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    Ok, now that I have been through all the stress and come home...boy do I have some junk I need to get off my chest and I cant think of anywhere else to dump it so read on if you want or back out if you arent interested...though it might prove

    As I posted, Billy and I had to leave fast on 12/1 to get up to my Dads house. We were supposed to be leaving around 8 but got called around 6 to leave earlier so we flew through the prep work getting the car packed. That was a huge mistake...always is.

    Somehow I lost my new glasses. I tossed all my chargers for my cell phone and ereader into the back of Billys car. We cant find them. I found one lens from my glasses in the yard today. Tony's phone is missing somewhere. Its dead so we cant call it to find it.

    Mandy stayed home on this trip and we asked her to take care of the house..ya know, feed the animals, wash the dishes, etc. None of that was done. Dogs werent fed for a whole week. Our inside dog did his business all over the house and ripped up the linoleum in front of the door trying to get out.

    Mandy called Cory on the Saturday night after my dad died on Thursday night to tell him she had just been in this "horrible, tragic" wreck and she was so messed up that she might have to be airflighted to a big hospital. Oh...and she was hit head on and went in a ditch, his truck was totaled and the other car never stopped. Cory was going crazy...wanted one of us to drive him home or give him our car, blah blah blah. Nope. We finally got him to hurt could she be if she DROVE the truck home and she is talking to you on the phone and isnt at the hospital?

    We get home...truck doesnt have a scratch on it!!!!! She was just trying to manipulate him and us. Is there a word that rhymes with witch? Yeah...that one.

    Then we go to get Keyana but we cant because she has a dress fitting because she is gonna be in another weekend. Oh grand. Just dandy. Fine. Whatever. Im probably not in the mood to be around her anyway.

    Im trying so hard to be accommodating of everyone but they are getting on my last little nerve!

    Then come the bills that I simply dont have the money to pay. But they will just have to deal with it. I have called and told folks and they can live with what I can pay them or whatever. Somehow we will make it through this. January cant come fast enough!
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    Oh my. That is more than anyone should have to deal with after what you've been through just recently. What's with Mandy??? Is this her normal
    modus operandi? How did she get through the conversation when you got home and there wasn't a scratch on the truck? And the animals ... !
    I can't imagine. I'd be so furious I might do and say things I'd regret later, or maybe not. You are a saint if you kept your cool through that.
    And your glasses and the chargers and phone ... no wonder you're on your last nerve. I'm so sorry. Maybe it's time for some personal 'down' time
    and a few days of recharging your batteries, however that works best for you. Don't know if it's possible but it sounds like a priority.

    Sending hugs and wishes for a calmer, less aggravating week ahead ...
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    Ugh Ugh Ugh ... that is a ton to vent out. I'm glad you got it out. Gosh I have no advice, wisdom, nothing, drawing a blank here. But I do like the idea of you taking a few quiet days for yourself to relax and unwind after all thats gone on in recent weeks. (((Hugs)))
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    OMG Janet! I think someone needs to whack Mandy upside the head with a 2 by 4! What was she thinking? Trying to drag someone away from a family funeral by making up some big story that is so easily proven to be a big lie? And then "forgetting" the pets for all that time ... ? Must have been some interesting conversations when you got home!
  5. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Where's my magic wand???? Dang-it (throws things over shoulder, digging, looking)....I know I had it in here...

    (Picks up large oak baseball ball).....but wait, here's my magic stick! Wanna borrow it? Just tap (or whack, your choice) whomever on the skull and it makes you feel so much better!


    (oh, and just an added bonus....dex's whack job girlfriend? According to exMIL, she is totally jealous of me, and has been to the ER FOUR times since my accident because her back is so bad. She even had them make an emergency run to town to get her a walker that she has yet to use. ExMIL and I are having a good laugh. Apparently Mandy isn't alone in her quest for attention. Big hugs.)
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  6. Hound dog

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    I think I would've strangled the very life out of Mandy, not only for the manipulating *itchy phone call, but for what she did/didn't do for the animals while you were gone.:grrr: One would think Cory would dump someone who not only pulled such a stunt on him...........but had the nerve after what all you've done for the girl, to treat you that way during an extremely difficult time. Disrespectful doesn't begin to cover it.

    You don't have to hold it all in. Ya know it is your Dad who just passed, that is huge, and they can just get over it already if you happen to go off and say or do something that steps on a few toes. (or happen to whack Mandy upside the head a few times)

    OMG I am soooooo steaming for you right now!! *snarl*

  7. HaoZi

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    I know how livid I'd be. How are the dogs?
  8. DaisyFace

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    O that Mandy is a piece of work!!!

    If I discovered that she did not suffer the horrific injuries she claimed? I would have remedied that myself {Thwack!}

    Hopefully things will settle down and sort themselves out and missing items will come to the surface.
  9. DDD

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    I can't help but ask. What did Cory say and do when you all got home? Did he clean up the mess that Mandy caused, or care for the pets or most importantly confront the broad?

    I'm sorry you returned home to chaos. Sending hugs your way. DDD
  10. KTMom91

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    How could Mandy be in the house with the animals and not think to feed them? I would have LOTS to say...I was all over Miss KT when she put Bud outside and then took off last summer. You don't mess with my furbabies.

    Are the animals doing all right now that you're home? How are YOU doing?
  11. DammitJanet

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    Im okay. I have NO idea how she managed that. I dont think she stayed here much. She doesnt like to stay at home by herself so I think she probably stayed at friends houses most of the time. She gets "scared". BS. No one is gonna come in here. We dont even lock our doors here.

    I have to go out today to buy chargers. Im looking through all my cords to see what I have to see what I really need.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Janet -

    I think I'd leave the glasses go until after January - what you can't see? You can't catch and kill or see that it's dirty - hence it doesn't need cleaning. As far as Tony's phone? Well - he's a big boy - let him figure out what he's going to do about HIS phone. If you lost his phone then that's another story - but you've no doubt figured that out already so it's a non-issue. Most of the things you blew out your nose here already are non-issue. Why? Well, the things you CAN do nothing about - you can do nothing about and a. (#)(ing about them will only serve to upset who? YOU - do you think that bringing MORE attention to a grown woman that you asked to help you in a dire situation and she completely, and utterly once again tried to turn the situation around to ME ME ME? I guess I would ask 'Did you expect anything less?" She does this every time you ask anything mature, responsible and adult of her. The only glitch this time is that in a situation like this, being an ULTIMATE situation because there just doesn't seem to be anything more final or desperate to us as people as the death of a family member you would think that at the very least even dysfunctional people like her could "take it down a notch" just for a day or two and 'pitch in', and feel sorry for someone else besides HERSELF - and see outside her little world. Sadly - she can not. She's is what she is, and as long as you continue to allow HER to live in your home and rule your house? She will always be just that - a victim. So no sense in being upset or surprised by her actions - I'm surprised actually she didn't call and say the house was on fire. Really. I think you're lucky - remember we "ARE" related by marriage as it were....and I've been there done that.

    So - the bills are due. YUP - bast#($Ds are due every month and we never have any money - SHOW OF HANDS - how many of us here are robbing Patricia to pay Paulina? (counts - 1001, 1002 ) so you aren't alone - but your situation is YOUR situation and if your lights are shut off I may still be here in my home with candles so - while I can empathize it doesn't take away your stress for the moment. I can only say - I know what you are going through and you aren't alone. That's what friends do. As far as living with too many people in your house? Ahhhhh well - THAT problem I'm hoping to never have again - but we have all (or most of us, or some of us) have done it at times and again - I'm not going through it now - but have - so I empathize - and I think with no END in sight it leaves you feeling a little Grrrr. Why wouldn't it - there is no date, of hope of looking forward to Mandy moving out. No relief. So that is something that either you rectify or don't. If you don't then you deal. Eat and stuff - eat and stuff. OR - plan and push - out. I'm for pushing - I can't say where I'd like to (SHOW OF HANDS AGAIN _ WHERE WOULD WE PUT THIS OH SO GREATFUL CHILD?) - snort....peanut gallery remains silent. hahah.

    As far as your house? Dogs not being fed? That's horrible - yes. No excuse? Yes. Done deal? yup. Nothing you can do about it now except KNOW that if you have to ever leave again - you find someone else to feed the dogs or take them with. Mandy proved she is NOT a mature and responsible person and I would never trust her again to water my plants let alone my dogs. Was it complete BS? You bet. Would I call her on the accident? Probably, but at what purpose? She'll just lie again. Head on collision huh? Where is the police report she filed? That should suffice - I'd be making a report of my own - she's a nit whit. But like I said - the more attention you draw to her? The less this weekend becomes about YOU and YOUR FATHER - and that's what this was about and should be rememberd for - so keep that in mind when you are blowing your stack. Get it out here - GOOD......then

    Clean up the's poop -
    Clean up the needs cleaned anyway - or not - whatever - right?
    Get new glasses - I know - BS - but you have to be able to see - so svck it up...go.
    Find T's phone - or get a Track phone for a week or so until you get $
    Pay a little on each bill - and make some calls tomorrow - do the best you can
    Tell T you think M and C should move out and give them XX months to get out and set a day - (freedom = lower stress)

    Get T to put in a dog door for the Havaneese.....NOW...TODAY. It's easy

    Then let the rest go - and grieve for your Daddy - and when they don't understand you? Come here - we do.

    Like I said - the more you make this about what you didn't do or what SHE didn't do? The less this is about you and your Dad - and that's really what this is about -

    A daughter and her Dad saying goodbye - and it was a wonderful eulogy - the trip? No biggie - people pack like **** all the time. Even if you plan like a pro - there are things forgotten - you did great considering back off my girlfriend J - she done good. K? K!

    Now - take it easy - and rest today - then do the best you can tomorrow like you always do -

    Hugs & Love
  13. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member are right. We are pushing the rocks out. I would say that it wont be long. They may only be in the side yard but it wont be in the house. Much better. We have enough acreage that its moving them next door. Reasonable. He actually does better when he is close but not in the house.

    I will never leave a potted plant in her care again. Maybe a potted pot would get better Im not going to worry about the phone. I have one theory that maybe he left it in the work van. Maybe. If it isnt there then either we do an insurance claim or he gets used to my phone and I will take over Billy's old phone. We can get it fixed. We do have a spare Sprint phone, its just that he had a folding shell phone that was one of those rugged construction/military grade phones so that sand or water wouldnt effect it easily. Good for a construction worker. He also cannot figure out my touch screen and both of the Sprint phones we have available are touch screen. Thats gonna be a problem to teach him but he will just have to learn if he has to.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911


    Look at you go girl.........already solved 1/2 the worlds problems........YOU ARE AMAZING - and I'd go EBAY for T - not touchscreen - I know - there is know way I'd have DF do my Flight- UGH........remember this is that same man that won't text and has never touched a computer. NO WAY.....he can't even do the camera phone - but wants to get a Wii? (laughs as she walks down the hall) .........ahahahahahahhhahahhahah aaaaaaa hahahahahaha.........