Not Very Good News @ the Maternal/Fetal Dr. Appointment

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers... keep them coming! My ultrasound today showed that the right kidney is VERY full of fluid (3/4ths filled) and the left kidney has 2x as much fluid as it is supposed to. The specialist is going to continue to monitor it 8 weeks from now and then again at 36 weeks. If it doesnt resolve itself prior to delivery they will probably have to perform surgery shortly after birth to remove the blockage. Another thing they are a bit concerned about is the possiblity of her having down syndrome... Due to my age and the fact that many of these kids have kidney issues - I had the screening blood test done today and I go on Dec. 30th for an amino... I am SCARED TO DEATH about having the amino done - Me and needles don't mix, but my husband is the one that is insisting that the amino be done. To me, I will love her no matter what so I dont feel like I have to know ahead of time about this. I guess it is just something else for me to worry about. I will keep everyone posted and what is going on with us.

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    {{{Hugs}}} I'll keep the prayers coming.
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    I too will continue praying. Gentle hugs.
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    Adding my continuing prayers to the mix. {{{{You & baby girl}}}}
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    I am sending you lots of love and prayers for favorable amneo results
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    i'm so sorry you really must be on edge. i'm glad their monitoring it and hopefully it'll resolve itself before you see her cute little face. I'm sure she's a fighter just like her mom. :)

    as far as amnio are you really against it? I can totally understand how you feel, the love child no matter what so why have it done. are you in your 40's? my Mother had my brother late in life, she too had to have an amnio, she chose to have it though. she said it was slightly uncomfortable yet fairly quick and painless.

    ((lots of hugs)) try not to worry easier said than done i know.
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    I am keeping you and baby girl in my thoughts and prayers Cindy ... So much to worry about right now ... take care
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    Hugs and prayers going out to you and Baby Girl.
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    I had the amnio done for my 2nd child and the thought of it is worse than the actual procedure. I don't even remember it actually happening, but I do remember being worried about it.

    Keeping you and the baby in my thoughts.
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    Hugs and prayers for y'all.
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    Thoughts and prayers hon!!!!!
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    Many warm gentle (((((hugs)))))

    I can understand your fears over the amnio, but they do use a local anesthetic, so it's not as bad as it could be. I also understand it not mattering to you one way or the other. But honestly, it would be best to know before hand because you can get a support system in place and start really educating yourself about Down's. While in utero surgery is risky, they've become extremely skilled over the past several years.........her chances are higher now than they ever would have been.

    I will be keeping the wee one and you and husband in my prayers. Hang in there.
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    In reply to my age... I am 34 and will turn 35 less than a week after the baby is due. I also know for a fact that she is going to be a cute little bugger - the ultrasound that they did was a 3-D one... boy is that AWSOME to really see what her face looks like right now! I wish I knew how to post pictures here because I would be happy to share them with everyone, since they gave me a CD with them on it.
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    oh ok your young still!! everythings going to be ok, and that picture must of been great! i saw it on a thingy at mall one day that they do that now was sooo amazing!! i bet you cannot wait to see her!! keep buying those little baby clothes and everything pink it'll keep your spirits high.

    ((Hugs))) oh wow your going to have your hands full, you have a 4 and 7 year old. are they excited about the baby??
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    They aren't overly excited about the baby, especially now that they know it is a girl and not a boy... they both wanted another brother! I am now having ALOT of behavioral issues with the 7 year old and I am not sure if it is due to the baby or something else entirely... I don't think that it is the baby issue in general because we haven't even started to get things out or anything - unless he senses the stress that I am under with all these baby issues going on, who knows! I am pretty much in survival mode right now, with x-mas coming and being exhaused all the time... I can't wait for the holidays to be over (can you tell I am kind of bah humbug this year?). I just haven't had any "joy" in me this year (maybe it is due to how highly emotional I have been or something?)
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    Sending hugs and prayers that the baby manages to heal before she is born - from any problem that she has!

    I can sort of see the "why" behind the amnio. It would give you some time to make sure you have any special items you might need, and you could learn more about it and even find a support group in your area. You could also line up the specialists that would likely be needed so that it was not such a big shock.

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    I'll be keeping you and the baby in my thoughts!
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    Hey Cindy! Lots of prayers headed your way! I had amnios done on both girls because of major complications during the pregnancies. Can we say "cake walk?". You really, truly don't feel anything...if anything it feels about the same as the sonograms that you've had. Not a biggee. I think most people get nervous because we're used to them portraying needles on tv. You know, they hold up this gigantic thing, squirt fluit out and go "this shouldn't hurt a bit...", and then they look at the camera and wiggle their eyebrows.

    Feel better...we're here for you!

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    Sending caring and supportive thoughts your way. DDD