Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),medications, whetever it is she is driving (Update)


Mom? What's a difficult child?
So thing have been going pretty well... since K got out of the psychiatric hospital. she was trying really hard. We have had a few bouts of violence and episodes. But all in all better!
This past or so she has been obsessing about various things. Her normal thing is a party everyday... we have to pretend we are having a party it is a big dramatic event. Whether it is my party, husband, N's, or a stuffed animal... this is all make believe. We can usually talk her down and say breakfast was the "party".

So last week she started on this camping fixation. Would not stop, "I want to go camping" "How come we never go camping" "Please can we go camping?" stuff like that, so on Thursday (husband is gone this week) I said OK we will go backyard camping. (With N's anxiety and issues we can't really go camping right now) SO they were super excited... I set up the tent, got the little grill. We cooked out in the backyard, made s'mores, and slept outside!!! It was fun... (I did not really sleep)

So they wanted to leave the tent up until Daddy gets home Monday am... They have not set foot in the stupid thing nor mentioned it once, since!!! Because I will not sit with them in it... So I took it down today!!!

SO then right after she starts on snakes!!! We found 3 snakes while gardening the other day and let them go. We do this all the time with no issues. SO then we find another the next day, K puts it in with her Hermit Crab over night, then we let it go. This was on Wednesday. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today she has done nothing but obsess about snakes, "Can we go find a snake?" "Where do you think we can find one" "Why can't we find one?" She won't stop I have spent hours looking for a frickin' snake and can't find one and trying to not get mad at her, trying to encourage her to look on her own... we have had crying, depression, anger, complete freak outs over this!!! It has not stopped... :nonono:
I will get her to do something else and literally 5 minutes later, "OK can we go look for a snake now"

I have her in the house right now watching a movie... but she still is cutting things up making "art" projects, she can't stop...

Last night was the first time she has ever refused a medication, first she walked up to N and stomped on her drawing, which is very unlike K, then lost it. I had to put N in her safe place, and K kept saying, "why don't you bite me?" and things like she hated me and she would not take her medications or go to bed, she has not been like this for awhile... I just sat there and told her " we have all night to do this" "I am not leaving you, I am here for you and will not leave you'
She finally said "fine I am going to bed then" but would not take her medications and layed in bed screaming, louder than I could!!! until she passed out.

She spent 10 minutes on her "art" project and is now pacing and just grabbed some blocks... those will last less than 10 minutes. Poor kid.

I just don't know where the fixation is coming from.... her moods seem elevated also but she is obsessing and fixating on things and letting them dominate her whole day and mood.
I have our psychiatrist call in tommorrow, thank goodness. She starts school after labor day. So we have a week left.
I just don't know about the Strattera still, and the Abilify I don't think is the best for her.

Sorry this is so long, it seems like something is in the air!!!
thanks for listening


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I am so sorry things are in an upheaval again......I wish I knew what to tell you. It does sound really Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)........and like possibly a small, small dose of an anti-depressant could help. I know though, it is a crap shoot with mood instability and anti-depressants. Not sure why she still on Strattera though, good question for psychiatrist. That seems useless at this point, and could be making her more activated. Or possibly adding more Abilify would be helpful? I don't know, just ideas.........I will be hoping things calm down.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I think we are going to Difficult Child the Abilify. She is still hyperextending her fingers non-stop, slight drooling... when we upped it to 10 mg in the past it just created more side affects. psychiatrist wanted to stabilize her and then Difficult Child Abilify and find something else... who knows, as for Strattera???

Now the past week she is blinking, like an eye twitch!!!

I need chocolate!!!
Oh and N gave herself another bloody nose, blood everywhere!!! She says she fell??? I was coming in from picking up their tea from outside and that was what I came into... 5 minutes!!! It wasn't even 5 minutes....


M, my daughter with mood disorder and eating disorder, does this exact same thing. We call it her "stuck" thinking. When we tried to wean M from Zyprexa this summer, Prozac alone was not enough to stop this type of thinking. We needed to add Zyprexa back into the mix. I'm guessing K may need more Abilify, and Strattera may be making things worse. But it's just a guess; I'm not a doctor but wish I were.


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OH boy, and a bloody nose to boot! Yikes, you are having a day!

I used to get nose bleeds at the drop of a hat......I mean, one pinch the wrong way and my nose would gush. I will be hoping that is what happened to N.

Big Hugs!


Sorry you are having one of those days. I tell you what with difficult child 2 whe he was on the Strattera it made him so much worse with the behaviours. He had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) stuff before that and it made those things he obsessed over even more right now obsessions if that is possible. I hated the affects of Strattera on him. Just my opinion though.



Mom? What's a difficult child?
I am in here "cooking dinner" LOL
Well I got her to take a hot tub with N... that went pretty good. They got out N wanted to watch TV, I said "No TV until all of the toys get picked up" I also said, "K please come here and get dressed and then you may start picking up the toys"

She lost it... the TV had been on some Discovery show about freak diseases... K is really interested in these! So she starts screaming but then I will miss the show about diseases!!! Flat out tells me NO!!!
So I turn TV OFF. SHe screams and pushes past me and yells "No you won't" and turns it back on!!! SO I have to stand in front of it while she hits me trying to turn it back on, she has never done anything like this.
I tell her when she is done she WILL take a time out... "NO I won't"

She finally starts sobbing, so N and I leave the room for 30 minutes and come back, I ask her if she is ready for her T/O... she says yes.
Now she is lying on the couch so exhausted, it is barely 5:30 and she is worked!!!
She will be in bed by 6ish I bet.
She is driving me crazy but I feel so bad for her little mind... It has to be a bit much???

And the toys got picked up!!!


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Also wondering if she needs an additional mood stabilizer. Some psychiatrists say bi-polar patients need 2, and I know my son has been on 2 since he was 10. Again, just thoughts.

I hope K does crash just about now..........lord knows you and her both need it!

Thinking of you.


Just wanted to add that I sure hope you find the right combination of medications. It's heartbreaking watching them deal with all this at such a young age.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I agree Sara- It is just hard to word these things, umm easy child to the psychiatrist with out sounding pushy!!!
I truly feel like the Strattera should be Difficult Child'd.

So after dinner, normally she would be so tired now after a day like today... she looks at me and says, "I feel so hyper, I have so much enrgy"!!! She is doing laps around the couch pretending that a little yeallow plastic frog has poisoned her and she is going to die... and annoying N and me!!!
The frog killed her stuffed puppy and she started crying!!! Real tears...

At least she hasn't mentioned the Snakes in 2 hours!!!


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I would also lose the Straterra FAST. It could be akethesia or a manic reaction to the drug. For whatever reason, she is obsessing. My son does it, but he's on the autism spectrum, the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids do that. I wish you luck. Hugs!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well I just talked to psychiatrist...He said was glad I was "Pushy" LOL

Anyway I listed off all of my concerns over the past week. At first he said decrease the Lamictal, which I was not too happy about...
I added at the end that K was still having bad dreams and gory dreams and when she woke her eyes were dark... for some reason this made him change his mind and say keep the Lamictal where it is, and just stop the Strattera.

We are going to watch her on these medications for awhile and see how she is doing.
He wants to be sure, if this isn't just her, some part of her BiPolar (BP) emerging, or if it is truly medication related!!! He agreed it is really hard even as a psychiatrist!!!
I really like this guy even If I question some of the medications...
He has to wait on the EEG etc, until he has an office, he wants to have an in office meeting to see how she is doing and go over all of that.
He is changing offices.

So make sure everyone when going over all of the little things with psychiatrist, even the things that seem, like nothing... make sure you tell them everything!!!

We shall see...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Sara, I asked him twice... We shouldn't taper off of this? It is OK to just quit??? He said "Oh it should be fine" .... of course I looked up, "Stopping Strattera"... and most patients feel you should taper off!!! But none of the docs or ELI Lilly care to mention that... that kind of stuff just makes me so mad.

SO hopefully K will be fine. I will watch her and be prepared to be the parent that sets an example for him if she does have a a hard time...


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How much Strattera was/is she on?

You could always taper it off yourself, which I have done every time with every medication we have had to discontinue, despite doctors poo-pooing it. Why would I want my son to go through more trauma than he needs to? And anytime you abruptly stop a medication, it throws the body for a loop - I would rather the body have a slow change, anyday, than abrupt.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
WW- She was on 35 mg... the problem is I am out!!! he said stop and we only had enough for one more dose...

I tapered her off of the Tileptal when her last psychiatrist said "just stop, that is perfectly fine"!!! I called our pediatrician and she agreed with me to taper...

Thanks... at least husband is home for a few days...