ODD 16 year old son


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I just found out today that my son has ODD. It makes sense to me that he does have. We are starting therapy in a week. There is however, a damaged relationship w. my son going through this w. him for years now...I am not shocked and shocked all over. I just was wondering if others feel this way and I am hopeful that there is hope. He is 16 not six. I only have a short time w. him till he is 18. I don't know.


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Do you live in the U.S? It is extremely unusual for a sixteen year old to get an ODD diagnosis. On top of not being a very specific diagnosis., it is usally given to very young children. Who diagnosed him? What type of professional? Was it a psychiatrist (with the M.D.) or a Neuropsychologist (psychologist who tests with extra training in the brain?)Was he ever intensively tested when he was younger? Any strange behaviors, delays, quirks, outbursts, sexually inappropriate behavior toward younger kids or siblings, stealing, learning disabilities? He's pretty old to start treatment.

What does he do? Drugs yet? Why did you wait so long to get him help? Just curious...

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ODD is a diagnosis that sometimes gets applied to our hard-to-diagnose kids. But... as far as I know, there is no treatment for ODD per se. We found it useful as a placeholder (it confirmed that we, the parents, were not simply over-reacting), but we didn't get the help we needed until we got to ADULT services.

What led you to pursue a diagnosis at this point?