Not too fond of cats right now......

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    Midnight has decided she is "over" this kitten business. They do look about weaning size and they have been eating with her at the bowl and drinking water just fine as well as nursing. But she is ridiculously inattentive over the past week and she is driving me nuts.

    I had to put them outside because they kept escaping the box I had them in and getting into all sorts of troubles......not to mention pooing everywhere......and mom was filling the litter box at the speed of light. I put them into the outside kennel because the other animals could not get to them and there was in Rowdy's old dog house is still there. (plus that is where she had them to begin with) At some point mom moved them to the shed...........this nearly wound up in dehydrated kittens because of course we didn't know they were in there and I noticed the doors open and closed them. Mom was not inside. It was closed up more than 24 hrs........... Mewing alerted me, rather Maggie.....and we found them......under the lawn mower. I moved them back to the kennel and locked the shed up some mom couldn't put them in there again.

    Today it decided to rain, not just rain but monsoon type rain. I was not home. Not too worried as mom could've easily kept them dry as a bone in the dog house.

    Did midnight do the obvious?? Oh, well heck no.

    Maggie needed to potty so I go to take her and Rufus out back.........I'm hearing desperate mewing from several kittens right at the gate to the patio. I haul dogs back inside (not easy, Maggie wants to help the babies).............go back and find 3 very drenched kittens huddling against the gate/fence. I'm guessing they were searching for Momma who seemed to be everywhere after yesterday afternoon EXCEPT with her babies. So I desperately rack my brain for something to put them in that would let me bring them back inside to keep them dry.......boxes are not containing them. I spot my extra dog crates. Bingo! (wish I'd thought of that before)

    So I line the puppy crate (Rufus will find out at bedtime he just out grew it lol ) with newspaper.......find the right size box and fill it with litter.........dry off 3 cold and very wet them inside with a bowl of food. I will bring them water several times a day but afraid to just set it in there because they're going to dump it. The kittens started eating immediately. Guessing it's been a while since mom even bothered to feed them. They're safe on the back porch/family room and can't get into any sort of trouble now.

    Mom is miffed. She is also drenched.....but also covered in diarrhea (not kitten related) and is NOT coming into my home in that condition. I feed her, she hunts snakes and mice for me. That is as far as our relationship goes. I will NOT bathe a cat. I have no clue what she has eaten that didn't agree with her.........but not my problem. She has gotten more than enough food from me to stay out of people's trash. Maybe a few more down pours and she won't look/smell so bad. I *might* let her in (if she cleans up) to nurse a time or two to help with the weaning but she is not staying inside.

    I'm also ticked off because I spent much of this week yanking up poison ivy by the roots. I'm not allergic to it, do not react to it, and it's not an issue with me. But still I will come in and wash my hands well when done just in case. Bruce sat on my lap the other night...........head bumped me under the chin 3 times and now I have the most gawd awful itchy rash under my chin and on my neck.......omg No clue wth it is but whatever he had on his fur I'm allergic to. grrrrr I'm debating on whether or not to risk the creams as I've had worse reactions to them in the past than the initial rash.

    Kittens now have full tummies, are warm and dry, safe, and huddled up together asleep in the dog crate.

    So...........who wants a kitten?There is a black one and a smoke colored one up for grabs. Darrin claimed the one that is gray tiger stripped on his front half and blackish on the lower half. His name is George.

    Darrin is currently doing odd jobs to "buy" him from Nana..........then working odd jobs to pay for his supplies as this will be HIS cat, not a family cat. I'd give him to easy child now except they're leaving for Myrtle Beach on tues and I'm caring for her cats while she's gone so that would be silly.
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    You know, if you have another mama cat with kittens around, they will sometimes adopt each others kittens and take care of them. I feed every stray cat in the city limits here. I had one little gray tiger stripe cat that had three gray striped kittens in a big flower pot on my front porch. A few weeks later I saw what I thought was them in a flower bed on the side of the house and assumed that she had moved them. But no ... what I had were two gray striped mama cats, each with three gray kittens, all about the same size! Oh joy! A few weeks later I heard a kitten crying from the flower bed. The mama and two babies were gone, just one little cold lonely kitten. I thought the mama was probably in the process of moving them and just hadn't gotten to him yet so I left him there but the next morning he was still there by himself. They were not quite weaned yet. So I just took him to the flower pot and dropped him in with his "aunt" and her kittens. She sniffed him a couple of times, then he burrowed in and started nursing along with his cousins ... problem solved! I still don't know what happened to the other two kittens but the other mama cat eventually came back and now they take turns nursing the remaining four kittens. They won't all do this but I've seen quite a few that did.
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    Sadly there are no other momma cats around. Minnie has never *knock on wood* gotten preggers. I don't even think she's ever gone into heat. (at least no males have ever showed romantic interest in her in all these years)

    If it is dry in the morning I will set the dog crate out and put momma in to nurse a bit and clean up her babies. (if I force her to be with them she'll do it) Crate is not difficult to clean if she makes a mess in there. I just don't want her inside. Know what I mean?? Enough dry days in the forecast and I may move the kittens into the extra large dog crate and place the whole shabang into the kennel. Would make more room for momma and kittens some playroom too. Not to mention they could get some sunshine.

    I've got feelers out for homes. Will contact my friend who runs a rescue for cats and see if she has room in case I can't find people to rehome them too. This is kitten season and everyone has kittens that need to be adopted.