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    This isnt much of a thread, but was interesting to observe yesterday......
    I spoke a bit to difficult child ST......She was glowing of excitement, going on about how wonderful difficult child is doing, he is such a clever boy, great to have in know, with that look in her eyes that says....mommy, I cant see anything wrong with this child, why are you so worried!
    So I tell her about the problems we still have, to find out if ST will be able to help solve it, for example him not being able to catch onto the context of situations, not reading nonverbal correctly, overreacting on it...Bursting out in tears if he misread hubbies face and think he is angry....laughing when some one gets hurt or struggles......Wanting to hate some one, but then its about anxiety.....Him biting his hand from anxiety, causing bad eczema.....exct.....Reaction from ST....DROP JAW!
    So she gets it that the child she see one on one isnt the one we see in social context!
    I dont blame her at all......It just irritates me that professionals see our kids and then makes us feel as if we are overreacting! We are not stupid!
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    So your "professionals" are a LOT like some of ours huh? Imagine that. It's good that you gave her such specific details about situations that she was able to visualize what you are talking about. After her jaw drop, did she have any WORDS to offer? Just curious.
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    Lol, Tedo.....Some wows and uhms...She said she will work on gategorizing....and I must let her know what the other therapists sugests!
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    First... she actually... 1) listened, and 2) reacted as though maybe you had some valid input?
    Don't write her off. Maybe she just needs some "school of hard knocks" education added to her resume.
    Way To Go on having so many examples at the top of your head.
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    Ditto what Insane said.
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    difficult child's therapist used to tell me what a great kid difficult child was. Then difficult child got comfortable there and he had a screaming tantrum in his office. The poor therapist just looked at me and asked, "What just happened?" I told him, "Welcome to my world!!"

    The fact that she listened to you is a good sign. Now she will know what you are seeing and what to look for.