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    I think our psychiatrist is okay. He is very well respected and I think my children have improved on the medications he's rx'ed. However, difficult child 2 has been difficult, mainly after school, which therapist and psychiatrist attribute to the ADHD and I think that makes sense. difficult child 2 is on A LOT of medications and I'm not thrilled. It's no secret that I'm not thrilled about that with-both my kids. But I have to admit there has been improvement. Anyway, difficult child 2 was starting to stay dry consistently through the night last year (he was very slow to get to this point). But as soon as we started the Risperdal, he regressed completely and on most nights doesn't stay dry (pees in his sleep). I know I had read here that someone else had this problem when their child was on Risperdal. I've repeatedly brought it up to psychiatrist and he blows me off. He suggested I have our pediatrician rx that medicine they give kids to help with-this problem. Great, another medication!? I don't think so. I even cut back on the Risperdal dose (don't give it to him at bedtime), but he still isn't staying dry. I really think it's the Risperdal that's causing him to pee at night. Today, I brought it up to the psychiatrist again and he does not want to make a medication change because he thinks that with-the exception of the ADHD not being totally under control, the medication combo is working, and he won't make other suggestions for other medications we could try for difficult child 2. He got a bit snarky with-me and suggested I get a second opinion if I'm not happy because he admits difficult child 2 is a "complex case". I'm upset. I asked him point blank if he was trying to get rid of us as patients. He isn't, but still, I was irked. I agree, maybe a second opinion is in order, but there aren't many choices for psychiatrists around here that are respected, and take our insurance. We have a friend who's a child psychiatrist (unfortunately only treats inpatient, or we'd use him in a heartbeat). I keep bugging husband to call or email him because it's his friend. I really want some answers or suggestions for alternatives. I HATE the Risperdal to begin with, and this side effect for difficult child 2 is making me extremely uncomformtable. I'm feeling panicky that difficult child 2 may never be able to sleep dry all night. All in all, I felt blown off and irritated today. Sorry need to vent, and thought I see what suggestions you wise people might have. Thanks!
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    How old is difficult child 2? and how high is the dosage?
    Risperidone (layman's observations only) tends to slow down the whole system. It is great when dealing with extreme behavior, or even cases where the inability to ramp down is affecting sleep. But the bed-wetting isn't a direct symptom, it's a result of sleeping so deeply.

    Some other things to think about.
    1) Have you tried going Casein free? (milk protein...) If he is borderline on Casein intolerant, the medication may be showing that up.
    2) You could try cutting back on drinks starting with supper so the fluids have time to be processed before bed
    3) or you could just not make a big deal about it... use pull-ups or whatever works... sometimes the side-effect isn't as bad as being off the medications.
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    It sounds like the psychiatrist doesn't like you questioning his judgment. I would get a second opinion. Too many medications is not a good thing and yes, I hate Risperdal too. Keep weaning difficult child 2 off it and stop the medication and see what happens. I've had to go against psychiatrist recommendations a couple times for the sake of my son. I don't give a rip about what the psychiatrist says, my son comes first. You definitely need a new psychiatrist that believes in minimal, only necessary medications and listens to you as the person that is with the child 24/7 and just might know a thing or two.
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    I remember when difficult child was younger and had finally started being dry most nights. Then he started Lithium and the bedwetting started again. Even though he wasn't on the Lithium long the bedwetting went on much longer. Our psychiatrist even prescribed the medication that was supposed to help but it didn't. The big difference in our situation with yours is that our psychiatrist was very supportive and trying to help. Sending gentle hugs your way.
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    I'm sorry your psychiatrist isn't being supportive. Our difficult child started wetting again, and now I can't recall if it was lithium, Depakote or Risperdal. I'll have to do a search of my notes.
    It does sound like he was being a bit snarky.
    by the way, our difficult child didn't stop bedwetting on his own, so to speak, until he was 12 or 13. It's a long journey.
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    Well, we finally were able to talk with-our friend who's a child psychiatrist, and he DID say that anecdotally he sees the bedwetting with-the Risperdal. At least I feel validated in my feeling that there was a connection. Had a long talk and in the end, I have got to get a second opinion/switch doctors. I'm feeling so upset right now about this whole situation. Also, I called our pediatrician (who is fabulous) to ask about the bedwetting thing. He had us come in for a quick urine check just to be sure the Risperdal wasn't causing difficult child 2 to become diabetic. Our psychiatrist never even suggested that. Thankfully, that was negative, but I did a quick weight check at the same time and he's gained 9 lbs. since Feb. He's grown some since then, but that's too much weight to gain in such a short period of time. Neither of my kids ever gained 9 lbs. in an entire year before we started these medications. The pediatrician suggested we have an office visit in the fall to see where he's at weight-wise. He feels that if difficult child 2's weight gain levels off, it would be ok, otherwise, he'd agree with-me about switching medications. After the phone call with-our friend and the visit with-the pediatrician today, I'm just sick over it all. I want to change the kids's medications, but there's no good alternative. Our friend was pretty up front with-me that there are no good medications and in general feel very discouraged about where things are at for my kids - is it possible they have bipolar? What am I going to do? And truth be told, difficult child 2 really hasn't been all that great on all this &*(P&*)^ medication anyway. husband is going with-me to the kids' therapist appointment. this week, which I'm really relieved about. I told husband I can't handle where we are at, and I know the therapist will continue to encourage us to do what the psychiatrist is recommending. I feel trapped in a nightmare. I appreciate everyone's responses. I'm sorry I'm just focusing on me at the moment, and promise to post more/respond more to posts once I get to a better place. On top of this stuff, it was just a bad day - sick friend, sick pet, stressed husband. My friend wanted me to do a girls night thing tonight, and I just couldn't fake it, so I blew it off. :(