not her strong suit either...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by confuzzled, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. confuzzled

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    3 gluten free chocolate muffins and 2 root beers....

    sometime in approximately the last oh, 8 hours or so.

    i have no idea where i was during this snack fiesta, i must have had the nerve to go to the bathroom...funny how she can quietly sneak all this food yet is the loudest person i've ever met every other waking hour of the day.

    at least she didnt lie on top of it, she just said BUT BUT BUT THEY WERE SO GOOOOOOOD. they were also $6/4pack of muffins and $6/4 pk root beer. and were supposed to last the WEEK.

    i will never know what goes through their heads sometimes. i'm also eternally grateful to know i'm not the only one....

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  3. confuzzled

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    knew you'd appreciate it....

    (i am never buying them again, so i HOPE they were sooooooo gooooood!)
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    It's getting pretty deep around here, too... I come home and he's in Raven's room, playing video games. After I've specifically told him "do not go into Raven's room". He's lucky, I wanted to cook so I didn't kill him & then need help burying the body...