Now that Sonic is twenty his differences are cleary autistic spectrum. Here is how...

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    he is different.

    He is very capable of being responsible and taking care of his safety and cooking, but he is a quirky young man. He still enjoys children's videogames and movies more than adult...and my five year old grandson plays more advanced videogames than he does. It is not due to Sonic having a low IQ as he doesn't. He is just still very young in his interests and maybe he will always be. He does enjoy his job and is very punctual and hardworking. It is his interests and inability or disinterest in making lots of friends or going out with them that is very different. Yesterday he went to see a new Disney film. He loves Disney. He went alone, and was just fine going alone. Yet he is sweet, polite, beloved by all who know him and very responsible.

    Autistic spectrum is different for all kids, but in the end it is about social differences a nd quirks and growing up slower and maybe never liking typical interests regarding age. I am very proud of him and love him the way he is. But he IS different. And he knows it and doesn't seem to care.

    I suspect some Asperger diagnoses are wrong, but in my son's case high functioning autism...well, he is classic. And he is also happy with a great sense of humor and an inner sense of peace. He is my hero. Just felt the need to explain :)
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    My oldest boy is 23 and in many ways, he is less mature than my 14 year old. 23 still plays video games but not kid ones, except for Pokémon, which he has never outgrown or stopped loving. He is sweet and pretty good natured but pretty lazy. I wish he had a job. It is my hope that he will have his own health insurance by age 26. I've given up on dreaming of law school, even though he has an IQ of 135 and a phenomenal memory. Regardless, I love him deeply.
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    he sounds PERFECT :)
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    Aw, Sig, you are so sweet. You really are :)

    He's a great young man. He just has children's interests. He still likes kids cartoons too to the exclusion of more sophisticated, adult movies. Yet his IQ is in the normal range. He doesn't like malls, isn't much for Facebook, doesn't date, and could get along nicely with a mature nine year old. But he is functioning as an adult. He is indeed different and wonderful.
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    Bravo, Mom! He sounds wonderful. Beautiful note. Thank you.