Now I've seen it all... a man who lives as a baby on Dr. bald psychologist show....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. buddy

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    And he has a girl friend who is fine with it?? he says being a man is the role play time. He has a job etc. but he sleeps in a crib and wears diapers and uses them.... and this is not just a role play at times... he is not interested in intimate relations and his girl friend changes his diaper and feeds him baby food and he eats in a high chair!

    Ok, I am all for fantasy and role play but this is kind of odd to me... sorry anyone here who lives like that, I defend your right to do so totally. I just dont get it!
  2. klmno

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    Sorry- I do believe in "to each his own", too....let's just say, this wouldn't be my type. LOL! If you're talking about the psychiatric on tv I'm thinking of, I can't believe he had that on his show- but he's becoming pretty tabloid lately. I'm disappointed in that, too- I used to like him.
  3. AnnieO

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    My type either.

    Actually, I knew a guy once who had this as a fantasy. Why, I've NO IDEA. But if he's happy...
  4. KTMom91

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    It's not sweeps week, is it? Dr. Bald has had some pretty strange stuff on lately.

    And since it's almost time, I think I'll turn on the TV...:bigsmile:
  5. Steely

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    For real????? Now, you have me curious, must go watch to see the wackotorium of human spectrums.
  6. HaoZi

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    It's not my kink, but if they're both happy and it works for them...