nye knot nye nung neersed

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Sir I don't understand you could you repeat that please it sounds like you have a dishtowel in your mouth?

    Nye knot ney nung neersed

    OH GOOD - I hope it hurt like the blazes.

    Nit Nid Neelly Neely NAD

    Well good - Momma's got to go now - um listen - I bought jewelry for your ear piercings but I'm not up to buying jewelry for your tongue. I'm glad it hurt - YOU BIG DUMMY......


    Yeah - sometimes it's just good to be the Mom -

    Call this morning -


    Yes Dude

    Nye NUNG Nis NEELY SWOO SWOOOO nollen.

    Oh that's nice dear -


    OH GREAT -


    YEs yes - you BIG DUMMY - you got your tongue jerked out of your mouth with tongs covered in gauze and a needle the same size they used to inject cattle with penicillin on the farm JAMMED through the biggest muscle in your mouth and it hurts - GOOD. Sorry - my sympathies died with Your ear piercings and your nose piercing and your tattoos and your branding and your well I just don't want to know what else you did to make yourself more attractive. :tongue: UGh -

    Talk to you later - when you can talk - (snicker)

    He laughed too - then he said OMG nis nass new be nye numbest noove nyet.

    I said like a RUssian princess -

    Yes NYEET -

    OMG what did a kid like him need another hole in his head for?

    (I get it I get it but wasn't I cool?) pft ..........pft again.....

    Got one of these :tongue: with a big STUD in it? Oh and isn't this just great since he chipped his front tooth, had it repaired and then chipped it again????? Nice - yeap.....rushing to the dentist with this one.

    I can't wait to see what SHE says - but then again - at least a Dr. will be looking at his tongue to see if it's infected.

    NIDEEyot. :whiteflag:
  2. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    :rofl: :rofl: snort :rofl:

    *wipes tears from my face and comforts Cloe who thinks her Mommy has totally lost it*

    OMG...would you believe that I actually read those first couple of sentences OUT LOUD to figure out what the blazes you said??? Although this one


    I couldn't quite make out. Translation please? (oh wait....is it Are you listening to me?) *snort*

    OMG...sooooooooo glad I'm done eating supper. We had pancakes and I don't think it would have been good if I had snorted syrup out of my nose.
  3. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member


    Star...there are no words. At least, not any you can clearly understand!
  4. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Star, You can be a dentist! Or atleast an interpretator for the person sitting in the dentist chair trying to answer dentist's questions. Why do they wait until you are unable to talk to ask you a question?

    I dread the day Diva comes home (or calls) with her tongue pierced. She is so into piercings and tattoos that I wouldn't be surprised.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I hope he gets into a doctor fast.

    I'd laugh, except I had a neighbor teen come to me with this problem. First day it was horrible......I made sure she followed cleansing instructions......Second day I had to remove the stud.......thick green pus came out. by the way her tongue was 3 times it's normal size. Got it drained and cleaned and begged her to get her arse to a doctor asap....even the ER.

    Third day she couldn't open her mouth. Rushed her to ER. Her mother didn't drive. The infection had gone systemic and she was in hospital deathly ill for a couple of weeks.

    So I don't laugh at such stupidity anymore. And I think God this girls experience was enough to never tempt my girls from piercing their tongues.

    Not only is the risk of serious infection high....the damage such piercings cause to teeth and gums is horrid.

    I hope Dude gets treated quickly and has learned a lesson. Nichole finally found a board certified piercer who actually uses surgical steel and honest sterile techniques. She got her lip pierced about a week ago. First one she's had that she's not reacted to or that hasn't gotten infected.
  7. klmno

    klmno Active Member


    Oh- the times I have watched difficult child doing something dumb and thought to myself "don't hit YOUR HEAD- we have ENOUGH to worry about"!

    I hope this isn't infected- any chance he'll let the dentist remove it and let this urge pass?
  8. rejectedmom

    rejectedmom New Member

    UG Star I don't know that I could have kept my sense of humor through all that. It hurtsme just to see those types of piercings. -RM
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    This thread just has me tongue tied....

    Nay, speechless.
  10. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    The mouth is the dirtiest part of the human body, rife with bacteria... the risks people take, it's utterly ridiculous.

    I hope he's OK and doesn't have too bad an infection.

  11. Kjs

    Kjs Guest

    OH YES. easy child got his tongue peirced, and under his lip and eyebrow when he was in his first year of college. Came home like that. He had all the neighbor hood kids in a trance. difficult child would call them all over and make easy child put an uncooked peice of spaghettie through his tongue. All the little kids thought it was magic.

    He said it was the worst pain of his life. And it swolled up so big he couldn't swollow.

    Then - yep, got totally chewed out by the dentist. But that was back when he had a stainless steel or some kind of thingy. Now he has like plastic rubbery ones.

    His hole under his lip leaked. He eventually lost his tongue thing and apparently you have to always keep it in or it closes up. So easy child let ALL of his close up. Then after a few years did his tongue again!

    He didn't call me, or notify me or tell me he did this. I am glad.

    You are hilarious. I would not of been so cool. I think I would of worried too much.

    Stupid kids.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    nank new......

    He goes to the dentist today - I've prewarned her and she said he can expect to get chewed out - WHILE she has her hands IN his mouth so he can't talk back -

    (all these years and all I needed to do was stick my hand in his mouth) slaps head...

    Daisy -it was certified - but I suspect that () pain equates to ( ) much pain in an over=reacting, I am a BIG DUMMY, Oh look what I did - difficult child. But I'll read your post to him about a green, puss-filled oosying tongue. Yum. :faint:

    Nideyot difficult child
  13. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Much as i howled when I first read this post, Lisa and Marg both make good points.
    I watched a documentary several years ago about a girl whose tongue piercing got very badly infected. It was systemic, led to nasty abcesses, and eventually doctors had to do brain surgery.

    Please make sure that Dude keeps an eye out for nasties, and gets himself to the doctor or hospital at the first sign that the infection is not clearing up.

    Silly silly lad.

  14. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Will do on the oozy green, swollen tongue.
  15. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?


    you don't "round rike rooby roo" anymore....
  16. Marg's Man

    Marg's Man Member

    Just keep this in mind - at least piercings can reversed with little effort, tattoos can't.

    I work with young people, average age 20-23. The number of kids who are pierced; reversible, just take the stud, ring, piece of water pipe(!!!!) out, and/or tattooed; NOT reversible; is truly stunning. And these are not street kids, they are University students usually the older ones. The first years (freshman) are too green to try such things.

    In ten years time, when the fashion has passed, the pierced ones go back to whatever passes for normal at the time. The tattooed ones? Sad really.
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Dude the creative -

    Tattooed part of a girls name on his arm that he met in a locked facility. Her name was some inventive thing with missing vowels (the kind parents do so that their kids can never get those little bike licenseplates or pencils with their name on it) and realized he had misspelled it. So he proceeded to dig 1/2 of it out. Now he has this home grown tattoo with pen ink (very dangerous for MRI's) in his arm that he did with a colgate battery powered yet modified toothbrush, a needle and masking tape.

    Then on his wrist - he tattooed his middle name. When I saw it? I slapped my head and DF said "AT least on the GED test he'll get the name question right." IDIOT...I think idiot every time I see it. Why? Have no clue.

    Then on the other arm - he proceeded to do some other girls name. Ain't love grand? And messed it up, dug it out and now has a huge scar - but not to fear - he branded something over it....VERY smart.

    On his leg? A gigantic, not very well self-drawn capital letter for his first inital of his middle name. He did that one with thick, thick lines nearly a 1/2" thick and then just for fun got a dozen red pens - and colored in the center of it - can you say poisoning? Yeah - I'm surprised he's still alive too.

    Then a needle and a cork (no ice) in one ear that was so off center - the earring never hung right - and just to prove he did THAT one right -he did the left one off center too. Earrings hung goofy - so we begged him to let the holes close up and my Mom took him and had them professionally done and got him diamonds. WELL....he never listens to "after care" so why should that be any different? We had to take him to the doctor to have one ear lanced or popped or whatever, then antibiotics and cream.

    He got bit in the face by our Pit bull - TWICE for aggrivating it and the second time it broke his nose and his septum is hanging out the bottom of his nose. We have BEGGED him to have it shaved off - while he still has insurance - and NOPE - he likes it hanging out like a booger because people ALWAYS tell him he's got something on his nose and he can correct them. UGh.

    He's got a broken jaw - and a plate, too many stitches to count. He shaves notches in his eyebrows and shaves his head.....

    He likes to wear baggy pants - but now that it's not in fashion? That's all MY fault because I buy his clothes too big. WHA? Okay - here's a belt junior. He loves LOUD colors - and wears knee socks but tucks the bottoms of his pants IN THE SOCKS so you can see his shoes which must match his polo shirt and his Tshirt.

    Are you getting a visual on this yet?

    His fingernails are long - he never cleans them that I can see and can't stand the sound of nail clippers - even with ear plugs I can't get them clipped.

    And he wears cubic zirconia studs in his ears that are as big as my thumb and about 3 or 4 chains at a time -

    Top that off with the cologne he marinates in; which he got at Macys for opening a charge account......(and there's no problem with these people giving him credit?)

    And you have my son........oh and now - we have the tongue pierced.

    If there is anything else pierced I don't want to know about it - AT ALL. ANd I'm not buying jewelry for it either! :sick:

    Today the tongue is fine - the dentist was out because of the weather? WHAT weather ?????? IT 38 and no ice....but they closed. Nice to call us. IT's only a 50 mile trip for us.
  18. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Star, you hinted at other piercings... have you seen the 'easter egg' on the first LOTR DVD? It's a clip made by MTV, spoofing the "Council of Elrond" scene with Jack Black as a rather naughty hobbit, and Sarah Michele Gellar as a rather experienced elven princess... definitely worth going hunting for.

    There is also an easter egg on the 2nd DVD, it's the acceptance speech made FOR MTV by the special effects people, Andy Cercis (who plays Gollum) being upstaged by his own character. Again, it's not obvious, you have to scroll through and look for the hidden treasure...

    You need a good laugh when your kid does something like this.

  19. slsh

    slsh member since 1999

    Oh Starbie - I am just howling here (I'm so sorry). You-know-who will be 18 in just a few days and is already planning his body art (hideous is apparently a prerequisite). At least he's wimpy enough he's going to pay someone to do it (with what, good question - not my problem). I don't get this branding stuff at all - my boy glows in the dark he's so pale and I honestly don't think the burn marks on his arms are ever going to fade.

    I do have to admit - your son has credit (for now) plus he likes color. I'm jealous. I would give my right arm for my kid to wear something that isn't black. And those stupid tripp pants, with the ridiculous chains and skulls and such?????? Egads....

    Seriously - I'm glad the tongue is okay. I was worried it might be some horrible infection. Hopefully he's done aerating his body for a while!!
  20. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    :rofl: Star

    I get to laugh because I also have one of those kids..........although she's backing off a bit as I keep giving her visions of what all the stuff she does to her body is going to look like in 30 yrs.:tongue:

    Her ears have been pierced so many times.......that the nurse who did it for her the last time told her it had better be the last one as she had too much scar tissue for another attempt. All because she refused to listen that she has metal allergies.

    Oh......we did the quarter size studs in the ears. Sooooooo pretty. Not.

    She pierced her eyebrow, it of course got infected....didn't last long. Pierced her nose.....same story only much more of an OUCH.

    She goes from having her own artwork tattooed over horrible "cutting" scars on her leg, which is actually beautifu and does it's job well......to big honking black stars around her collar bone. Ugliest things you ever did see. I told her they would look awesome with my off the shoulder wedding gown on her wedding day.:faint:

    These hideous black stars have since been "corrected" by making them BIGGER and more BOLD with a "shadowed" effect.........OMG And have recently been actually made to look a teensy bit better by some fancy scrollwork made by someone who could actually tattoo worth a d*mn.

    But they are still hiddeous.

    And now we have our lip pierced. This time it has not gotten infected. (a first) But the girl hasn't talked "normal" since the stud was placed. I just wanna grab it and pull. lol

    OH..........and she plans to put a 2 inch surgical steel bar in her ear.

    Unless I can convince her she's going to have a wonderful time explaining why it was so "cool" to grandkids while they're howling on the floor.

    Oh, and you know how you thought she's a redhead in the picture of her with baby Brandon?? Nope. She took parts of her black hair and dyed it this neon pinkish red. But hey.......at least that will grow out. lol