now difficult child is amping up

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    After all the **** with husband, difficult child is now acting up. He kinda has been for awhile, but I thought it was only at home, so I was in a wait and see mode.

    He called from school and left me a message today that he and J got in a fight and whoever picked him up needed to stay after school and have a meeting with him, J, J's parents and the director. Apparently difficult child was following J around (they are friends---and have made up and are still friends) because J was upset and difficult child was worried about him and wanted to know what was wrong. J did not want to talk about it, and instead of telling difficult child that he turned and said F U. So instead of walking away, difficult child pushed him outside. It escalated into difficult child holding the door shut so J could not get in or out (not sure which) and when the director came by he saw J laying on the ground crying as difficult child had punched him. Both boys are not going on the field work trip on Wednesday morning, and if they have more issues they will miss future field work trips (they are having them every Wednesday morning for the next 3 weeks). At the beginning of May they are going to Portland to see how it has become more a green city. It is a 4 day trip. If the boys don't shape up they will miss it.

    After the meeting the director pulled me aside and said difficult child has been more impulsive and had a shorter fuse(he has been this way at home, more yelling and acusing and I hate you---he has not said that too much if ever in the past) and that he has been perserverating---he will follow people around closely calling their name over and over and over and has to very firmly be redirected. He did tell me that difficult child was in the right place (the right school) and that made me feel good as last year when I met with them we were not sure if it was the right school for him. The director told me that he may not do well there, and I told them he is right, he may not but if we do not try we do not know. I really like the director, he has an extensive history of working with troubled/problem kids and has done wilderness trips with them.

    So I emailed psychiatrist and said we have an appointment with you next week, but this has happened. He said call and get him in ASAP. Glad he wants that, but so discouraging that it is needed. I am sure we will be tweaking medications, but who knows which one. The only one I really do not want to change is the Lamictal--he is already at 250mg of that.

    So of course husband is doing medication tweaks too. Oh boy, 2 medication tweaks in one house:sick:. I think I will be tweaked by the time it is all over.

    I called husband's psychiatrist (husband asked me to as his memory is so bad) and instead of calling me back they called husband back! I had been general with my msg and it was not psychiatrist who called back so they really could not go over anything with him so of course then since they "would not talk to him" that gets his paranoia going. He tried to say that they told him I was his guardian!!!!:faint: I think not.

    I am fried right now. I woke up at 2:40am as husband was not in bed. He was in the garage as he could not sleep. I laid in bed untill 3:15, but then I had to get up in 45 min so I just got up. I am tired, but not tired.

    I really hope psychiatrist can get difficult child in tommorrow, and if not then Thursday. He is escalating way too quick.
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    They should only be allowed to go one at a time, you know. We need to make a new rule.

    So sorry. You know where I am if you need to chat.

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    I know it's discouraging when medications need adjusting -- but don't be too hard on yourself or the situation. It is what it is. Sometimes that's all there is to it. This is also a time of year when a lot of our kiddos start to unravel, especially if they are not yet truly stable. I know that for difficult child 2, we had three consecutive springs where he just fell apart at the seams and we had to start all over with his medications because we had not yet found the "magic" combo. So far, so good this year (I probably shouldn't have said that). As long as we aren't late in his dosing schedule or don't miss any doses, he's holding is own pretty well this year.

    Hope the appointment is productive tomorrow!

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    Many hugs-two at once is just not fair!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you find time for a good nap and to do something nice just for you.