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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I really like my pain doctor. He has been a huge help for several years. Two days before Christmas I got a call that they had to reschedule my knee shots (synvisc) because he was no longer with the practice.

    ????? There was no notice, no letter to patients, nothing. Just this call from someone who honestly did not have a single clue as to why he left or if he was opening another practice in town or moving or what.

    Today I got the first shot. The staff has zero idea why he would do only one knee at a time as they normally do both if both are needed. The doctor is going to go through my file to see if there is a reason to do only one at a time, otherwise they will do both.

    I like the doctor I saw today. I also saw one of the newer docs there about six mos ago and really liked him also. So I will problem stay with them unless my doctor opens a practice in town. The nurse who helped iwth my shot today said he had heard rumors that my doctor didn't like some things that were being done there, and that he had been working at a cancer hospital and had a chance to be top dog at the new cancer hospital that is opening in Atlanta.

    I NEVER expected anything like this. My famly care doctor also moved practice early this year with no notice, and two months before that his nurse practitioner left for no reason wtih no notice. Is this a new 'normal' thing, to just leave a practice or move it with no warning and no letter to patients? I find it bizarre and unprofessional. I feel very fortunate that the docs at the pain clinic are working to handle my doctor's patient load rather than leaving us with no care at all.
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    I think it is very common now. I think the logic is that you are a patient of that clinic and not a specific doctor so they expect you to just see another one of their docs. Chances are that your doctor was under a non-compete clause and can't open/join another practice within so many miles of your current clinic.
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    It is becoming quite common. And sad to say many are leaving due to the upcoming healthcare issues. They're not walking away to other practices many times, just walking away period.
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    Happens here too... no fun, expecially if you have trouble transitioning. Sounds like you're being well taken care of.
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    Happening here too. I believe it was last January that I called my psychiatrist to find out when my appointment was because I had lost my card and found out he had closed his private practice! He had joined a huge conglomerate firm with a bunch of psychiatrists, PA's and NP's. I wouldnt mind it quite so much if they were all psychiatrists really seeing as how this is supposedly a psychiatric facility. I was shocked when I realized that I had been seeing a NP for the past few months and realized why some of the things she had been saying to me seemed a bit off the wall. I called yesterday to reschedule so I could see my old psychiatrist only to find out that not only is the NP no longer working there but my original psychiatrist is out of the office for the next two months!

    Doctor's are leaving their practices because they are scared to death about what changes are coming down the pike. I have to call Medicaid on Monday to find out if new changes have effected my ability to even go to the psychiatrist practice I go to. If it has, I am going to be so ticked because I cannot stand the local mental health centers around here. They wont prescribe the medications that keep me stable. It will be a disaster.
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    It is just so bizarre. I feel rather lucky because this practice is really good and they are not just dumping us to let us go through withdrawal or whatever. The other big pain mgmt practice in that city is awful. They remind me of the one that Janet is currently stuck with.

    I know things are changing in medicine, but I really hope and pray that after we get through the tough transitional period that thngs will be better. I still have to juggle what medications and appts I am going to go to or fill each month even now that we have insurance.
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    Janet -- when all the healthcare changes are phased in, you should be better off as Medicaid will start paying at the same rates as Medicare which are higher.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Medicare rates arent that much higher. I get my EOB's in the mail about every 2 or 3 months and the providers are lucky to get a fifth of what they are billing the insurance companies. Now I realize that they are most likely billing the insurance companies a higher rate simply to attempt to get something close to what they want but if I didnt have Medicaid for them to bill as a secondary provider, I would be stuck for the non-covered parts. And I have asked the receptionists what the amount is for a cash patient to see them and it is darn near what they bill the insurance company for...less a 20% discount if you pay in cash upfront. Now granted this is the pain clinic. I abhor them because I have caught them double billing for UA testing for drug screenings more than once. I have also found out why they pulled me from doing the "procedure on my knee". Medicare wont cover it. LOL. Ahhh shucks. The one I was willing to do isnt covered. Funny thing is if they recommend doing it at their clinic, they have to eat the cost of it so they have now backtracked and are saying it wouldnt do me any good!

    I am thinking of calling Medicare/Medicaid and reporting this and recommending they start demanding more stringent policies where they need prior authorization for all procedures done at pain management centers from doctors not affiliated with these centers. These procedures are just money makers for them.
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    I have the same problems with doctors and services and I am not on medicare/medicade. I pay huge amounts out of pocket and and most of the time only being seen by nurse practioners. I think that before things get better it's only going to get worse.