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    I am having trouble with sticking with my new eating program. I seem to be having trouble with the food addictions. I know that I am using food to deal with stress. I have gained 25 pounds in the last 4 years and I'm only 5 1". I know that my journey into menopause hasn't helped either. I know that if I could just string together 3 or 4 days of healthy eating I could do it. I'm just having trouble getting over that hump. Just for today, I will make good choices and get some exercising. I'm going swimming today so that will be good.

    Also, I believe I have adrenal fatigue. I bet many of us do. I read the symptoms and I have all of them including: weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, insomnia, increased reliance on caffeine. It happens when someone goes through prolonged periods of stress. I would imagine having difficult child's is a major risk factor! One of the ways to heal is to give up caffeine, get exercise, etc. etc. I doubt my hair will ever grow back but I think part of that is genetic.

    I am really glad that we have this place and thank you for letting me be part of it.
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    So, instead of trying to completely overhaul your eating habits at one time - which is overwhelming for anyone and, frankly, a recipe for failure - change one thing at a time.

    For example, what do you want to do? Eat 2 fruits and/or veggies a day? Eat a healthy breakfast? Drink more water? Do 10 minutes of cardio? Start there. Then, slowly change other habits.

    It doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing. This coming from the queen of all or nothing. :wink:
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    I agree with Heather. It takes time to get used to living a healthy lifestyle. If you take small steps, it is easier to do. As Heather already mentioned, make one small change now, such as eating more fruits and veggies everyday, and when you're used to that, then make another small change, etc...

    I know you can do this!!! I think it's a big step that you're here and can openly admit that you eat due to stress. This seems to be such a big problem for so many of us. I'm definitely an emotional eater too!!!

    Let us know how today goes. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! And, we'll be here to support you every step of the way!!! WFEN
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    One other thought in addition to the others for me I find thinking about the big picture can get very overwhelming. You had the right idea when you said today you will do ..... Don't think about tommorow on this if that makes it too hard. Think of what you can do today. If today ends up being a loss or bad day then when you get up the next day you have a whole new today to try again.

    I am not doing the greatest with everything either so I am trying to break it down like that. A year is scary, today I can get through.

    Plus we are here together in this. All of us working together makes a huge difference.

  5. ML

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    Thanks friends. Your support and positive input made such a difference in my attitude today. I just love this place!
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    Just adding my support. I agree--one day and one item at a time.
    Have you had a blood test recently? A detailed panel may help.

    I just ate a pkg of dk choc M&Ms. :frown: That time of the month... the cravings are so much worse. Hmpf.
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    I heard the other day that it really takes 21 days, or three weeks, for something to become a habit. Hang in there. Change doesn't happen over night. It's your desire to make a change that will ultimately make the difference. And the fact that you acknowledge that it is difficult is 1/2 the battle. Eyes wide open!

  8. Star*

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    I have words written all over the place -

    On my Splenda (old butter tub) I wrote - FOR GETTING SKINNY

    IN the fridge I put a note :


    On my computer at work - I pasted a picture of a very heavy obese woman and wrote - HOW FAR DO YOU WANT TO GO - have the cookie.

    And junk like that -

    I've almost slipped a couple times - But so far - I'm sticking with it.
  9. Fran

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    Michele, I always find starting the hardest part. I drag my feet and drag my feet because I know it is work. Once I have a routine and a pattern, I do really well. I tend to be all or nothing but I am trying to seek a middle ground I can live with.

    You are forcing me to look at myself and get to the exercise machines. I have no excuse(although I keep looking for one). Today I will start the toning work. No excuses.
    Thanks again for your nudge.
  10. DiC

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    My internist suggested B-50 complex for hair loss due to a weight loss program and stress. Not to mention the thyroid I recently had removed. It worked!
  11. standswithcourage

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    Why did you have your thryroid removed? I take thyroid medicine and have for years. I dont even think it works. It is so frustrating. I could exercise 24 hours a day every day and not lose apound!

    Star you are so funny. I just laugh out loud and your posts. I am so glad you have a sense of humor. You help the rest of us laugh.