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    We came back from vacation Friday night. Vacation was okay. I think I understand now why couples take separate vacations. With my high stress job, my idea of vacation is relaxing, destressing and not being pressured to do a thing. husband has a cake job with no stress - he wants to do absolutely everything he can on vacation and then gets annoyed with me when I don't. Sigh. It wasn't just that, though. Everything that could have went wrong - did. I got my period at the beginning of vacation (after having it just two weeks prior - my own fault trying to mess with it using birth control pills). I had invited easy child's best friend to join us figuring easy child would have more fun with a friend. Well, his friend is a brainiac who takes classes every summer. This year he is taking a Latin class and so he had his nose in his laptop working the whole time (will NEVER invite him again!!). His friend is very, very smart - but very socially awkward. He can also be quite condescending when talking to easy child and it makes me want to scream. :( So, after an annoying five hour drive home, we get back around 11pm. husband is about an hour behind me in his car. easy child's best friend's sister was caring for our house and dogs while we were gone. I pull in to their driveway to drop off best friend. I have to use the bathroom really, really bad and could tell that I was having a major female issue so I just wanted my key to get in my house. She comes out and tells me she lost the key to our house.

    Saturday, I go get a haircut, they cut way too much off and I now have very short hair in the back. It's only hair, it grows back, but sheesh.

    Then I go to the doctor for cellulitis over my right eye (a souvenir I brought back from the beach). I get a bunch of prescriptions for it, and drop them off at CVS. I get a call from the Pharmacist that someone in my company made a mistake and my insurance is showing that I do not have ANY insurance until JULY!! WTH?? Had to pay for all of my medications.

    So, I am just over everything. Ugh.

    Now for difficult child - she called a few times on vacation and I missed the calls. I have not heard from anyone at the courts since the meeting. It has been over two weeks and I am getting very annoyed. But I didn't know if she had talked to anyone, so I really wanted to talk to her. I kept my phone glued to me for the last half of the week and she didn't call at all. BUT she DID call yesterday for Father's day. :) husband was thrilled that she did call him. I could tell. :)

    She has been there almost 60 days now. She is still miserable, but, apparently the lawyer that her baby daddy hired, did show up for her to sign paperwork for him to represent them in family court. She told me that it is his job to work with the court solicitor now and it is my job to sit back now and chill. :) So, that is exactly what I am going to do. She said she is just going to ride it out. She said they have court every other week and she hopes her turn is coming up. She told me they got to clean the other day and she seemed really thrilled that she got to do that (weird, but I guess jail is THAT boring) She had asked if she can work a job in there but being pregnant, they said no.

    So, I think my job here is done. I am SO grateful that she is sober. She cannot even smoke cigarettes there!! :D She is going to the doctor there this week to have her glucose test done - fun times...

    So, not much of an update but I do feel is like she gave me permission to relax now. :)

    And I am getting SO excited for my grandson!!!! I cannot wait to meet him!!! <3
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    Congratulations! Enjoy the relaxation for a bit.
  3. AmericanGirl

    AmericanGirl Member is so nice to hear your update. Even with all the stressors, you sound good. You deserve that!

    *hope your eye is better soon!
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    Hi PG - I follow your story and wish for the best for your daughter, but I don't respond because I don't have any experience. But I had to comment on the insurance issue. My daughter's father provides the insurance coverage. May 1st they changed plans - not insurance companies, just the policy - and first they messed up everyone's insurance, then they somehow kicked my daughter (and only my daughter) off. It's June 17 and I still don't have an insurance card. It's BCBS of GA. I'm in a different state - can't use the insurance without the card. So incredibly frustrating. When you get it straightened out, CVS should be able to rebill the prescriptions to the insurance company and then CVS will send you a check. If it's been more than a few weeks and the store itself can no longer resubmit and they don't tell you how to do it, PM me and I'll give you the info. I had to do this once before with CVS and it took some digging to find the right people to call to have the prescriptions rebilled to insurance.
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    I second the rebilling stuff. It can be done but sometimes it requires physical paperwork instead of computerized billing.