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    So, my cousin loved being home in her own, old bed. She was in heaven. Totally exhilarated. Went out to lunch once, spent the rest of the time in bed. Literally. Walked around once a day to touch knick knacks and old photos and reminisce. There was NO closure. She assumes she is going back just because she wants to, never mind that we are running out of money. I argued with-her at one point, then gave up. We go to the therapist tomorrow. I HATE this!!!

    Many high points, though, one of which was that one of easy child's best friends was in NY for an audition, so they were able to spend an entire day of spring break together.

    Another high point was meeting with-several friends from a writing board I've been on for 19 yrs.

    And the last high point was truly high ... about a mile high, taking off from La Guardia. Beautiful almost-full moon, city lights ... but I wasn't quick enough on the trigger (er, shutter) and missed the moon by an inch as we banked to the left.

    Here's the photo:
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    You know, you just slay me..........

    Phenominal artist......wonderful writer........lovely friend, awesome mother, beautiful wife.........and now? NOW she takes bloody pheonominal pictures too....(snort)

    YOU JUST KEEP GOING AND GOING AND GOING .......You should just make your avatar the energizer bunny. You deserve to.

    Hugs - and thanks - THAT picture is breath taking.
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    Sounds like a lovely trip and wonderful photo!
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    Terry, since you are an artist, is there any way you could paint murals on her walls in the place she is staying of NY? If if you have to wallpaper the room in a white wallpaper first and then sort of paint scenes of what her home looked like and what the views were looking out of her windows, that might be very good for her. Or just paint the complete skyline of NY all around her room.
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    Sorry you are going through this difficulty with her. Stay strong.

    Lovely photo!

  6. TerryJ2

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    Thank you.
    I could paint murals but it isn't "really" NY and it would discourage me too much to do all that work and have her complain ... I am getting burned out. :(
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    It's a beautiful photo Terry. easy child and I were just in NY a week and a half ago. It was during that horrible snowstorm in Ohio and wind in NY so we didnt see much while we were trying to land and the plane was getting tossed all around. I'm not really fond of La Guardia right now though, they canceled our flight home at the last minute, no reason, middle of the day and beautiful weather.

  8. TerryJ2

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    Ugh. So sorry about the rough flight and then cancellation. I'm thinking the pilot didn't show up?

    We had to wait on the runway in line, but other than that, things went smoothly.

    Wish I could get my PhotoShop to work so I could get to work on some of the photos I took ...