Not sure what to make of this


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difficult child and I have been emailing back and forth. His were becoming a lot less frequent but I was glad to have any communication. I had not heard from him in about a month. Finally got an email saying he had recently moved to PA and was sharing a place with a guy he's friends with. He got a full time job with an electrical company, which is what he went to Vo-Tech for and was good at. The town he's in is about an hour from me, but as far as I know he only knows what County I live in. I think his girlfriend lives in the town he moved to. He sounded positive and ended with "talk to you soon." Two days later I get an email from MySpace saying the his account has been deleted, either because the membership was cancelled by the member, or deleted due to content. I sure don't know what to think. I have no other way to contacting him.


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Maybe he is changing company's with his account. I know in the past it took me a while to get everything back up and running smoothly when I switched carriers.



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I can't get in touch with Rob more than I can. It's distressing, that's for sure. I guess I just have to figure that if something terrible happens, I'll hear about it so no news is good news.

I'm sorry. I hope he will surface soon.