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    hi im a net novice so excuse the typing i live in ireland my 8 year old difficult child has odd i believe ,his home behaviour is so so but school and social is terrible he is exclude from any thing we can not supervise personally ie school bus ,scouts etc. tomorrow is a big day, after 4+years of "parenting lessons"i must convince well meaning counselers that my son needs one on one therapy from a pro as well as more specific education for my wife and i. im a carpenter not a shink but i think my difficult child is the rare case of odd only but the child shink after 4 years of interviewing only my wife and i is "reluctate" to label my child .he wasnt at school last at teacher request they needed a break 3 wks into school term but we live in a small town theyve never dealt with this before just typing this is helping to get it staight in my head suggestions welcome from vetrans
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    Hi! And welcome. You've come to the right place.

    You're correct; ODD is rarely seen as a one-off condition. It usually co-exists with others like Attention Deficit Disorder, etc. I can also tell you (in layman's terms) that ODD usually exists in the home environment as well as in society (eg. school, scouts, etc). I do not get that sense from your posting. Is there some reason why you've hit on ODD as a possible condition?

    Additionally, has your son been officially diagnosed? Has there been any diagnosis other than what the counselors are saying? Perhaps you could elaborate and someone in the Forum could offer suggestions. We are all here to help and believe me, we can all offer suggestions!

    Again, welcome; and good luck. Please keep posting. This is the greatest place that I have found yet!
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    Hi there. I know nothing about Ireland's health care system. If you were in the US, I'd tell you to see a neuropsychologist as ODD rarely stands alone and is usually caused by another disorder. However, I don't know how you do things there, so I just thought I'd pop on and say welcome to our little corner of the world :)
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    hi i attend parrenting councelling for 3 to 4 year difficult child is super itellegent ridilin for 3 yrs ineffecive behavior better for males irish medicine 10 years behined us NB lived 10 years NY also i aplogize didnt mean to imsult any one with input regardless of experiance (is there spell check on this)
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    Welcome IRCON! Don't worry about the typing! Your welcomes may be a little thin tonight (here in the US we're having our SuperBowl so everyone's watching the game!!).

    I agree with the others that ODD rarely stands alone.

    I'd like to ask a few questions if I may:

    Has he been officially diagnosed? If so, what type of professional has diagnosed him.

    Does he take any medication?

    How was his development? Any problems with loud or sudden noises? Itchy tags in his shirts? When he was small, did he "line up" toys frequently? Did he get slightly obsessed with a certain thing? (like fixated on trains, or trucks or trading cards?). Any type of speech delay?

    Does he have brothers or sisters? Take a look at my profile on the bottom of my post and fill one out. It makes it easier for members to get to know you and your family/difficult child!

    You'll get a lot of help here, it's a wonderful, knowledgable group of people. We've got people from all over the world and so you'll get a lot of perspectives here!

    We're here to help and support one another, so again, welcome to the group!


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    to wise worrior yes to hearing tests yes to ordering trivia too everyone else i will answer every when i figure out what im doing ill change my profile to reflect my family
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    4 years later no diagonisis snail therapy irish style, no labels, how do you fix a unknown problem never heard of odd untill i heard on radio 8 months ago wow thats my difficult child biography shrink dismissed when i suggested then 2weeks ago eurka its top of the list but isee my girlfriend
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    Hi IRCON, and welcome. I can sympathize with you about being steered away from 'labeling' my son. Now, every situation is different, but in hindsight if I'd taken a bat to everyone that told me to "handle him gently, you don't want to label him", maybe he wouldn't be where he is today.

    And then again, maybe he would.

    All I can offer, though, is earlier on (before we knew of the drug use), I had a bad feeling about taking the "soft" approach so McWeedy wouldn't be "handicapped" later in life with a medical record of ADD, ODD, and other things.

    I can only offer my own opinion, for what it's worth: do what you think is best for your child. If you disagree with what your doctor/therapist/whatever is telling you, seek at least one other separate opinion, preferably two. Seek good counsel, and then use your heart and head together to make a decision.

    I regret every day that we listened to the teachers, counsellors, and even pediatricians that warned us to not 'lablel' our son. If possible, don't leave room for regrets later down the road. It only gets harder, not easier, from here, so give yourself (and your child) every possible chance to succeed.

    Okay, that's my two cents (what's that worth in Eire)?