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    What's going on with the baby? You mentioned developmental delays on a thread in General?
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    Hi! Yup, we're a headin' down that road!

    Evie still isn't walking. She can roll like a pro, but she's kind of dragging herself around. Her left side is noticably stronger than her right so she's sort of pulling herself along with her left arm and leg and pushing with the right.

    She's also having speech and swallowing issues. The speech problem is: she doesn't speak. Her babbling is really coming along. She understands what you say (you know the basics - bottle, nuk, don't hit your brother - the usual), but she's barely doing mama, dada, and she's great at "hi". We have this chicken that you squeeze the wing and it plays the Chicken Dance that she absolutely loves so we sort of get this "cukkin" sort of sound while she starts doing "chicken beak" motions with her hands.

    Swallowing is a nightmare. She hasn't progressed past Stage 2 baby food which is mixing different types (meats and veggies, cereal and fruit) but is still pureed. Anything with any texture will make her gag and throw up. A grain of rice, a crumb of cake (she had pudding for her first birthday) and up it comes.

    I didn't want to bug you guys - it seems like all I do is complain. Everyone seems to be having major situations going on right now and I didn't want to add to everyone's hassles. It seems we all go through the ups at the same times and the downs at the same times.

    A good note is that the agency handling the screening is run by a Developmental Psychologist who's been doing this for 20 years. She goes to see every baby that they screen with the Speech Therapist. She loved Evie and told me that aside from the issues at hand that her observations indicate more of a lack of development due to exposure to different situations (sort of a "why SHOULD I talk - you guys give me what I want") than an autistic type of issue. Her personal developement was spot on, if not advanced (eye contact, reacting to strangers, etc.).


    Sorry this was so long - when you speak it, it goes quicker! ;)

    Happy Valentines to Everyone!


    Oh well, it's just another hurdle - nothing we can't deal with. She's
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    It's good you are catching it early. She may just need a kick-start. I didn't talk until I was 3 1/2. But early intervention might just move things along. I hope it's just that. If it's something more, well.....you are a warrior mom. You know by now exactly what to do. Go Beth!
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    Just watch out... Duckie is stronger on her right side and had trouble with solids too. She moved along "okay" meaning the pediatrician was concerned. He set up a follow-up appointment for two weeks later and she had begun to pull herself up and figure out how to chew and swallow on her own. Have our Evie checked for a tongue tie... it could explain the swallowing issues if her tongue can't properly move the food back.

    And by the way, we are never too stressed with our own problems to get an update on our little Evie! ;)
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    Oh no!

    We didnt have the swallowing issues with Keyana but she did have the walking and crawling and pushing up stuff. She also didnt speak as early as I thought she should.

    Keyana was a very...what I would call sedate baby. If you propped her up on the couch to watch tv, there she would stay and be happy for hours. She would babble at you and smile and make these really happy faces but she wasnt one to get down on the floor and push off and go wandering. I actually dont remember her cruising the furniture much. She did use a walker but without that...no way she would have walked. And she hated tummy time! I think she crawled at like 11 months! She didnt walk until 13 months. She walked on Hailies birthday...lol. It was hilarious.

    At a year there were a few words we could make out but not a whole lot. Dada, papa, ba (for cup), cant remember many more.
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    I'm certainly no expert and it's been so many years since mine were little, but I keep wondering if some of this is from babies today spending so much time on their backs. I know the reasons that they recommend that babies sleep on their backs now and I agree with it, but some of them spend very little awake time on their stomachs either. I've seen a little bit of this in my 9 month old grandson. He's just fine and his doctor isn't the least bit concerned about his progress, but he's hitting some of the milestones much later than my own kids did as babies. When on his tummy, he pushed himself up with his arms and held his head up much later than my kids did - and he didn't like doing it because it was a struggle and he wasn't used to being on his stomach. Then he'd get mad! It's HARD WORK being a baby! He's just starting to crawl now (army crawl) but it's out of frustration because he's trying to get to something he wants but can't reach. They finally realized one day that he wasn't making much of an effort because if there was something he wanted that was out of his reach, he had "people" to get it for him! :D
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    I was talking in complete sentences before I was a year old, but didn't start walking until I was three. The going joke is that I started talking so early so other people would get stuff for lazy little me.

    In actuality, I had a problem with my hip sockets that made walking difficult
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    We are NEVER too busy to hear whatever is going on with you and Evie adn the family!! NEVER!!!

    I am sorry she is having these problems. My darling husband has a sister 11 months younger than he is. They both spoke at the same time. He didn't have a NEED to speak until she was getting HIS cereal and cookies, etc... Quite literally, my mother in law was giving sister in law food first because sister in law asked for it. Then husband saw this and started speaking. In full sentences. It was very strange according to father in law.

    One of Jessie's friends has a little sib that has been "slow" to develop. Mom leaves child in older sib's care a lot, and sib gets yelled at if the baby is crying. So baby does not NEED to cry to get stuff. with-O frustration there is no need for a baby to work on developing new skills.

    This is exactly what the doctor said. Get used to her crying, stop punishing big sis if she cries, and stop giving the little one everything she wants immediately. Little one had to ask for things, or try to get them herself before they could give them to her.

    You know, maybe this is a reminder for our older kids. As babies they has to get upset and frustrated to learn to talk, to walk, to crawl, etc.... They get older and we don't want to deal with a mess so we fix the cereal or the drink or whatever. We drive them because it is quicker than letting them walk or bike. But we need to let THEM figure out how to do things because that is how they will learn and grow.

    At least I need to think about this re: thank you.

    I hope Evie moves past this stage soon!
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    I agree with TM - we are never too emersed in our own problems to hear about Evie, or you. We love you and Evie is our board niece. I'm glad you're catching it early too. I always wished manster was slower with some of his motor developments. He walked at 9 months and 1 week to the day (July 4th 1999, his first declaration of independence). However he was lazier with his talking in retrospect.

    It's true that often younger ones don't talk as early because the older ones are always saying "she wants this or that". Manster's father's family jokes that they didn't know he could talk until he was about 4 because his older sister did all his talking. One day they were at a train crossing and he said "trains, one two three four"... and they were in shock.

    Please keep us updated.

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    Susie: You really are quite right! I find it very funny that we spend the first 2 years making them talk and walk, and the next 16 telling them to shut up and sit down! :rofl:

    We're hitting the wall on quite a few things here - and my support system has pretty much crumbled.

    It's quite humbling actually - I know I'll get through this - maybe not "unscathed" but I'm a warrior - and heck scars are cool!

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    My H didn't talk till he was almost 3 1/2 when his sister went to the hospital to have her tonsils out. From no words, he said "May I have a pbj sandwich on white bread with the crust cut off, please?" All of my boys had some amount of speech therapy and the main thing I was told was that if the child has receptive language (which Evie does), the rest of it will come along.

    difficult child, now 15, had speech therapy for years. He now speaks like a very well educated adult. Youngest boy also had a couple of years of speech - the other day he used the word "impervious" to describe the new movie "Lightning Thief" and he used it properly. A couple of years ago, nobody could understand him.

    As for the crawling, my youngest boy turned out to have hip dysplacia and required PT for 6 months (from about his 1st birthday to 1 1/2 years of age). My sister had it as well. That is something a pediatric orthopedist can check for and should.

    Good luck with the evaluation.
  12. Star*

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    Beth -

    I am still waiting on an updated picture of Evie. The one I have in a frame in my office is her in a yellow jumper. People come in and say "You never got any new pictures of your neice? I bet she has to be a Year old by now??" I said "YUP in January - but her Mommy has 4 kids and is very busy." lol

    As far as BOTHERING? OMG girl....are you kidding? E is our baby!!!!! WE love her, we want to know about her, she's family - just like the rest of the kids here. Ish. (grumbles something inaudible) -----smiles.....WHAT? OH.nothing. :tongue: lol.

    Listen - Dude started talking at 7 months old and hasn't shut up since. By the time he was a year old you could carry on a conversation with him. We thought he was going to be the next Einstein. However walking was something that took it's time. Of course they all told me it was because I never put him down. (well did YOU ever see him go? OMG he got into EVERY THING.....) lol.

    Like TM said - if there is something amiss? You've caught it early and if there isn't? You're being cautious with excellent Mommy instincts. My comment back to the therapist would be.....And YOUR other three would lend your expert day to day advice in??? Ugh.

    Hang in there. So that's about E......How are YOU? How is husband and the other kiddles?

    (drumming fingers........drumming...waiting......) ;)

    Hugs & Love
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    Here you go Auntie Star! I know it's still a little behind but I'm having a heck of a time getting things to upload onto photobucket~!

    She looks the same with just a tiny bit more hair (it's blond so most doesn't show!).

    husband is officially AH - this will warrant it's own thread (it's over) and the other kids have me running but are good.

    difficult child 1 is icky at home (I've set up for an "intensive intervention") but is student of the month for December and January.

    difficult child 2 has been great - he's the one that used the "gripper sponges" in the downstairs bathroom (aka Maxipads).

    difficult child 3 is more hormonal than I'd like to think! She's got pms 24/7.

    And Evie is Evie!

    Talk to you later!

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    AH? Should I ask? Really? Over? What a shame.
    Evie is absolutely one gorgeous baby!