Not a great week around here (sorry so long.)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Mar 30, 2012.

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    This has been a rough week. difficult child missed 2 full days, and is going late today. Tuesday she swore she was sick. I didn't totally believe her, but let her stay home.

    Wed. she went to school without issue. I thought maybe she really didn't feel well. We go to the barn, and her horse totally freaks out and reared and ripped the cross ties out of the wall and took off out of the barn. We then find out earlier in the day difficult child's horse and another horse tag teamed a horse and about ran it through a fence. So, we were discussing sending the horse back.

    difficult child woke up yesterday crying and freaking out, so she stayed home. (I can't physically pick her up now that she has gained weight.) Settled the horse problem, and the horse is staying.

    difficult child is trying to stay home again today. Freaking out about tests in SS. They are trying to make her take 2 today because it is the end of the quarter. So much for the 504, and giving her more time. And, not to mention, she can't even write with the cast on. 2 of her other teachers made accommodations. One let her take a test orally, and the other just had her do it on the computer. Not the SS teacher. Gotta love the old school male teachers.

    Called school and of course had to leave a message, because her guidance counselor is a loser, and is never there.

    So, difficult child and I made a compromise. I want her at school today. She is in the middle of a full blown panic attack. So, I am letting her stay home until 4th period. She is going in at 10 right after the SS class is over. Not the best solution, but the best I have for right now.

    Called and talked to husband about this, and he said I know this isn't perfect, but look at the positive, she is at least telling you what is going on, and why she is acting out, where before she just raged and threw huge tantrums. So, I guess he is right. Now lets just hope that she actually goes at 10 like she told me she would.
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    I agree with you that the solution is not ideal, but I also agree with your husband that at least she is telling you why she is so upset. She's not holding it in, and then blowing up in your face because you don't have her favorite falvor of ice cream in the freezer.

    What does her 504 plan say? I would definately be on the phone to that guidance counselor and telling him that he needs to talk to the SS teacher. If she can't write because of a cast, which is something that is an obvious injury and he knows that she's not faking something, he has to make her some type of accomadation. Maybe she can dictate to someone and they can write what they say? I think that it's great that one teacher allowed her to take a test orally. Now that's working with a kid who needs help.
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    How about calling the psychologist you met and liked???
  4. StressedM0mma

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    My husband called and talked and emailed back and forth with him today. The psychologist said why the heck are they trying to make her write a test? That is just stupid. Why don't they just have her take it orally or have a kid in the class or me write the answers as she says them? husband told him we already asked that. UGH!!!
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    So, will he advocate for you by calling the 504 plan manager??? or better yet, the teacher!
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    Sorry things have been so rough. I hope the teacher ends up making accommodations. Grrrr to that teacher!
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    Somebody's gotta come down on that teacher... or some student (even if it isn't your difficult child) is going to go off the deep end.

    Missing the invisible disabilities is bad enough, and we get too much of that.
    But... her writing arm is in a CAST. She could bonk him over the head with it and knock him out... it's NOT fake. (and I'm not advocating doing that, just sayin'... it's THAT obvious.) Good gravy boats. Even the teacher from hades that I had back in elementary, got THAT one... one of my friends broke her writing arm, and even though the teacher NEVER accommodated ANYTHING - not ever - she did admit that the arm-in-cast, complete with doctors. note, was definitely something that "any logical person" could see needed some adjustments for. (not much... her essays were allowed to pile up, and be caught up after the arm healed... exams were oral, or scribed)
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    Wow, I feel badly for you, not sure of all the details, but we are having horrible issues with the school, not that they aren't trying to help, but my Grade 8 daughter refuses to go to class...
    She has depression with anxiety and it is bad this time...she has been out of school for 2 full weeks, longest period yet...and now is SCARED to go back to class.

    The plan originally set up was that she would go to school, if she couldn't get to class, she would work in the office, however there is never any work for her to when in office, she isn't really can't work as she has no concentration during these episodes.

    hang in there....I sometimes think I am losing my sanity,,
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    Well, she is in the shower at least. We need to leave in 15 minutes, but she is at least up. So, we will see. She and I studied for her test all weekend, and she knows all of the answers, so at least she won't be worried about that part of it.