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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Jan 25, 2009.

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    1) I think I missed a dose night before last. I tried to get it straight yesterday but I couldn't get difficult child awake and cooperative to take medications until lunchtime today. I don't know if that was enough to cause this or if I'm just grasping at futile hope, but he's back to swinging a knife earlier this evening and now he's on mission mode doing homework. :( For those with experience with MS's- would a missed dose be enough to cause this- or has difficult child gotten to the point where he'll just bully/threaten me to get what he wants- or both?

    2) I've been researching the Special Education laws and writing a letter to ed spec at sd regarding her proposed assessments for the triennial review. Does this ever end?
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    This letter is 3 1/2 pages long- is anyone bored enough to read it and help me shorten it?
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    I don't know about your difficult child, but my difficult child 2 IS affected by a missed dose of his particular MS.

    I can't say if he's manipulating you or not. It's easy for us to be too close to the situation as parents... and in your case, it's just you with no one else there to help keep perspective, Know what I mean??

    Hope you can get him back on schedule tonight. Maybe he'll settle down tomorrow...
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    Remember what I said about perceived manipulation? It's impossible to determine whether he can control it or not, but regardless, the behavior is a maladaptive coping strategy that needs TREATMENT.
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    It was short-lived- but it's because I gave in. He's been in his room since. I couldn't stand the thought of staying up all night tonight in a plastic chair and worrying about another deductible to pay for. I'm praying for that meeting to go well on Tues.