Now my heart wants to be a difficult child

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    I go up and down the stairs at home a few dozen times a day, sometimes with my arms full of stuff. About a month ago, I came up the stairs empty-handed and I had a hard time getting my breathe. I figured it was a sign that I needed to start getting back in shape. It's happened a couple of times since then. Most of the time I'm fine though.

    Then this weekend, on our way home from our trip, husband & I are walking up a trail when I got hit hard with the shortness of breathe and my heart pounding like crazy. I knew something was wrong then. Saw my Chinese medicine guy today. He says I have a heart flutter or start of A-Fib. My blood isn't pumping out of my lower chamber all the way. This is something that is of this year. The last EKG I had the doctor was impressed with my heart.

    So, I need to make some rapid lifestyle changes, not a couple of month changes, but LIFE-time changes. If my Chinese medication doctor doesn't see rapid improvement over the next week or two, I'll be going to my regular doctor. (the guy that thinks if I keep my ears warm all the time, as in wear ear-muffs ALL THE TIME, I won't get any more sinus infections - him with my life?)

    So, this morning was my last cup of coffee. No more coffee, avoid sugar, and keep animal protein to under 10% of my overall diet. So, no coffee, sugar or meat??? I'm going to be a grumpy person. But, I scared husband enough on our walk that he's willing to eat or not eat whatever it is I have to do. (he's not willing to give up coffee, but he says he won't drink it in front of me)

    This really knocked the wind out of my sails (nice way to say scared the *&^# out of me). Want to know the weirdest thing? Two years ago, when all the stuff hit the fan with Steph, the accupuncturist that was treating me said that if I didn't get my anxiety under control that I would have a major health crisis in two years.
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    COnsidering all that you have had going on in your life in just the last few MONTHS? This is not a surprise to me. There is no replacement for you - And I told you that in a post not too long ago....What would YOUR family do if there was NO YOU? It's a lot for you to consider but it's a great deal MORE for YOU to consider. My therapist told me years ago to think about life and stress in a very simple way. He said - you are 38 years old now. IF you were to live to twice the age you are now - WHAT have you done with your life thus far? And considering that MOST of your youth is behind you? WHAT do you think you would do with the next 38 years because you're health does not necessarily improve - it starts to slightly decline - and you start to loose mobility and the ability to bend, stoop, climb, move - little by little every year - so if your DID live until you were 76 ----HOW do you plan to live the next 38 years?? Like the first 38 - OR BETTER?

    From that point on Mom20ddson - I chose to live them better - ever minute - With as little stress from every single outside source that I can not control as possible. Kids, family, co-workers, jobs - not having jobs, bill, money - lack of money, people, things, not having things - whatever it is - if it is going to be a stressful thing? It's can have about ( ) much of MY time - and then it's basket B. and move on. I found my voice, I found my boundaries, and I try to be a good and decent person. My blood pressure came down out of the rafters, my migraines are a LOT fewer, my weight has dropped from nearly 300 lbs to about 160 something (give or take lol) and I do what I can do about what I can do - and the rest I just give to God bceause It does me ABSOLUTELY no better or worse to worry about something and the proof is in not worring about it and waiting and then looking at it and going - HUH- had I worried it wouldn't have changed it a bit - and look - I didn't worry and Voila - nothing changed anyway. OR Look I didn't worry about it and Voila - it changed anyway.

    Take care of yourself. PS - I was gonna post this as a circle of support but I did't know if you wanted everyone to know about it - I'm glad you put it up!

    Hugs & Love
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    Is the Chinese doctor a herbalist? I think one of the rapid changes I would be making is to make an appointment with a regular doctor and have tests run just to make sure you don't have a blockage or something else going on.

    I don't have a problem with herbalists and natural medicines, but would like a little of the regular medical science and test stuff thrown in

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    I totally don't know what to say but I understand why you put faith in your Chinese medication doctor over your regular doctor. On the animal products, much as Kiddo and I enjoy bacon, we had to give it up for other reasons. The Morningstar Farms version (fakin' bacon as we call it) isn't that bad. It's not exactly like bacon, but we don't miss the real thing any more. Their grilled chiken patties are pretty good, too. Finding the alternate versions that you like and work for your taste can make it a lot easier, I hope you're able to find ones you and your husband enjoy.

    On the coffee and sugar... I got nothing. Supposed to give up caffeine myself but umm.. yeah... not happening. I've gone to the half-caf coffee and it tastes okay but it feels like sacrilege.
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    It sounds like you are having heart arrythmia [sp?]. I had this the year before we moved, and I thought I would croak for sure from all the stress my son [and the economy] caused me. All it needed was to up my Magnesium levels and added B + E vitamins, [Hawthorne in a supplement is also helpful]. Before I started taking these my heartflutters had gotten so bad, I honestly thought I was getting ready to have heart attaches or strokes. I don't have health insurance, and while most info online says that Magnesium isn't helpful unless injected in heavy doses, taking Mag/Calc/Zink supplements along with a B complex and E vitamins made a huge difference for me. Within a weeks worth of time, I noticed considerably fewer episodes, and after a month or so they stopped alltogether.

    Not trying to replace good DR advice - and if you have true heart issues you should see a DR, but the vitamins can go a seriously long way in helping as well...
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    I agree with Marcie. Your herbalist sounds skilled, but still it would be wise to be checked by your reg doctor, especially for heart related symptoms. And I'm sorry, not gonna trust a herbalist to diagnosis atrial fib, which by the way is SERIOUS and needs real medical treatment by a cardiologist if you do have it.

    Natural approaches can be used in harmony with traditional medicine. But it's up to you to seek that wise balance.

    Oh, and yes, there is a sound reason people used to wear hats to bed, nightcaps didn't always refer to a drink. It can help with sinus issues, a lot. Don't know about ear muffs.....but a stocking hat works wonders for both my mom and sis who both have horrid sinus issues. Never heard of the ear muff approach.

    I go up the steps 9 times out of 10 and I'm fine. 10th time I'm gasping for air and ready to pass out. But see, I KNOW the cause of mine. Blood pressure, retaining water ect. Whereas until you get the right tests done you don't know the cause of yours.

    Don't play with this hon. Good diet and exercise is great. But no exercise should be started until you know it's safe to do being checked by a doctor.

    Take it from someone who's already had the heart attack. Get thee to a doctor, please. We care about you. We want you around for a very long time, and I'm sure your family feels the same way.

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    Sending hugs....common sense tells me you ought to see an MD, and perhaps a different one than your normal guy. I hope things get better and this can be resolved in a healthy speedy fashion. I'd be shxxing my pants as well.
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    Thought I'd let you know that I have an appointment with my regular doctor at 4pm.

    Thanks for you support.
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    Good for you. Please keep us updated.