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    difficult child has such an attitude when things don't go exactly as planned! He went to get his Rx's filled this morning but he gave them the wrong info and it came up as him having no medical insurance. He called me and was not pleasant. I'm already having a bad day bc not only did it snow last night but easy child/difficult child is sick and j have to take the day off and stay here with him. I was a little short with difficult child bc earlier I told him exactly what info to give the pharmacy but he didn't. So I called, fixed the problem and he's on his way back over there to fill his scripts.

    I just can't stand the attitude! It's like cut me a break. TRY to do something for yourself. I mean, yes, he's limited but I gave him exact instructions to follow and then got nasty bc HE gave them the wrong info. Ugggh!
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    Today, in particular, I REALLY feel your frustration. It is so maddening when our older kids/adult kids can not take care of themselves and then yell at us when things go wrong. I'm so sorry your day started out bad and hope it gets better.
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    I'm sorry MWM! It definitely is very draining isn't it? It gets to the point of enough's enough!

    I tried to message mine twice on fb and ask how it went at the pharmacy. I can tell he's online bc it shows him as being active now. He ignored me both times. So you know what? I'm not putting any more thought into his problems today. I'm taking the day off from gfgville to tend to my sick younger son and difficult child can be miserable in his own world! Fine with me!
  4. JKF - I guess if he ignored you that means he got his prescriptions just fine and dandy. If he hadn't you'd have certainly gotten a whiney, ranting phone call from him.

    Sigh. Sorry your day started off so badly. Hope your younger son is feeling better.
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    Isn't that the truth!?!?! No contact obviously means he's fine and he doesn't need me until his next crisis. You know what? That's fine with me! I could use a break! easy child/difficult child is home sick with a cold. He's ok - just tired and feeling blah. He's resting and watching a movie so I'm going to kick back and read and forget about life for a bit. I'm sure I'll get a phone call from difficult child as soon as he needs something but until then I'm pretty useless in his eyes.
  6. JKF - If it's any consolation I know how that feels. My difficult child doesn't contact me unless he wants something. And because he knows he won't get much out of me I rarely hear from him. Sigh. It's sad.

    Enjoy your relaxing day and get lost in a wonderful book!
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