Not going to school today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KTMom91, May 1, 2008.

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    Miss KT says they're only doing state testing, so she's not going to school. Instead, she's going to Target and to the grocery store with me. Huh? Did I invite you?

    I am not looking forward to this. First, because we had a huge screaming fight last night about her not job hunting like she needs to be, which switched to high gas prices being my fault, because if I bought her a car that didn't use gas like the truck does, she could afford it better, not getting that the truck was FREE and that's the only reason she has something to drive at all. I'm in the middle of painting the bathroom, which is another story. I have stuff to do, and I don't want to listen to screaming hostile punk rock music all day while I'm doing my thing.

    However, if I send her to school, I know she won't go, and then I won't know where she is. Decisions, decisions...
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    Um, why is she in control of the radio? My rule was that whoever drove got to pick the temperature, music, etc. The driver HAS to be comfortable for safety's sake, the passenger can suffer in silence and if the passenger can't be silent, the passenger can get out and walk (and I hope the weather is really yucky if that happens).

    I'd take her and explain that the first time she touched MY radio, she was getting out and walking. Further, since we were at these stores, while I was shopping she could get job apps or go to their computer and do the necessary. If she didn't, she could enjoy her walk home and if she doesn't come home, I'd be reporting her as a truant and runaway and let her know that is exactly what I would be doing.

    Sorry, but she's running your life and that's not the way it should be. She needs to learn that as she gets older she has more responsibilities and the privileges only come when you are responsible. People are not going to bend over backwards to give her what she needs, let alone what she wants. As hard as it is, it is at this age that we have to really teach them this.
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    MB, you're right, the driver chooses the station in the car...I was talking about the horrible stuff coming from her room. And when I've gotten calls from school about unauthorized absences, I tell them I'm not excusing her for that day, and she does the detentions. She wasn't so pleased with herself after I outlined the day's agenda, which included a trip to the dentist for her. She needed to go anyway, this way she didn't miss another day of school, and they were able to fit her in. Now her teeth are hurting. Too bad.
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    ha sounds like my difficult child I who does not want the "free" car I might offer him (if he were to get his act together), because i said he would have to pay for his own insurance and gas. He says "he'd rather walk" and walk he shall, I sware kids these days shoot them self in the foot so much we're going to have a whole generation of footless adults!