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    Hi! Sheila and Martie: thanks again so much for all the info. you provided.

    She was suspended (principals suspension). The letter confirming the "presuspension meeting" to discuss whether or not a suspension was incorrect. There was no such phone conference. The parent coordinator called and informed me she was suspended. The contact info. provided on the letter to get in touch with the superintendents office was wrong.

    So I researched by myself and provided the school not only with the corrections re: the suspension, but also with the correct contact info. for the other office.

    The post-suspension meeting was a JOKE!

    First: the letter told me to meet them at 3:10 (dismissal) to have a meeting with the principal, all parties involved in and witnessing the tantrum, the teacher and my daughter, so that I could question them re: the incident. I was allowed to bring 2 people for the meeting which could include an advocate and/or an attorney.

    I get a phone call at 3:00 asking if she's supposed to be on the bus! Last time I looked there was only one of me, so I told them that I didn't think THAT would be a good idea, because there wouldn't be anyone there to get her. (I knew that this would happen so I arranged with husband to go to the stop just in case).

    I get in there Fri. pm and the only one there is the principal. Where's everyone else? This meeting is only a formality & that difficult child 3 can't keep doing this. Can we say "duh"? She doesn't believe that we'll get the para (remember: her idea!). I spoke about ALL of the research that I'd done, threw in some BS that I came up with myself and left the meeting. Good thing I didn't blow major bucks on a lawyer!

    Well, I called around, managed to get to the Special Education Superintendent herself, told her my tale of "woa" and she said that she'd look into it.

    Monday at 10:00 am. we got the para but principal felt that it would take about a month to secure the funding.

    Phone, phone, phone and phone.

    Wednesday at 2:00, the school got the funding.

    Simple equation:Tenacity + Sheila + Martie + Creative BS=We Won!

    Thanks ladies! I owe you BIG TIME!!!!

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    Parents shouldn't have to move mountains to get compliance, but so glad that with your self-education and perserverence it all worked out.

    You did good, Mom! :warrior:
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    I'm happy for you. You will have to monitor compliance but I doubt they will try such blatant maneuvers with you next time. Hard to beat such a great victory the first time you try!

    Way To Go!!!! A mother who is a :warrior: :warrior: :warrior: is a formidable adversary.

    Martie :bravo: