me a check for $25 if they'd take over all I owe and I could walk away with good credit- they would have to accept the house "as-is" difficult child-inflicted damgae and all.
  8. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Suz, it's actually right outside of Coeur D'Alene!

    Mods, if it's ok, I'll post the link but for now, if you are curious, PM me and I'll give you the link to these people's web site.
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    Hopefully Toto will answer. She's from Idaho, I think...
  10. ThreeShadows

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    They've done this in Maine more than once. It was legit there.

    Just make sure you know what you're getting into. Check out the community property laws, the age of consent laws (that's a biggie for me, easy child could lie down with a dirty old dog at age 14 and Maine does not always follow the laws). CHECK OUT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. This is huge!

    Hey, good luck!