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    I did something that made me feel good today. Today was a rotten day at work and, of course, life has been kind of down around here with mother in law's terminal illness. And, after reading Star's anonymous gift thread, I thought I'd share my experience.

    Duckie's school district has an extensive music program and there is a parent booster club in place but the club is only in its second full year so it doesn't have the resources to do a whole lot yet. They do have a t-shirt sale where students can purchase a personalized tee. I ordered one for Duckie the day the slip came home because she just loves music so much and has truly benefited from the program. $17.00 is a small amount to pay to support a program that gives your child direction.

    I, too, benefited from my school's music program when I was a child. The programming gave me something to do and helped to keep me busy and out of trouble in junior high and high school. I was a poor inner city kid from a broken and dysfunctional family so positive activities made a huge difference in my life. And that got me thinking.

    So the night I sent in Duckie's order I also emailed the booster club president (she's a fabulous reading teacher at Duckie's school) and asked her to get with Duckie's teachers to identify a student in financial need that wouldn't be able to get a t-shirt, let me know when the decision was made and I'd send in a check.

    I got the email from the booster president today that one of Duckie's fellow orchestra member's will be my beneficiary and I was so happy to write that check. I have no idea who the student is, but I hope that music gives him/her the direction, discipline and acceptance it gave me. It's the best $17.00 I've spent in a very long time. :)
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    That was so sweet of you TM. :)

    Not only does it benefit the program, but it will encourage the child that someone does indeed notice them. Totally awesome.
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    That is AWESOME!! All kids need to know that someone cares enough to go the extra step for them, anonymous or not. It can be a HUGE ego booster!! Ya done good!
  4. hearts and roses

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    Awesome! It's a good feeling to be able to do something for someone anonymously! Yay for you and yay for that child too!
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    TM, that is totally awesome that you did that! I think more people should do things like this in the world. Doesn't matter how big or small or even what it is. You never do know how it will effect that person, really! :) You can only hope that someday because of it that it makes a difference. I'm sure what you have done will!
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    I really believe it's the little things that help a child make their way positively through life. Caring adults outside the home can certainly help when there's financial struggles. I had several caring adults throughout my childhood; it's time to pay it forward when I can.
  7. Star*

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    THAT is so totally AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE Gifts like that! - What kind of instruments does the DUCK play or like?
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    Duckie plays viola, sings and plays a little piano. She's fan-tab-u-lous on viola: first seat in her orchestra, an all-county elementary member, and received a rating of "outstanding" on her recent adjudication at our county's solofest. (Ok... now I'm bragging, lol!). She's also rehearsing a Steven Sondheim song ("I Know Things Now") for an upcoming audition for Seussical (she hopes to be considered for the role of Jo Jo). Yup! She's a musical kid!
  9. Star*

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    THE VIOLA? OH MY GOSH I love the viola! I love classical music in general. Casper does too - when he's upset we play that and it calms him down. That and his Thunder shirt.

    So she's first chair and all COUNTY??? HOLY STRINGS - that is INCREDIBLE! YOu must be musically talented too! That's a very hard instrument to master.....I am so proud of her! Sondheim isn't easy for a grade schooler either. I'm sure she'll get the part of Jo Jo. Do you have a piano in the house or a keyboard? I'm always curious about things like that - I used to work for Yamaha and was one of their best salespeeps but can't read a lick of music. (I just can talk) ROFL.
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    We have a small house... so we have a keyboard. Or three actually. I can carry a tune and did well musically in school, as did husband, but Duckie takes it to a whole 'nother level. I gave her some manuscript paper a few weeks back when she was bored at the end of spring break and she started composing a piece. In multiple voices no less. Her voice teacher suspects she has perfect pitch and she can easily reach a high F as her voice is starting to mature. I don't think she'll get this role: it's actually for a boy and chances are some other talented kid will show up to auditions that happens to be a boy and then... she'll be a who or a jungle animal. She understands this, thankfully. The big thing she's trying to do is give great auditions so that a wide variety of local producers/directors/choreographers/musical directors will know she's capable of doing the hard stuff.
  11. Star*

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    HIGH F? WOW!!!!!!! I used to work (doing tile work) with a girl who went to school and was friends for a long time - here in Columbia with Pat Benetar. Can you believe she started out as a bank teller? She trained for Opera before she became a Rock Star. I bet Duckie never forgets a voice either.

    Star admits - happily her voice is only good in singing for scaring away stray dogs. Those words STILL echo - "YOU....go to art class" - from the choir director in 4th grade. I'd like to draw her a picture now I would.

    I think Duckie is going to end up on Broadway!
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    I really love Duckie posts. She is a pretty cool kid all around. What you did is so great and that kind of generosity inspires others which is the real gift. I bet, and you will never know, but I bet that others heard about what you did or even the people who emailed you did the same. I dont know about you but I always feel motivated to pay it forward in a bigger way when anyone does something kind for me. I am learning to be grateful and not embarrassed (or to feel not worthy) when someone is kind and helps, but I have always loved doing things like what you did and it is such an amazing feeling to be able to encourage someone else.

    You are a really good person.
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    Now wait a minute... all I did was write a check. I've been blessed with a fairly comfortable middle class life whereas many have not. I got just as much out of that check as this child will; maybe more. ;) Many people do much more everyday with a whole lot less. My mother, who was a drug abusing alcoholic difficult child in her own right, often let a homeless man she knew stay with her during cold weather. Many parents go to work all day and rush home to coach their community's kids at soccer or baseball. Older adults often try to connect with the kids in their neighborhoods and be surrogate grandparents. People donate their time to do a story hour at the local library or teach kids how to paint. My third grade teacher brought her students to her home in small groups to work on craft projects and home Easy Child type stuff (at her own expense). I know another teacher that runs a summer reading club for those students coming into her class the next fall. I just wrote a check. ;)
  14. buddy

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    right but that is the point, really....a little thing here, a big thing there, no all makes a difference. And one person doing it can inspire others. A local radio station here does the "drive through difference" where you pay or donate toward the person who is going through the drive through window behind you. They get a surprise and sometimes people pass on a note for where the idea came from and they call in and it is amazing. So crazy how it often happens when someone was at a really low moment and that little gesture made such a big impact.

    It feels good to even read about it, so it is ok for you to feel good, we get might feel you could even do more, and certainly we all could do much more but it is still a nice thing. You can enjoy the good feelings (smile)....
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    TM, just wanted you to know that our theatre company just did Seussical last summer and there were MANY very talented young boys that could sing (and boy, could they all sing beautifully) and the part of JoJo went to a girl. Don't write it off just yet.... difficult child 2 ended up being several smaller parts because his voice was starting to change and they couldn't take a chance on him squeaking during the performance...LOL. I hope she does get a part. difficult child 2 LOVED being a part of this play in particular. He said it was the "funnest" one yet!!
  17. TerryJ2

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    Aww,what a neat idea! I love it when it's personal like that--Duckie benefited and you know first-hand how good it is. Way To Go!
  18. Star*

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    This has hardly anything to do with Duckie (sorry tim)

    But Kiesta told me that my posting about Pat Benetar was wrong. Apparenty I met a liar. She was not from Columbia. She is a Long Island Girl, and worked in a bank in Virginia. Goes to show you - you just can't trust anyone that you work with - ROFL. Thanks Keista for straightening that out. I really enjoyed PB - Maybe someday we'll be rocking out to the DUCK.

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    TM - you rock! You are going to make that child's day!!! I hope the teachers make it known that a parent did this....maybe more will step up!
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    I'd like to see the option on the order form to donate 1, 2, 3 or more dollars to ensure all music department kids have the same things as the rest of the kids. You know, extra lesson books if inspired, a metronome, a tee-shirt, etc.