Now onto an tweedle dee update.....

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    kt has really needed new clothes this summer. After many attempts to get out to the mall with kt I let PCA & kt go shopping the last 2 days.

    On Monday, they explored the entire mall; kt hit every store & tried on more outfits than PCA was prepared for. kt came home with pictures taken on her cell phone of outfits she wanted to buy for school & a few for the rest of the summer.

    PCA & I were very proud of her choices - kt looked for fashionable yet "modest" outfits. She informed PCA that showing cleavage wasn't allowed at school. AND Mom & Dad would make her take anything "sexy" back to the store. That's my girl. :bravo:

    They spent 5 hours at the mall on Monday ~ kt talked about budgeting & made a list of outfits & what they cost, where she should/could wear those outfits. Then came home & asked for the amount of money needed.

    Yesterday kt & PCA headed back out to the mall with $100 for new clothes. kt came home with a new skirt, 2 pairs of jeans & a pair of bermuda shorts, 4 tee shirts, 1 pair of leggings & 3 warmer shirts for school (when it gets cold, Mom). kt then went to the "boutique" to purchase accesories (earrings & head bands). She had enough money left over for dinner at the mall. kt treated PCA.

    by the way, Kohls & Sears are having wonderful sales - 80% off.

    I was so proud of kt organizing & planning ahead. Remembering that she has to dress appropriately - not having outbursts at PCAs directions. (kt called home twice about wording on a couple of tshirts - she finally decided it was best not to buy shirts with any wording).

    She walked in the house & began an immediate fashion show.

    Earlier in the day kt had a mtg with in home therapist. therapist asked kt how she felt about wm & his camp outburst. kt replied that more than anything else she was angry with his poor choices. Other than that, she was pretty ambivalent over wm threatening to kill himself. "Mom, he isn't going to do that - he likes himself too much."

    kt has come a long way - we have a long way to go. Yet I'm feeling hope for this young lady.
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    She is woman - WATCH HER SHOP!!!!

    Such a totally AWESOME update on kt. I know the "sexy" fashions really have made Jess very uncomfortable in her own skin. She has a really hard time shopping for attractive, comfy clothing. We are hoping the newer styles are more modest - it sounds hopeful!

    Anyway, she really has come a LONG way. I remember how worried you were about this issue and her accepting limits just a few years ago. I am really so proud of all of you. With all the stress you are still a really neat family, and the tweedles are making progress - esp kt.

    Give her a hug from me - she is becoming a budget conscious power shopper who thinks AHEAD with her head!!

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    What a great update! Sounds like she is making so much progress. I'm so glad she had fun and did well with the shopping.:shopping:
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    Wow! I need kt to shop with me. I am horrible at planning and budgeting. She is really making some very nice progress. You should be proud!!
  5. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    She's definitely got a good start and I just can't get over her restraint of impulse buying ~ very good choices!
  6. KateM

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    What a terrific update!

    Wow, kt sure can stretch a dollar!! I'm impressed with her budgeting, her selections, and her stamina! ( I hate shopping --5hours would totally put me over the top!)

    But more importantly, I'm impressed by her progress - both in her choices of clothing and in how she handled wm's news.

    Great post, Timer!
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    Good job to KT, I am super impressed with her choices and her thriftiness.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    fabulous update on kt's ability to make good choices. Good to know she is a bargain shopper - I can't believe she got all that stuff, accessories and dinner for under 100 - amazing!!

  9. Big Bad Kitty

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    I just loved reading that update. Good for her and her good choices!
  10. Andy

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    Great job kt!!! :)
  11. KTMom91

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    So glad she had a successful shopping trip!
  12. everywoman

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    Yeah for kt. She has come such a long way.
  13. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    WOW!!! That sounded like a easy child who went shopping not a difficult child!!! I am very impressed :)
  14. trinityroyal

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    What a wonderful update.
    Way To Go, KT!

    So glad to hear that KT is making, not just appropriate choices, but those showing great judgement for her age (something most TTs would struggle with).
  15. Way to go, KT! This is really great of her to have made such decisions and choices.

  16. mrscatinthehat

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    Wow, that is great. So glad that she is marching to this drum.

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    What an awesome update!:beautifulthing:
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    Way to go, kt!!!
  19. Penta

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    kt's mall behavior sounds so very appropriate for her typically teen. Wow, she has grown so much and taken in all your words of wisdom. I have a feeling the high school years will see even more positive changes in your girl.

    Congratulations, Mom. You have worked hard to get kt to the place she is today.
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    Way to go kt!!!! Woot Woot!!

    What a wonderful update. *Wipes tear from eye* I think our ktbug is growing up.:D