Not a good idea for mom to get sick with a difficult child in the house...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I am SO glad that only difficult child 2 is home with easy child this week and not difficult child 1 as well. I'm slowly getting through this bronchitis bug but sleeping a lot the past two days. difficult child 2 got benched at water polo today for fooling around during warmups, so he had a lot of extra energy this afternoon. Let's see if I can recount the ways he chose to burn off that energy:

    1. Decided to "bake" a potato. By wrapping it in foil and setting it on top of the gas burner on the stove and lighting the fire. I smelled the smoke from upstairs and was able to intervene and showed him a safer way to cook his spud in the microwave, sans foil, with a paper bag. Whew. That was close.

    2. Dragged the weight bench out and tried bench presses with no one around. Tried to get tricky and lift the bar with his arms crossed. Said his shoulder made a loud, painful "POP." I said, I guess you won't be doing that anymore, huh? And please don't go lift weights if no one is around, okay?

    3. Lifted a 5 gallon water jug up on his shoulders instead of sweeping the leaves as he was just asked to clean up. Decided to slide the jug down his back instead of lowering it from the front like he'd initially picked it up, then let it fall to the ground behind him, whereupon it cracked open on the concrete and gushed out all over the ground. I informed him he was going to have to pay me for the wasted water. Wasn't too happy about that.

    4. When a neighbor calls me over to assist with a rattlesnake this afternoon, difficult child 2 is running up barefoot and attempting to get a better look while I am trying to secure the snake with my special pole. Needless to say, I had to yell at him to get back. No, you can't poke at it with the stick in your hand. Please put the carcass down, you're dripping blood all over the neighbor's driveway. No you can't cut off the rattle with the shovel. No you can't pick up the head. No... No... No...

    5. I check on him in his bedroom and he has a paper plate COVERED with raw carrots (easily 2-3 cups of carrots) and the entire bottle of ranch in his room, preparing to snack. Healthy, good. Too much fiber, bad. I had visions of him stuck in the bathroom for hours like the last time he overindulged like this. You can keep about 1/3 of that, go put the rest back, and you don't need the WHOLE bottle of ranch!

    6. Decides to take a shower. He's a teenager. He's a boy. He's a difficult child. 'Nuf said. I gave up and went back to bed.

    7. This evening I'm in bed watching TV and I smell something burning. I ask husband to go check on difficult child 2 downstairs because, you know, I am coughing my lungs out and still sick. It's HIS turn to do the stairmaster thing like I did LAST week. husband hollers down (because of course getting up and actually going DOWN there would require him to actually get involved in this parenting thing): difficult child 2, what are you doing? ... Nothing. To which I say b.s. Nothing doesn't smell like it's burning, husband. Turns out he was in the kitchen again "baking" a potato on the stovetop, just the way I'd told him to NOT do earlier today! I went down and explained that if he couldn't follow my safety rules for the equipment in the kitchen, he would not be allowed to use any of the stuff in the kitchen. Okay mom.

    He missed his 12:30pm Seroquel XR dose two days in a row, and I think this explains some of what I'm seeing. I sure hope I have more energy to deal with this tomorrow.
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    Forget the seroquel, get a tranq gun. Yeesh!
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    Miss KT would stand next to the bed and bother me about cooking something until I screamed at her. Then she would be wounded, and call Nana to complain about how awful I am, completely omitting the fact that I had bronchitis or something similar. Guess that's better than trying to burn the house down...twice.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  5. keista

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    So I was reading you list, and it all sounded about 'right' to me except:
    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    LOL, Keista I'm the neighborhood snake lady. :bow: The folks in my culdesac come knocking at my door whenever they have a rattlesnake in their yards because it always takes animal control an hour or more to show up. I have a long handled floor scraper and can do their job in a few minutes.
  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Mary, I didn't even mention the MESS he left in the kitchen after his cooking experiments. :) Shredded cheese on the floor, butter wrappers stuck to the counter, leftover Chinese food glops on the counter, bits of foil scattered on the counter, dirty dishes stacked in the sink and on the counter, dirty paper plates strewn about, a dirty omlette pan on the stove top, sticky residue from spilled beverages all over the floor... I'm sure there's more.

    I did ask him to empty the dishwasher and then load the dirty dishes, clean up the counters and floor, and asked him to wash the pan, too. Yes I asked him about a dozen times before he finally got 1/2 of it done, and by that time I was tired.

    This is why I've given up having a clean, tidy house as long as there are difficult child's living here. And since husband qualifies as a difficult child, this could be for a very. long. time. :rofl:

    I am feeling better today, though a coughing fit did force me to the side of the road this morning as I was taking easy child to day camp. I'm so glad she gets to get out of this place for a few hours each day!
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    OMG, Dennis the Menace X10.
    I love the idea of the tranq gun.
  9. Jody

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    OMG, I would be scared to death. I bought a toaster oven for my difficult child to use. I don't let her near the stove, (it's gas) because I fear she will kill us all. When she uses the microwave she has no clue what to put the timer on and no matter how much she puts something in microwave she always ask me over and over again. How many minutes for a burrito, popcorn. I would never be able to sleep. AND then the rattlesnake. Um, that's scary.
  10. DammitJanet

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    I cannot handle anything that slithers. My boys? They love it.

    Jamie skinned and tanned the hides of two copperheads for his father and they are attached to two boards in my family room. Im waiting till I can somehow sneak them out of the house sometime.

    Of course, Jamie has to go get snakes for a living too. But today he calls me all upset because his first call of the morning was a hurt kitty call but when he got there he couldnt find that particular cat. He did see another cat though and he was attempting to get that cat to go back to its house because it was on the side of the road so he was standing in the middle of the street trying to stop traffic to let the kitty walk across the road and some idiot refused to stop for this giant animal control officer and hit the kitty and killed it instantly. Jamie was so ticked off. Unfortunately, that isnt illegal.
  11. keista

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    by the way do you eat the meat? I've heard it tastes like chicken.
  12. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Janet -- that's just horrible what that moron did! I'd be furious, too!

    Keista, no, I'ver never prepared the meat and never tasted it. Heard the same thing about the taste, lol. If I thought people in my house would actually eat it, I might go to the trouble of preparing it, but it seems like a lot of work and a lot of bones.
  13. HaoZi

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    They lie. Gator doesn't taste like chicken either. Not been in FL very long I take it? Give it a few years, you'll be going after the rattlers with the lawn mover and a stick.
  14. keista

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    Gator certainly does not taste like chicken, nor have the texture of it.

    I've been in FL for 9 years. No rattlers around here (knock wood) I did spot a coral snake once, in my yard. Yard work is ALWAYS done cautiously.
  15. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    The gator I had did have a similar texture to chicken breast, but a gamey taste (yes, I know for certain it was gator) or a very bland taste. That seems to depend on if it's wild or farm-raised, texture depends on what part you're eating (tail meat for me, thanks).
    Coral snakes have limited distribution, never saw those where I lived, but rattlers of various species and moccasins were all over along with your common non-venomous snakes like king (which looks a lot like the coral but eats rattlers), corn, rat, oak, indigo (endangered and beautiful snakes, those, but they can get BIG), etc.
  16. ML

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    OMG. I feel the insanity and relate to it. When difficult child was about 2 he got the name "Danster the Manster" because it was close to "Dennis the Menace". I sure hope you get better in record time.
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    I just read your list, and I feel like I need to go lie down. Yikes!
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    Gcvmom, are you feeling better today?
  19. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    LOL -- thanks for asking Terry. Yes, a bit. At least it's not getting WORSE :) Still coughing a lot. I promised husband I'd go to the doctor if cough doesn't improve markedly by Monday. So I'm drinking my water and taking my Mucinex during the day, and cough supressant/expectorant at night so I can sleep.

    On a positive note, difficult child 2 was VERY helpful and cooperative with me yesterday and did a lot of chores for me without much complaint. Seems my kids are sympathetic when I'm under the weather and it takes very little guilt to get their help.