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    Have any of you seen this commercial? The mom, dad and sibling are at the bottom of the stairs and the little boy is up the stairs dressed in a costume. Mom says "We can't go to dinner while you are wearing this." Kid says "Not takin' it off". Dad starts taking his tie off, and it just cracks me up. I have NO clue what they are selling, but it brings back SO many memories.

    I still remember the look on my mother's face when we showed up at a restaurant for dinner with Wiz wearing a fleece dinosaur suit. It was PRICELESS. Esp since she who objecteth purchased-eth said dinosaur suit.

    I have a feeling it makes my mother the night she realized that Dad took me Christmas shopping. Wearing the witch costume she made me for Halloween. ALL of it including the hat and her makeup. HE helped me put it on!!

    By the time Jess came along she didn't bat an eye no matter WHAT they were wearing. She understood that I was NOT fighting that battle and she couldn't make me. LOL
  2. AnnieO

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    I will only fight this battle for a few things... They have to be reasonably clean and they can't be dressed like a prostitute. (Occasionally we do have to tell Jett to put on pants in the winter... But that's fine. He doesn't argue!)

    I look at it this way - kids should be allowed at restaurants; they should NOT be held to an adult dress code; but they should ALSO be well-mannered. (A 6-month-old isn't capable, it's up to the parents.)

    ***And no, I don't get all upset about older kids who aren't capable, either. Seen a lot...
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    Neat, clean, and put together - is how I insisted Miss KT look when we went out for a special occasion.
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    Having grown up with a friend who used to wear pyjamas to school every day until he was about 7 years old -- the proper kind with a buttoned pyjama jacket, matching bottoms and little tartan slippers -- I'm pretty un-faze-able when it comes to this sort of thing.

    Little easy child used to insist on wearing his Superman cape with EVERYTHING when he was about 2-ish.

    Tyrantina has taken to wearing a little purple mob-cap (you know, those fluffy hats that ladies wear under their bonnets in Masterpiece Theatre specials) with white lace ribbons around the edge, WITH purple and white cat-eye sunglasses. I think it's adorable.
  5. susiestar

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    I have always failed to understand why adults get so wrapped up in what kids are wearing. I have had people ranging from younger than I am to very elderly stop and tell me how awful a parent I am to let my child out of his room 'wearing that'. They are NEVER looking like prostitutes. They are always clothed and comfortable, they just don't always fit some sense of style. I remember days and days of tears with Jess when the ONLY tshirts you could find were so tight and skimpy a couple of years ago. NO ONE made them for a girl who developed early - and Jess has always said the Boob Fairy has alzheimers and visited her three time. So it was hard for her but we figured it out. I just NEVER CARED if they matched their shirt and pants. If it was overly obnoxious in color I might say something, and they DID have to dress for Gma, meaning don't go to Gma's looking awful. Mostly out of respect for Gma. They also learned to dress appropriately for church, for weddings, etc.... But mostly, it was not a battle I cared about.

    Especially socks. People seem to freak out about socks. I will NOT mate socks. I don't wear them, cannot stand them, and consider all the hours I spent as a kid and a young mother mating socks to be a colossal waste of my time. Esp as my kids would unmate them to get 2 different socks to wear. You barely see socks, so WHY are they such a big deal? I had one little old lady SCREAM at me in a Krogers because my four year old was wearing one lime green sock and one purple one. I could have beaten Jess unconscious and not gotten such a response from her. My mother has wasted HOURS of her life nagging me and scolding me because I will not waste time mating socks or chasing htem out of my kids' rooms or anywhere else. If a sock bugs me because it is left somewhere, the owner gets a comment and then I throw it away. Period.

    Trinity, in my opinion Tyrantina sounds adorable!!

    I have a couple of friends who kept getting so worried about what people would think if their child was allowed to wear this or that and I found wonderful buttons for them - they said "I dressed myself. Don't blame Mommy." I thought they were cute.

    I just love the commercial because it IS a funny costume and no one yells, the Dad seems so resigned, and the Mom has this blank, "Now what do I do?" look.

    Of course the worry that they WOULD take it off was another thing. Jess had two periods of time when she was a toddler that almost ANY deep toned rhythmic music meant she took it off. ALL of it. Did not matter where she was. The look on husband's face when it happened at church was HILARIOUS!!!! Each spell lasted a month or two and was pretty funny, even at the time. We warned daycare so that they could be on alert, lol. They thought it was funny too, thankfully. I later figured out she had seen some fashion show on tv when husband was home and I wasn't. The models walked down the runway shedding their clothes to show off the lingerie they were wearing. They were so pretty that she wanted to do it too.
  6. AnnieO

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    Ya know there's a fad right now for 2 mismatched socks...

    Jett doesn't care if his socks match (one long, one short, one black, one white...) so why should I? Is he dressed reasonably for the weather and his own personal comfort? OK.

    Onyxx... FREAKS if her socks don't match. And they have to be the no-show socks, cannot be plain white or black. in my opinion, if they're no-show, who cares what color they are?!

    I have mostly boring white socks. They're comfy. I match them only for comfort reasons (short, long, boots/tennis shoes). husband's we toss in the drawer and let them mingle.

    If we're having formal pictures taken? I pick what the kids wear. Onyxx swears she is only comfortable in skintight jeans and tank tops that leave NOTHING to the imagination. I can't see how this is comfortable... Personally, jeans and a t-shirt work for me.
  7. InsaneCdn

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    Ah... but that is all a matter of perspective, you see.

    Personally, I find there to be absolutely nothing comfortable about either Jeans or a T-shirt.
    To the point that I own neither.

    (not that I find O's "comfortable" to be comfortable either....)
  8. trinityroyal

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    I figure these are the people who've never dealt with sensory integration issues, or had family members who do. I have no patience for them, but find that reacting as though they've just given me a compliment by saying a heartfelt "why, thank you!" seems to confuse them enough to shut them up. In a way I figure it is a compliment. If someone so odious says that they would never behave the way I'm behaving, I must be doing something right.

    My husband has spent hours scouring the shops to find me a brand of socks that have no seams in the toes, so that I can wear them without squirming. The rest of the family is just as bad, so as long as all the important fiddly bits are covered, and the clothes are clean and in good repair, it's fine by me.

    Tyrannosaur is our Nature Boy. Any chance he gets, he strips off -- doesn't even need the music. I wouldn't mind, except that he's not quite gotten the hang of this whole potty-training business, and the moment his nether reasons are exposed to the chill air, the hounds.
  9. AnnieO

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    LOL... If you have them long enough, and wash them enough, they are soft as a chenille baby blanket. THIS is comfortable.

    ...Though I do adore my microfleece penguin jammies.
  10. AnnieO

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    Look for Keds pima cotton. That's my comfy-sock go-to. I HATEHATEHATE seams in the toes!
  11. InsaneCdn

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    Step... I don't even wear jammies! I don't even own PANTS, other than "snow pants" for -40 weather.
    Dresses, jumpers (Malika... that's a pinafore, not a sweater...), skirts...
  12. southermama3

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    I usually let the girls pick their outfit and I will modify it if needed. My mom was anal detective with this their hair had to be perfectly separated if wore pigtails and clothes ironed. I would always look at her like u never did this to me what's ur deal now? That was mama for ya she always made me go UH hold the door Sis!
  13. AnnieO

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    I despise skirts. Feels like MY fiddly bits are hanging out in the wind!

    I also despise pantyhose.
  14. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    And I, of course, wouldn't be caught dead without them.
  15. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Y'know, in a way I can see where Onyxx is going with this. I have a need to be "squoze" as difficult child once put it. In other words, I have to wear something form fitting. However, I've come up with ways to do this and still dress with decorum. Here are some examples:

    Corset, with tight tank top over it, then a shirt, sweater or blouse and fitted jacket.
    A pair of workout shorts or tights under loose trousers.
    Lots of belts, that cinch at the waist, over closely tailored jackets or sweaters.
    High boots with jeans or trousers tucked in
    Those socks (with no seams at the toes -- yay husband!) that go over the knee, under high boots.
    In summer, those espadrille-style sandals with the long ribbons that wrap around and around, tied tightly, but not so tightly as to cut off circulation.

    Tell Onyxx from Auntie Trinity that there are lots of ways to be squoze without displaying your wares for all the window-shoppers.
  16. AnnieO

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    Uh, Auntie Trinity? Good idea. But...

    She's informed me that her skin has to be able to BREATHE... I told her if it can't breathe inside a shirt, then it can't breathe in public... And her jammies are mens' size XXL pants rolled over and over and over at the waist so her undies show...
  17. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Sigh...she's a tough nut, that one.

    Well...maybe her skin can breathe through her face. Especially the nose part?

    The philosophy I used in my teens to pass muster with my parents was One Tarty Element Per Outfit.
    Super high heels = demure skirt and full-coverage top
    Skirt so short it could be a belt = thick tights and full coverage top
    Top cut down to there, or missing pieces = demure skirt or pants, sensible shoes.
    Going out with parents = demure and sensible EVERYTHING

    Do you think Onyxx would buy something like that? Then you only have one body part to worry about at a time.

    I'm sure I'll have Tyrantina battles on my hands a few years hence, but Step-D was such a compliant one when it came to wardrobe that I haven't really faced this one before.
  18. lmf64

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    My three year old niece is one of those kids who has her own fashion sense and insists on dressing herself. She regularly puts on striped leggings, a tie dye tshirt, and a tutu over it. I will take her whereever we have to go dressed that way. I don't care, she's clean and well behaved. If anyone comments on how she's dressed I will say something to the effect that she has her own fashion sense. I had one lady tell me one day that she has a little Lady Gaga in her. She's my girl and I love her however she's dressed.
  19. AnnieO

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    In the house, at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or around my parents? Right now, yes...

    After Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? Around my parents only. Not husband's parents or bio's mom. Nope. Not in the house either. We "shouldn't look". (Hard to go thru life with my eyes closed...)

    I like your philosophy, though.

    I had a miniskirt or two, but with my being so short, they actually weren't very mini on me. Not being large up top, most clothing did not show off cleavage, rather lack thereof. I have no rear end, either. Dressing "sexy" just didn't work too well on my frame.

    I had a silky black tank with gold lame that I wore... Under another shirt... My parents would've killed me... Mom knew I had it, but since she didn't see it... It's one thing to sneak clothing, another to flaunt it.