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    Well difficult child comes home this Friday after being at the ranch for 6 months (spent 1 1/2 months in temp. shelter waiting for spot.)
    I'm sort of holding my breath wondering what will happen. :future: He says he's gonna go to school "that's no problem" He says he'll want to hang around the house mostly because "there's too much trouble out there" I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but I know just because he's been away he's not gonna be a choir boy. He does seem to have grown alittle though.
    He told me earlier last week he's not sure about coming home. :hammer: I didn't understand. He says he doesn't think much has changed around here when it comes to the kids in the neigborhood. I told him it hasn't, but he can't let that get to him. He has come so far and to go back. He agreed. He did say he would go to church with me on Sunday for a Mass for my grandma(he was 4 years old when she died) He says he sometimes prays with the other boys and staff (Christian based ranch) and it makes him feel "tingly" We're not a real religous family but if it would help difficult child I surely would get back into the church.
    I know maybe I'm getting my hopes up (it's a mom thing) I can only hope difficult child means half of what he says.
    He called tonight to tell me 3 boys ran away last night and some of the stuff they did. He actualy said they were stupid. Nothing is worth what they will be charged with.(destruction of property, auto theft times 3, numerous traffic violations, etc) He said " if I would ever think of doing something like that I want you to turn me in" :smile: I can not beleive this is the same kid!!!!
    I hope I can get on here with an update in about a month or 2 and have it all be good news. PLEASE PRAY AND KEEP FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME!!!!! I will do my best to stay stong. Thank you all for your help over the last few months, I don't think I could of gotten thru all of this. :thumbsup: You all have been truely wonderful. Tracy
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    Your family will be in my prayers! Please keep us updated.

    Many hugs to you!!
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    Saying a prayer that the new attitude lasts!!!!!