Now What am I supposed to do?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Jessie just came in to tell me she barfed. Is she sick? Is it school anxiety? She SAYS she likes school. I have no idea. School says they have to be home 24 hours after they are last sick. husband THREW THE THERMOMETER AWAY for some unknown reason. so I can't call the doctor office for a "sick" appointment because they won't see them with-o a temp.

    husband won't WAKE UP to deal with any of the night stuff. It is NO FLIPPIN WONDER my body doesn't work when EVERY night just as I get to sleep I have to get up with one of the kids or husband wanting somehting. husband just won't wake up in the night. I am again unable to sleep as I have been wooken up just as I got to sleep 3 times tonight - Jessie and husband (husband TWICE asking stupid questions).

    I want to scream!!!!!! I just don't have answers for anyone. NO MORE ANSWERS NO MORE ANSWERS!!!

    I just feel pressured and stressed. Thanks for the vent. Why in heck would husband throw away a digital thermometer that works? Why???
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    deep breaths, pop jess back in bed with a bowl next to her........husband well hmmm smack him off the top of his head?? lol..........

    you have to go to the dr. let them function and figure it out

    good luck :)

    i've been up all night with difficult child i know it stinks........
  3. susiestar

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    Thanks Jen. She was up all night sick. My dad is taking her to the walk in clinic so at least there will be a note for school. I was just fried last night. Third time I get woken up just as I fall asleep I usually want to yank someone's head off. But I didn't. I did stitch some though.
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    Jess is not having a good start to her year is she? Poor kid. I'm glad she's getting checked out at the clinic.

    It's possible that it is anxiety. Lord knows I had it blindsided me after being run over by the truck. Last thing I expected. As I'm not really someone who lets stuff like that get to me. And for the longest time it wasn't even a concious thing. I just started avoiding things. Mostly going out, especially on my own. And it went downhill fast. psychiatrist told me my brain had got stuck in fight or flight mode and we needed to retrain it. Getting hit by a car is a traumatic event and then some.

    I'd keep an eye on it. If it is anxiety, she may work thru it herself by having to do the things she normally does. If not, you'll want to get her some extra help.

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    thanks for that. She truly does have a fever, and a virus. I DO think she has some anxiety though. I will call her old therapist and see if she can fit us in for some sessions, if she can take our insurance. Or if I can just pay for a few sessions. I had thought of this, but wasn't sure. You explained it very clearly to me. Thanks.

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    it's good you got the dr.s note since school's giving you a rough time....
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    Hmm....when it rains it pours, huh?
    Anxiety CAN cause vomiting.....and it can make a viruse etc worse..and anxiety can run down immune system to permit a person to get sick more easily. So can stress. And your stay at hospital could have exposed you to a bug that you might have brought home. Even if you yourself did not get sick from it.
    The peds office not wanting to make an appointment without a temp? Grr, drive me nuts. I tossed our digital thermometers when repeatedly they gave erroneous temps. Plus a child can be terribly seriously ill even with no fever, or can turn out to be pretty much not too ill even with a fever. SO I struggle with the whole thing re temps and thermometers. I eventuallly just quit trying to even guess and told docs office everytime, I did not care what was going on, but that since child did seem ill- I wasbringing them in to doctor and yes, I needed a note for school- becuz school required note and school has policies re docs notes and due to so many other issues etc, I simply have no choice but to bring my kid in to see doctor, the end.
    I can relate to husband not waking up-----and the whole family waking mom. it has been this way at our house always and it really is now getting to me BAD.