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  1. Hound dog

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    Our cat Willie lives outside since he never learned to use the litterbox. Since he was a very young cat, the whole neighborhood fell in love with him. He's really a very sweet gentle cat who loves everyone and everything.

    Well a while back we noticed that Willie wasn't coming home anymore. I'd even stopped putting food and water out for him because the birds were the only ones eating it. (and all the strays in the neighborhood)

    I'd guess he'd vanished for about a good 2 months.

    Then about 2 wks ago we're out front with Aubrey. And I hear this pitiful mewing. I can recognize Willie's voice anywhere. And I knew it was him. So Nichole and I start calling him.

    When we spot him he looks awful. Very thin. Beat up looking. Filthy. But what really got us was that he was horribly skiddish. He wouldn't approach us. He barely would come and eat the food and water offered despite all the baby talking and cooing we did. (very unlike him)

    Next morning he did let Nichole pick him up. He was covered in fleas, scabs, cuts, and he reeked. So she decided a bath was in order. Now Willie loved baths when he was young. (he thought he was a dog) But Nichole got horribly scratched and bit. He was having no part of a bath.

    So we kept feeding him.

    Then he disappeared again for about a week.

    He came home several days ago while I had Aubrey outside. Walked right up and crawled into my lap.......

    And he was spotless!!! CLEAN!! And obviously someone had either used Frontline or Revolution on him because he is flea free.

    Willie hasn't left the yard all week. And since it's been such a beautiful week, he's enjoyed much cuddling and loving.

    But I'm wondering which neighbor managed to give him a bath and did the flea medication? Could be anyone. Still, it was awfully nice of them. Cuz after Nichole's failure, Willie wouldn't come near us, wary of another bath attempt. lol

    We're having our yard sale this weekend. The neighbors often stop by, so maybe I'll find out who it was and be able to thank them.

    I love little random acts of kindness.:D
  2. flutterbee

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    Awwwww, poor Willie! I wonder what happened to him.

    I hope you find out who took care of him. I wonder if they realize they're 'sharing' him. ;)
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Me too. lol

    Although for about 3 blocks around everyone knows we're his 1st family. :D He got caught out during several of our yard sales when neighbors would come and find him on our laps. :rofl:
  4. Abbey

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    You know, I did that for a cat that I later found out was a cat from across the street. That cat lived a princess life with us. I thought it was a stray. Then one day I saw it saunter into my friend's yard. I'm like...what the heck? Yep...it's her cat. That darn thing. He was getting the best of both worlds.

    Glad Willie made it home and had an angel to watch over him.

  5. Wiped Out

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    What a wonderful act of kindness.
  6. mrscatinthehat

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    how sweet of someone.

  7. mom_in_training

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    Awwww, How cool is that. :) I'll bet he feels allot better. Are you sure that *Star is not in your area? Lol!!!!