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    So we got more snow last week, I was good didn't shovel or try to move the bag of rock salt... bent over filling a coffee can of salt and something went "POP" in my lower back. Been laid up in bed ever since, looked like a walking ? mark was statement one of the kids made while I staggered to the bathroom.

    Not sure what I did? anyway today is the first day back on my feet and I want to hurt my 2 oldest kids, the youngest was only one doing anything... the cooking, cat boxes, trash out etc. She couldn't keep up but at least she tried and no one went hungry though Tiny is back in the basement again. sigh I so wanted to take her in on Tuesday to get spayed, just hope I can get her in before she gets out of the house last thing I need is more kittens!

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    Ouch, I've done the same thing. Doesn't take much. Make good friends with a chiropractor ;)

    Hope it feels better soon!
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    Take care of you. I just had my first experience with back pain......I can honestly say OUCH!!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone, I'm use to back pain but that is in my T9 (shoulder blade area) felt my pulse there 24/7 for past 18 years. This was different and came on out of the blue, turns out the problem is in my kidneys/bladder not my back... not sure how much I'm gonna be posting this week as dealing with passing another stone, SIGH this just gets better and better (not)


    (vent) getting old sucks doctor tells you to take calcium to help your brittle bones then when you do, they say you have too much calcium and it's causing stones... anyway I'm going a stab at the old fashion remedy (beer) before taking these stupid pills from the doctor that are going to get my ulcer all ticked off again.
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    Don't you just hate that what fixes one problem is often the exact thing that causes another? I am sorry you are hurting so much. Don't mess with the various problems with-o talking to the doctor. Is the doctor aware of how much the kidney stone medications will aggravate your ulcers? Have they figured out the cause of your ulcers? While most ulcers are caused by h. pylori bacteria, there are some caused by other things such as medications, etc.... I know because every doctor I have ever seen wants to give me antibiotics for my ulcers, but mine have been tested many times over the years and are NOT caused by the bacteria so the antibiotics just create other havoc including being so hard on my stomach that the ulcers get much worse (RARE problem). I often end up insisting that the docs just go and talk to each other because my stomach doctor is adamant that i avoid the ulcer antibiotics.

    If the doctor who gave you kidney medications does not know about the ulcers, call and make sure he does know and still thinks the medications are the best course of action. Maybe taking prevacid (lansoprozole - OTC) could help IF it won't interact wtih the other medications.

    I hope something helps. IF nothing else, can't they use ultrasound or some other procedure to break the stones up? An uncle said it was amazing how much that helped.

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    Thanks Susie, yes that seems to be my life story my reactions to medical treatment are worse then what they treated me for. My son a c-section popped staples puking pain medications, vain split, infections everywhere they touched me practically, air bubble in spinal column, od'd on pain medications (in hospital yep) was lucky me & my son got out alive LOL

    My PCP is on top of this she saw me Thur (gave me pain patches) and again this morning (never saw a reaction to a patch like this before lol) anyway labs are back it's not my back its stones again.

    Surprisingly beer will break them up but I hate the taste of it, (not good for stomach but less harsh then the medications are) malt vinegar works too but is a blood thinner so that one isn't safe for me.

    My ulcers (3) one is barely pinpoint, one slightly bigger but the big one is size of a dime - they aren't the bacteria ones; they were caused years ago by an anti inflammatory in a busy working full time, college student + mom who would take medications on an empty stomach washed down with coffee then fly off to work, or school or laundry etc. literally ate holes in my stomach

    I'm not sure if I abused too many drugs as a teen or what but my body rejects almost everything that comes out of a pharmacy. They have trialed me on about every SSRI and AD known to man for the PTSD & panic attacks - I can't take any of it side effects off the charts ... ok Xanax or Valium will help in an absolute emergency but I can't take it 3 days or will get hickups for like 8-10 hours constant (ribs hurt, dehydration from not being able to drink etc.) It's like my bodies way of saying "ok druggie your not doing this to me again"

    Got a disc out of place in my back (T9) lost almost an inch in height when it happened 18years ago still short that inch- stomach won't tolerate any pain medications. As an addict I need to beware of starting to "like" any of those medications also.

    My PCP hated the idea at first but now agrees that for now medical mj along with a thyroid medication is best option for me. It doesn't fix any of the 3 conditions but does help make them tolerable. My caregiver is knowledgeable about all my conditions going on and avoids any strains that will make the stress disorder stuff worse. I know controversial subject and just for the records I'm against full legalization think it should be kept by prescription only.

    Sorry I'm writing a book again, was going thru internet withdrawals and missed all my friends here while laying around all weekend.

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    Can you have the procedure where they blast the stones with a laser or something? I think it might be called lithotripy or some such. It breaks the stones up and they pass out in your urine as teeny particles. I had a friend who had this problem and she did something with her diet and timing of her meals that helped. I'm not friends with her anymore and I don't remember the specifics but maybe a nutritionist could help you out.

    Good luck. I've never had kidney stones, but I have had ulcers from my RA medications.
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    Helpangel, so sorry you are hurting. Just a stab in the dark here, but acupuncture works for me on so many balances the body on a deep level, offers remarkable relaxation, works wonders with back pain and for me has been my go to place for all health issues for 25 years..........I am not certain about the ulcers and stones, but it's been around for centuries, so I'm sure they cover those too.

    I start there and if there isn't any relief, if it's something Western medicine is better at, then I go that route, but more often then not, the acupuncture helps, no pain, no drugs,just sometimes some herbs she gives me.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope it brings relief quickly and that you're back on the mend soon............
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    Thanks for the ideas, a laser would make more sense then putting me on the medications for 10 days then if still can't pass them arrange for laser procedure a couple weeks later. The kind of pain this causes... a person would lose their will to live long before 3 wk mark, and the medications make me so ill. So if can't pass it on my own will call doctor at 10 day mark and say need referral for laser (not mention never took those pills LOL)

    I so wish medicaid would cover acupuncture I believe that would help with the pain issues, a chiropractor would have helped in 1995 to jerk that disc back into place but at this point its like a puzzle piece thats been soaked in water its never gonna fit back in that spot again.

    I've pretty much given up on trying to find help for my T9 they had referred me to pain clinic who wanted to load me up on vicodin & oxy. My thought on that is "great wipe out my stomach and turn me into a junkie" not sure how that would help and my financial situation I would be too tempted to sell them and I don't sell drugs. Try to teach my children by example.

    The spinal fusion surgery they want to do, isn't gonna happen - my brother has had it twice and second time didn't take. It's been with me so long I kind of got use to it (reminder why not to let X back into my life) and just "play thru the pain".

    In daily life occasionally I lift 40-50 Lbs without a problem but according to any doctor who has looked at my Xray would say don't lift anything more then 5Lb. Lift I can do, shovel absolutely not it's about knowing my limits and understanding pain is there for a reason... If I mask the pain I will do something I shouldn't and injure myself further. That's why with those pain patches last weekend I put myself in bed and made myself stay there doing nothing all weekend.