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    Hi all, I visited here many years ago when my difficult child was 5! We had issues when he started Kindergarten which led to many doctors. visits and such. We ended up with a diagnosis of Aspergers, (very high functioning) and a prescription for Zoloft to treat his anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms. He was placed in a special needs school and for the most part has been doing quite well.
    Last year when he turned 13, it seems that it hit him that he was different than typical kids his age and it started to eat at him. He seemed depressed but I wasn't sure if this was a serious issue or just normal teenaged angst stuff. He wanted to go to a different school (there is quite a mix of kids at his current school some are very low functioning and some are more like him) So we had started to explore options and we basically decided that we would look to move schools when he would begin highschool. This seemed to make him feel a little better.
    Then we found out that he is cutting. We took him to a psychologist who he says he likes and things again seemed to be getting better. We were looking into a technical school for next fall and things were moving along. He started out the school year pretty well. Some not so good reports from his teacher but mostly good days. The not so good reports are basically him being mouthy or disrespectful, not completing an assignment in allotted time, nothing really major.
    This brings us to this past Friday. I got an email from his teacher stating a couple of things he did this week...he was writing on the board and wouldn't stop when she told him to. He was saying something inappropriate and wouldn't stop when told saying it was his freedom of speech etc. I spoke with him about it and said that I was not happy to hear about his behavior this week. He got very angry and became very agitated. We were going to a store at the time of this and he walked away and called a friend on his phone. I went into the store. He came in and tried to continue the argument but I did not engage him. We left the store and were headed to do one more errand when my husband called to tell me that the police were at my house looking for my son! Apparently he had told the friend that he was going to kill himself and had called to say good bye. Then the friend being worried contacted the police. We ended up at the ER where they evaluated him and found him to be a danger to himself. He was admitted under suicide watch...he said to me that he didn't want to kill himself but he does want to cut. He said he is addicted to cutting. He is currently in an adolescent psychiatric. unit.
    When I got home I took a look at his phone and found that he has been texting 2 kids that he met online somewhere...they all cut and take pictures of it and send them to eachother! They all have issues of one sort or another and all seem to be suicidal. There are hundreds of text messages back and forth and they all talk about killing themselves and drinking and starving. My son has made up suicide attempts, said what awful parents my husband and I are, and said that he has been hospitalized before (none of this is true) I am so beyond floored that I am spinning. I feel like I have been plucked out of my life and dropped into someone elses!
    There have always been issues here and there but this is just mind blowing.
    This has got to be more than aspergers. I am hoping to speak the actual doctor there tomorrow as I was told nothing happens on the weekends. I have no one to talk to this about because no one I know will understand. Thank you for listening...I know this was very long and winded. I appreciate any input.
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    Time to take him back to a neuropsychologist?

    Mood disorders are common co-morbids of autistic spectrum disorders. Cutting DOES get addictive. I had a daughter and a dear friend who cut. I don't know how my daughter quit. I just know she doesn't do it anymore. My friend had to go to serious counseling to quit cutting. She said it's "addictive." Both told me they cut so that they could feel something.

    Although a lot of teens cut, not all do nor can most be talked into doing it. "Birds of a feather stick together" so to speak. I don't think the therapist is enough for your child.

    Hugs and I wish you both good luck!
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    How long will he be in the psyche unit? Does he have a psychiatrist that he sees on a regular basis? I would get in touch with him and see what he has to say.
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    Thank you for your replies...
    He does not see a psychiatrist as of yet. He has a neurologist who has handles the Zoloft. He has only seen his current neurologist once. Previous neuro stopped taking our insurance and just dropped us flat.
    And other than that it has just been the psychologist. I will speak to him today (he was away over the weekend)
    I will speak to the psychiatrist at the hospital today and see what the plans are...I have no idea what is going on and no one was really able to tell me anything.
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    Has he ever seen a neuropsychologist? A neuropsychologist is way different from a neurologist with a different type of training to spot childhood disorders that affect behavior and learning. Neurologists are kind of not the go-to people for behavioral disorders, either mental health issues or neurological ones. They treat stuff like epilepsy and tics, but don't tend to diagnose things like Aspergers. And they are out of their league on, say, mood dorders. Any special reason you see a neurologist?
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    The neurologist is just who we were initially referred to. I never really questioned or pushed further because honestly, he had been really doing ok all these years.
    I spoke with his case manager at the psychiatric. hospital this morning and my husband and I will be meeting with his team tomorrow morning. Should I trust the psychiatrist there if they offer a diagnosis? Or do I still need to seek out a neuropsychologist? I know our insurance will not cover that but maybe I will have to find a way if its at all possible. The hospital is going to set him up with a child psychiatrist before he is discharged from there. I really, really appreciate your help and input!
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    psychiatric hospital doesn't usually have the time or resources for an in-depth evaluation.
    When a psychiatric hospital stay works the way it is supposed to, the patient should come out more stable, probably with medications adjustments. But any diagnosis will just be a 'working' diagnosis... i.e. some label to put on insurance docs, to provide some guidance as to medications approaches, etc.

    Having an on-going psychiatrist is a good thing, if he's coming out with medications... because medications need on-going adjustments.