not sure I am doing this right --help

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. mog

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    Since I have been back there have been several people who have asked questions in there posts and I just post the answers in the original post but I am not sure if that is right --I don't have a lot of time to wirk on the computer to try to figure out how this all works --I would appreciate any help Thanks
  2. Andy

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    Yes, hitting Reply to Post in a thread and giving your answers/input is correct. It helps keep the subject being discussed all in one spot. Then everyone can read all the responses with the question in one place.

    The "Area" is the area such as "General" or "Watercooler".

    The "Thread" is the subject or topic within the area. You started a thread with this.

    The "Post" is the actual writing within the thread. Your original question and my answer are posts.

    I hope this helped and am sure someone will clarify if I didn't explain it correctly.
  3. Jena

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    :bravo::abouttime:think andy covered it, i just wanted to say good luck!! lol it took me ayear to figure out how to use the cute thingies the one's up there!! :)
  4. susiestar

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    How sweet of you to worry about the particulars of posting!!! It took me quite a while to learn this stuff also.

    Andy gave some great info. I would add that if the info you are posting is sort of a different topic (like he spilled syrup on the floor and then after some posts he threw a rage in the car and it could have killed you) it is helpful to start a new thread. That way we can try to help with-o getting too lost in a thread.

    If it is a real problem then one of the moderators can separate the posts (very rarely done) or lock a topic that has become very off topic. Or the moderator or someone will suggest starting a separate thread.

    NONE of us gets upset if you ask questions and if a topic needs to be separated then no one is upset with you - it is done so that we can stay on topic to get help and support to you.

    I think it says a LOT about you as a person (ALL good stuff!!) that you are dealing with the difficult child problems, working, trying to find help and be sure each of the kids gets the help and support they need and then you also worry about etiquette here.

  5. mog

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    Thanks so much!! I would like to know how to turn on the private messaging so that I can talk to someone in particular --I went to edit and turned it on (I thought) did I do it wrong??
  6. susiestar

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    If you go into the User CP on the button at the top of the page on the left side then there will be a place to click if you want to get private messages. There is also a place to tell it to notify you when you get PMs.
  7. mog

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    Thank you