now asking for your support (again dangit)


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ant has his premliminary hearing tomorrow for his 4th DUI.

it has been a very emotional weekend.
his dad was to take him to the hearing but told ant no just today. I had already asked for the day off knowing his dad who promised to commute ant would then not do this.

it is the 4th county. so a new diff court house, more trauma.

thing is, we had a stellar weekend. my big ole family has a three day campout party in the woods reunion. ant and his brother and a lot of my family and their friends go. they have a 100 pd beef roast, bands play, karaoke, dancing and cards, whatever you enjoy it is there. ant has missed the past 4 yrs.
so we get there and he finds out perhaps a dozen of the guys and gals from what should have been his high school class were there. lots of them date my family or live locally and were included. ant was nervous as these kids knew his history. amazingly he was welcomed with open arms by the family and these kids. he tented with them for three dys. he ate with them, they laughed, they did karoake, I cried as my older son sang. Nick is a travolta looking kid (picture Travolta as Michael the angel and you have nick) and sings travolta "grease" songs and he was so was ant. my two sons together, playing, singing with the band, dancing. I had my cellphone taping the singing, the joy.

I was over whelmed. as time came to go home, ant cried. these kids surrounded him and wished him well. ant knows what he is missing. these were kids who would not play with him in the day. now they were throwing horsehoes telling jokes, being normal.

tomorrow he will go and I am sure his case will be held over for court. UNLESS they put him in jail for parole violation on the spot. I had wanted to not be there, but there is no one to go. ant was the best ant I have ever seen since he was small this weekend.

Once more his dad lied and tricked him into thinking he would be there for him. once more I will go and pray as ant is facing the music.

asking here for you to be with me in cyber spirit. I hate this, I get claustrophobic in the coutt house, I dont even know the way and will mapquest that now. boyfriend wrote the judge a letter saying ant was a good employee and was needed. I plan on doing nothing but being there.


So glad you enjoyed the weekend. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Will the court know the circumstances of the accident? Do they know it wasn't Ant who put the car in reverse? I know he was still over the limit, and that in itself will be cause for consequences. But still, he has done so well, and come so far. Is work release an option?

Thoughts for you tomorrow, as well as lots of strength. For you and for Ant.

Good Luck


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the girl disabled the car by pulling up the emerg brake. I think ant put it in reverse after that-he was in abalckout and has no recall. who knows?

boyfriend is his employer and asked for work release, ant has to bring 100.00 cash for a drug and alochol asssesment tomorrow to help the judge decide the sentencing. the sentence will be at a later date. this is basically a hearing to see if there is enough evidence for a trial (there is)


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Janet, I am so glad that you all had such a good weekend and that Ant enjoyed himself. Maybe it will be a motivator for him to see the kind of life with family and friends that will be waiting for him when he gets his life straightened out.

I will keep you and Ant in my thoughts and in my prayers tomorrow and hoping for the best posssible outcome. And I'll be right behind you in that court room ... you won't see me but I'll be there, in spirit, lending my support.


I will be with you in spirit tomorrow. My prayers and positive vibrations your way. Please give us an update. I'm glad that you had a nice weekend. It's about the moments. I don't know that happiness is a continuum for any of us... we grab onto these awesome moments that resonate in our souls. Hugs, Michele


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I'm glad you had a great weekend. I hope it really sinks in to ant what he is missing and he turns his life around. At least you had a great weekend.
Hi Janet, it sounds like a wonderful weekend for both you and the boys and that ant was accepted by the others, I agree that maybe seeing what he is missing will help him turn his life around.

Know that you have my prayers and thoughts with you this week.



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My prayers are going with you and ant tomorrow. I'm glad you had the weekend to see the son you love happy. There are not many moments like that in the lives of our difficult children. It breaks my heart to know that Tripp knows what he has lost out on because of his choices. And he knows...he sees it all around him. Hopefully he (and ant and all the others) will be able to one day kick the addictions that drive them. God bless you. been there done that too many times.


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You can count on my caring thoughts and prayerss. I completely
understand the stress involved and know that you hoped not to
ever have to face a similar trip again. God must have a plan.
Keep your faith and know you are not alone. DDD

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I'll be standing right behind you in spirit, Janet.

Saying prayers and crossing body parts this has a positive outcome for Ant.



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Absolutely, I'm rattling beads and sending good wishes your way.
Leave waaay early, stop by Starbucks, get yourself and ant a special treat so you can relax on the way there.


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Sending wisdom for the judge, faith to see Ant thru his consequences and hope for you to have a chance for more weekends like this one.

Saying prayers that life works out for ant and he can make the changes necessary for his life to be fulfilled.....


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Janet, you and Ant are always in my thoughts. If only the judges could see his life from your eyes and to hear of it through your words that we have all seen throughout the years on this board. He is a good kid who needs help.

I wish you everything for tomorrow.