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    I haven't been around much lately, and I am sorry. I have been feeling awful mostly. Stomach acting up, the crazy weather is causing migraines and oral surgery is making my anxiety spike. Tons of fun, NOT.

    We have had the strangest weather this summer. The tornados did not come near us, though husband's sister lost part of a fence and had her pool trashed with debris and the yard damaged by the second. Normally we would spend father's day there for a cookout, but not so soon after the tornado. We had a quiet day at home. We are going to my see my dad later today.

    We have had more storms and rain than I can remember having. We had to drive to the city last week and the lake was higher than I have seen it in the summer but it was red. Our dirt here is red clay and the lake looked like moving mud. not muddy water, just liquid mud. It was amazing.

    Oklahoma City had something called a heat burst that was incredible. One area of town was a full 30 degrees hotter than the rest of the state. Most of the state, esp the surrounding area, was in the high 60s or low 70s, but that one area was in the 90-100 range! We were not there, but it as all over the weather reports. Talk about strange!

    And of course, it had ben warmer thee day before so I was dealing with a migraine. Any weather change causes them now. One parent of mine gets migraines when the barometer goes up, the other when it goes down. Gfgbro gets no weather migraines and I get them with any change. He is so lucky, sigh. At least in that regard. But he couldn't handle a migraine, much less having them regularly.

    I get my teeth all out on Wed morning. They have already called twice with different, more expensive, prices. Which is annoying as all hades. Still do-able. I am having a 'last meal' tomorrow by going out with husband and the kids for a steak. my fave thing, but I won't be able to have one for a while. But then I will have teeth again, so it iwll be worth the wait.

    I am sorry I hvae not been here for you all lately. It has been the strangest of summers so far. husband and the kids are all doing as well as usual though. I hope that having hte teeth out will help my stomach as there seems to be periodic infection in my gums as the teeth have broken off. The doctor thinks that my system won't settle down until the teeth are gone and the infection goes away.

    Hugs to all, and please send vibes for fast healing. I am terrified of dentists like you would NOT believe. It is one reason why I am seeing this particular oral surgeon. They sedate you in a nice room and then take you to the OR where they remove the teeth. You wake up back in the nice room when all is done. No OR type rooms to see, no dental instruments in the room,

    Oh, on a wonderful note, thank you got straight A's ALL YEAR!! IF he keeps up at least a B in every class until he graduates, he gets a FREE college education from our state! We have to fill out paperwork at the start of the year, but he is determined to get straight A's from now until graduation. What a kid!
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    Susie, wishing you all the best with the teeth. It will be worth it in the end, you will be comfortable and happy with new ones!! And Hurrah for thank you. Well done!

    Love, Esther
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    Well done, thank you!
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    Awesome job thank you!!

    I totally understand the dental anxiety. Enjoy that steak. It will be a long long time before the next one. I'm not trying to pop your bubble about having new teeth......but I avoid eating steak out, even if someone else is buying. I eat it far better without the dentures in than with them. Go figure. Although a porterhouse cooked just right I can do ok with. It's not that I can't chew's just that with the dentures I get about 1/3 through it and I'm just sick of chewing. Know what I mean??

    It will take time to adjust to your pretty new teeth. Be patient with yourself. Even talking will be a PITA at first.

    Our weather is a bit odd too. I am refusing to complain because at least we're not in the 100's like last year with the humidity to go with it. yuk! But we're having an awful lot of cool days for June. Those are nice........I figure we'll pay for them later. Also doesn't seem to rain normally. We get torrential downpours instead of rain that last maybe a half hour. Can't see past the porch. But regular rain? Not so much. Been getting a lot of rain days though. Reminds me of April. lol

    Good luck with the dentist. Make sure he is generous with the pain medications.

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    Yea thank you that is awesome! Hope he gets the free collage and that you heal fast.
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    Susie I will be praying for you tomorrow. I need to get my last 4 out and be done with it all.

    I do know what you mean though about just being sick all around this year. I have had a continuous Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) since September and every time I get it cleared up it comes back. Now my urologist is going to try me on a 10 day course of a strong antibiotic twice a day then another 20 days of it once a day to see if we can kill the bug. If that doesnt work its time for me to go to a kidney doctor.

    Im still doing my research trying to clear my name with the morphine thing. I did reach the pharmaceutical company today who makes this exact medication that I take and they told me that the testing that was done to me can be inaccurate depending on my age, weight, other medications that I take, time of day I was tested, amount of liquid (and type) that I drink, and any number of various things. This is all noted in the literature given to health care professionals! The company said that doctors are told not to judge patients completely on such tests. She cant send me this info but I am going to get my GP to get it and then get him to give me a copy.