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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, May 10, 2010.

  1. Shari

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    I got to work today to find a note from the advocate. Here it is...

    "Let me know when that next meeting is scheduled for the Assistive Technology evaluation review. I will be closing this case file after that meeting as we have accomplished getting the school district to take a look at more services for Wee. "

    As a result of the AT evaluation, the school will be trialing a new software/keyboarding package with him. In no way shape or form will this address how to help the school handle the behavior issues when they arise again (as I posted earlier, that magic switch has flipped, and he's now a model student. What happens when the behavior comes back? The school has no more tools, and they'll push back for homebound again, cause the keyboard isn't going to make the behaviors go away for ever (and I'll gladly eat crow if I'm wrong!!!!))

    Or am I missing something here??
  2. susiestar

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    Occupational Therapist (OT) doesn't seem like YOU are missing things. At least not to me. Chances are that the advocate has no real grasp of what has been going on before the "magic switch" was flipped. Can you recall him if there are future problems (which we all are pretty sure there will be)? Can you push for them to work with Wee over the summer so that there isn't such a huge transition back to school? Otherwise you will be right back at the beginning unless you can get the advocate to help you work things out with the school now.

    The advocate has no real idea of the behavior problems that occur because they are not happening now. Do you have any video of what is happening so that he can SEE what was going on? Maybe let him read some of the posts from here, if you are comfortable letting him read what you posted here (suggest you let him read just what you post about the issues so as not to overwhelm him with posts)? Something, anything, to give him a better idea of the real reason you need an advocate??

    Otherwise you are going to have to call him next year the first time Wee has a problem in school.

    I am so sorry to say that it really seems to me that Wee pretty much missed out on learning this entire school year. That is just awful, and is awful service from the SD. How can it be that the school does not see that they TAUGHT Wee how to get out of school by just sending him home rather than really working with him? Budgets are tight, but they are still supposed to do their job. in my opinion anyway.

    Many hugs, and maybe this summer you can figure out exactly why the switch flipped and how to keep it on this setting. IF that is even possible.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Like Susie, I don't believe your advocate really understands the seriousness of situation. Addressing academic services can be a very important piece in behavior issues BUT it is not the only piece. What happens when he lashes out at an aid, teacher or the principal again? What has been put in place to protect Wee and the adults in the school? What has been put not place so that you are not running up to school and picking him up every other day?

    I would seriously address these issue with the advocate. I agree with Susie in regards to any audio or video of Wee in full melt-down mode. What about a meeting with the principal and the advocate where you list the incidents of the past school year where you have had to pick him up and he has lashed out at teachers, aids and the principal? Perhaps the principal can shed some light on the seriousness of the issue. If he attempts to make light of it because they don't want to do more than what's in place now, ask the principal in front of the advocate then why was it that he missed so much time from school and you got so many emergency phone calls to pick him up. I think you need to make sure this advocate truly understands what a waste this school year has been.

  4. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I pushed back on the advocate and told her that the issue that I asked for help addressing has not been resolved. All we have "accompished" was surviving until Wee's internal tides switched again - and NOTHING more.

    She told me to ask the school for full day placement for next year, and get in writing that as soon as the behaviors start, to get the outside agency in to do the FBA. And if they don't reply, call and re-apply for her services.

    Um, yeah, lady. If it was that easy, do you think I'd have requested an attorney for the state protection and advocacy agency? So he falls apart mid-november. We call a meeting. We work around Thanksgiving break. We meet by the end of Nov. I need advocacy again, so I call and apply. IF I get accepted, I find that out in 10 days. Now its mid December. Schedule a meeting with the advocate present, work around holiday break, and its January again.

    I dodn't know whether to tell her to shove it or to look at it as an opportunity to get a new advocate! I asked her, point blank, to table the case til next fall, when the behavior issues arise again (and if they don't, she can close it). She said "sure, let her know when they schedule the meeting before the end of this year, and when everything is resolved to my satisfaction, she'll close the case." I don't think she's heard a word I've said.