Not a good Sunday

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    My Sunday started with daughter-in-law banging on door at 6:30 A.M. difficult child 2 had left at 3 and was not home. She was concerned. She used my phone to call him (he had their cell). He was OK; things seemed peaceful. Shortly after that I heard yelling and screaming (they live around the corner from me). I got up to see what was going on and about that time difficult child was at my door, wanting to borrow my car to take home the friend he had brought to his house but that wife didn't want there. I told him no, as he had been drinking so he grabbed my keys and ran out and took it anyway. I thought about calling the cops but that always comes back to bite me in the posterior as it ends up costing me more than it does him (leave him in jail and support the grandkids myself or bail him out - either way, I'm #$%^ed; I'm not willing to let the grandkids live on the street. Thankfully, he got home safely but in the meantime, I had walked to their house to see if d-i-l was OK. I met the neighbor on the way; part of the family was already there. They were meaning to be helpful but it only created bigger problems. When difficult child came home, d-i-l was dressing kids; they were going to neighbor's house. They attacked difficult child as he came in the door (not really out of line as he was yelling, etc.) Broke the front window; broke difficult child's glasses; created tons of hard feelings. The day went down hill from there.

    It looks today like a divorce is in the works. Don't really know who is at fault. difficult child is a pain to live with; if I were his wife I would kill him. Daughter in law is bipolar; has huge issues of her own. If I had to live with her I'd probably kill her too. The victims, of course, are the kids. Right now things are up in the air. difficult child wants to quit his job. D-i-l is talking about renting a house and getting a job. The best solution would be for difficult child to leave town (there is really nothing for him here) and his wife (ex; whatever) and the kids could stay in their house. I'm taking difficult child tonight to an eye appointment to get him new glasses; medicare will pay for part. We will pay for the rest. I had just gotten difficult child 1 new glasses for his birthday and told difficult child 2 I would do the same for him so I guess this is just an early birthday present.

    Sorry this is getting so long; I just needed to unload somewhere. My 95 year old mother has a doctor's appointment today to have a skin cancer cut on and then we get to go take difficult child for his glasses, an hour and 45 minutes from here (they joys of rural living). I'm subbing for the next two days; maybe that is good; I will be away from the drama.

    If you are a praying person, say a prayer for the grandkids; I really don't care too much about the adults at this point. They will do whatever it is that they will do but I hope they can keep a little sanity in the kids' lives.
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    Prayers for the grand kids and for you, stuck in the middle of so much drama.
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    {{{Hugs}}} and prayers being sent.
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    Hugs and prayers being sent.
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    Well of COURSE....I think prayers are needed for the entire crew. :tongue: (you did not see that tongue - I had my head bowed)

    Sending hugs & love Mutt - Best outcome for your Mom too. Just went through that with my Mom. She did have multiple melanomas and a thyroid cancer scare.

    Take care and we'll keep the light on for you. :smug:
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    Sending up prayers for the grandkids. Stinks how kids always get stuck in the middle of this sort of thing.

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    I'm so sorry. :(
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    Hugs for you all.