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    PO called and said it is this state's long-standing policy not to release a kid from incarceration until the receiving state has officially accepted them and then we would be done with this state. Which means I have to be out there 3 mos before difficult child can be released and they just keep him incarcerated until they receive the official acceptance.

    He said he knew there would be no problem with difficult child getting accepted. I ask if he would doublee-check and make sure this state would not do it any other way since HI is willing to work with them and have worked with people from other parts of the state (where the military bases are) to coordinate this. Hee said he would double-check but not to expect a different answer. This would mean that difficult child would be held even longer than he can get out- at least a month longer.

    The security officer called and left a voice mail for me while I was talking to PO. The message was broken (he was calling from a cell) so I couldn't even make out the number to call him back. I am waiting to see if I can get it on the online phone records I can access. Anyway, I'm going to ask him if there is ANYTHING I can do to speed the process up of getting the clearance approved.

    Maybe this just wasn't meant to happen.
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    I hope by now you've found the missing phone number.
    You are the right person for the job. You can do it.
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    thank you! Fortunately he sent me an email that I just rec'd- and it has his phone number in it.
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    Shoooo... this is a whirlwind! PO called back and said he checked and difficult child CAN go with me before me moving out there- here's how that works: difficult child gets released to me while I am still a resident of this state, then I decide to move, no problem. He said I shouldn't push it by getting on a plane with difficult child that night, I should wait a couple of days. Well, we shall see. LOL!

    Spoke with security officer- no help on time frame but he said if I can get to a military base here (later on in this process) to have fingerprints taken it will help. He did say that he didn't think the clearance had to come thru before a formal job confirmation. I'm not so sure about that.

    ETA: Doggies now get microchips and blood tests tomorrow. By the time HI gets what they need, starting the 120 day waiting period, it will be early-mid November. This puts dog acceptance in HI at 1st-2nd week in Mar. Now here's my worry about this- the blood test has to show a minimum spec'd amount of antibodies to rabies. They are at the tail end of the 3-year rabies vaccination so I'm assuming that antibodies decrease thru the 3 years, eventually requiring another vaccination. I'm scared that their antibodies might be lower than that required. I could go ahead and let them do the vaccination first, but then you have to wait a certain number days after that to do the darn blood test, which only puts the waiting period further out. I'll discuss this with the vet tomorrow.
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    Nothing comes without struggle. I know you have already been through enough struggle that the rest of your life should flow with ease and no problems for many decades, but it doesn't happen that way.

    Ask the vet about the antibodies. Chances are they will know how to handle this, or be able to find out.

    Do the dogs have to be boarded for the quarantine, or can they be with you? Either way it will all work out.

    I am glad that the PO got the facts straight.

    I hope everything gets resolved and works out. I would give you security clearance!
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    LOL! thank you, Susie! The dogs are kept in a 3' x 6' kennel- continuously- during quarantine. No walking outside of that kennel and no sharing the kennel with another dog from the same family. The family can visit, however, during certain hours. This is one of the reasons that I wanted to find someone local (here) to keep them for me at a cheaper rate than the quarantine cost if I have to come back and get difficult child.

    On a better note, I called about one housing community that lead me to call the local high school for that neighborhood, then their swim coach. As it turns out, that swim coach is doing this on a volunteer basis in order to help that community and school. He is actually an attny and DoD employee for the navy. So, I told him my situation and he said they now were letting DoD personnel rent base housing. I am going to look into that- it should be cheaper than regular rent. Plus, it would put difficult child in the middle of a military neighborhood and going to school with mostly military kids. This guy recommended it. I think it would be good for difficult child. Not to mention, it would make my commute to work a whole lot easier and quicker!

    Now, to start on my 50 pages of forms I have to complete.....
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    I am SO excited for you! Wow. Things are just coming together! I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the ducks continue to form a row.;)
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    thank you, Steely! Your story over the past year or so has really kept me going- giving me hope and inspiration. :D

    The guy gave me his email address and he's going to give me some more info. Military boarding school was recommended for difficult child by a couple of people before but I can't afford it nor am I sure that it wouldn't be a little too much for him. But, a mainstream public school, living at home but in a military environment might just be the ticket. If it's not, I am totally out of ideas and resources and energy.

    Well, I found my birth certificate. Now, for that 20+ year old, expired passport, that could be any number of places, including boxes that I never even unpacked from moving into this house 3 years ago. I think I have seen it since moving in, now let's just hope that difficult child didn't throw it out in one of his cleaning sprees. :sad-very:

    Would you believe that I just noticed that my LAST name is spelled WRONG on my birth certificate??
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    You can do this!
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    I hope all goes well for you. As much as I hate to even mention another potential problem to check out :anxious: I wonder if there are restrictions on base regarding pets. A bunch of my family was military and it seemed to vary from location to location. My fingers are crossed for you. DDD
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    From what I know about military bases and pets...and if I am right in assuming you will be on or near a Navy or Marine base...then the restriction is that you cant have Pitbulls or Rotties or sometimes German Shepherds. What they consider the dangerous dogs. I saw some of these dogs in fenced in yards though on the base in Quantico so I am assuming you can get around that restriction.
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    That's on my list of things to check into. I did find my passport last night. :) I completed the next round of paperwork for the HR person and faxed it out about an hour ago, then made a copy of some things the IEE evaluator asked me to drop off today. Then checked with the lab that has to do the rabies stuff and printed off their forms for the vet. Now, I'm regrouping before I take the dogs to the vet for the microchip and blood test, then it will be starting on the round of paperwork for security.

    I'm trying to keep calls to HI during the evening, which is afternoon their time, so I can make local calls during earlier hours in the day. It will be a challenge to keep creditors off my back enough to keep this house until difficult child is released so I can honestly claim I have a home for him in this state. I can't commit to going out there 3 months early until I have a formal commitment for the job from them- that is why the paperwork to them had to be done first. The darn CM from Department of Juvenile Justice still has not called me back re. difficult child's release date. difficult child said she was out Mon.- he is going to try to call me again tonight so I will see if she has been out all week.

    Thank you, Ladies, for helping me gget thru this!

    And whomever put the bug in my ear about pet quarantine requirement early on - a special thank you is sent! :)
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    All I can tell you about pets in military housing dates back to years ago. At Ft. Campbell KY we had to live off base because we had three cats and only two of any kind of pet were allowed.

    In Germany, we lived in 'contract housing', e.g.privately owned property that the military was renting for servicemen and their families. That housing allowed only two pets, be they dogs or cats.

    In addition, at that time DoD would only fly two pets on CAT-Y or military flights. I think as a GS or GM employee you are not allowed the transport benefits anyways, but that could've changed.