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    Hi i am new to this forum.
    I am a mother of four sons all but my youngest have being great kids.
    never in trouble. My youngest seems to be in trouble all the time since he was
    in junior high. unfortunately he has gotten in trouble for fighting with and older boy who was harassing a group of boys my son was with, the boy pressed battery charges what scares me is that my son was on probation for a mister meaner, he could be facing incarceration. He is only nineteen he works full time and is also a full time student. he is really a very sweet and caring young men he just doesn't like bullies and refuses to let them get away with harassing kids, what will be come of him if they do charge him. I have never cried so much in my life.he was almost off probation and then this happen.

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    Hi, Trap. Welcome to the Board. Glad you found us but sorry you needed to even look. Alot of us have impulsive sons who basically are "good" but end up in trouble. It is such a worry and heartbreak, I know.

    Sadly there is very little you can do since he is a legal adult. He is going to have to learn how to control his behaviors...even is they are well intentioned. Others will post soon and probably strongly urge you to learn how to detach. It is a necessary skill to learn. Personally I find that by repeating the Serenity Prayer I am able to get through most of the trauma that comes with difficult child issues.

    You are no longer alone. Post as often as you can. Most of us find that by being able to express our "true feelings" with the CD family that it eases the tension of "pretending" in front of family and friends. Hugs. DDD
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    Welcome. Unfortunately out there in the real world, assault, for whatever reason, is against the law. I'm sorry your son is facing this. It is a difficult charge. Hugs. I would suggest maybe before court he attend an anger management class or check into counseling so he can show the judge that he realizes he has a problem and is working toward getting help.