ODD or "phase" ?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by candroo, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I am in constant battles with my 7yr old daughter over everything. She doesn't listen to a word I say, pretty much walks away as if I hadn't said anything, constantly interrupting and needing anyone's attention that she can get, rude and fresh to me and her Dad and other adults, sassy as can be (sounds like I did at 14), as of recently she has been having melt downs or tantrums (this is new), also new is trouble staying in her bed at night. For the first time ever she got in trouble at camp this summer numerous times for not listening or doing stuff she wasn't supposed to. In the past she has been perfectly behaved in school and camp. I feel like I am constantly correcting her behavior with no results at all.
    I am not quite sure what this is, but I truly feel that there is no way this is a phase. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I go from here?

    Background info: only child, I'm divorced from her Father, depression and alcoholism runs on both sides of the family, I have had the depression part of that about 10yrs ago and was successfully treated, I have not had the alcoholism. She just started a new school and we moved to a new house. She seems to be doing well socially so far, her academics are great (off the charts, she has been tested)

    Anyway, I have to say that she is difficult to be around a lot of the time. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does this sound like ODD or am I being ridiculous? I welcome any comments/suggestions
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    Do I start out by seeing a psyhcologist that we have seen very briefly when she was 3 or 4 for some minor sleep (staying in her own bed) issues, or in your what seems to be very experienced opinions do I go straight to a child psychiatrist? Or deal with this at home on my own, although I'm not sure how, I have tried everything that I can think of on my own and nothing has helped, if it does help it helps temporarily. Any book recs?
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    Welcome candroo!!

    I would say getting her evaluated is in order. It can't hurt to get a professional opinion to see if it is a phase.

    There are some medical tests worth having done by her primary care doctor. Some medical dxs can cause behavior issues.

    Then I recommend a neuropsychologist test her, preferrably at a Children's Hospital. If you can get it, go for a multidisciplinary evaluation at the Childrens hospital and then there would be team of docs, including medical.

    A book recommendation is The Explosive Chils, by Ross Greene.
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    So you think I should start out with her Peditrician and go from there?
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    It depends on how receptive he is to your ideas. Some docs do not want a parent coming in saying 'I want her to have a multidisciplinary evaluation at a Children's Hospital'. It makes them feel like you are telling them how to do their job. But, maybe your doctor is not like that.

    Call your local Children's hospital and see what they have available. Here is a link with a description of what type of evaluation you want.

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    Welcome to the group!

    I recommend the neuropsychologist evaluation. It has been the most thorough testing so far for all 3 of my difficult children.

    I also recommend the book The Explosive Child as stated above. It helps in understanding our kids a little better.

    I do not recommend dealing with this by yourself at home. You need an outlet, like this board, to vent to or ask questions of and you need a good doctor to help you evaluate your daughter.

    My 7 year old son doesn't listen to me or his teachers. I'm a little discouraged right now, but I keep thinking, he is off his medication right now. So I'm trying to keep in mind, his medications will help him. We are in the process of new evaluations and were lucky to get into a psychiatrist that seems to really care and have his ducks in a row.

    I'm sorry for what you're going through right now. This board is the best though and a great support when you need it. Welcome!
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    I highly recommend a Neuropsychologist, they are different and much more thorough than regular psycologists, therapists, and the like. Was she never a problem before or did she get worse? Did she have any delays? How are her social skills? ODD rarely stands alone. Her behavior is ODD-like, however ODD behavior is normally triggered by another disorder. Everything has a better prognosis if caught and treated early. You don't know what's going on so you can't know how to treat it. I personally had better luck with a neuropsychologist than a MultiDisciplinary Evaluation and we just made our appts. We didn't get a referral; depends on your insurance. Our pediatrician didn't have a clue what was going on and admittied it. Welcome to the board!
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    3 years ago we moved to a new home which took my now 15year old away from his friends, school, ect. even though the move seemed small to us it affected him horribly. He became hostile, complained constantly, exploded over small things. During this time we ended up having him hospitalized because he said that he wanted to kill himself. While hospitalized they said that his new moods were a form of seperation anxiety and depression from the move. Now at 15, he is once again the kid that we had before the move. He is playing football and doing great in school. Try therapy with her. Let the therapist know about the move and any other changes. Let them know what they need to know and I would keep any history of depression, bipolar, personality disorder that may run in the family from the therapist. You see, at times, we as parents, give too much information and doctors tend to assume...well if the family has it, why not the child. I have been diagnosis bipolar type 2 and then it was changed to major depression syndrome. I spent 5 years of my life on medications that harmed my body, gained weight, and felt zombie like most of the time. My diagnosis was changed when I met a new therapist and I did not mention family history of anything. When my son was in the hospital we acted as if there were no family links to anything he may have. He was given an antidepressant for a matter of 3 months and weened off by our doctor. He has been fine ever since.
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    She was never a problem before. She has no delays whatsoever and her social skills are great! Thanks for your advice. It looks like everyone on here highly recs the Neuropsychologist. I will discuss that with my pediatrician right away. Thanks again!
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    Our experiences with psychiatric and anxiety drugs sound strangely familiar. Mine too changed when I found a new more responsible therapist. I am glad to hear that your son is back to his regular old self. That means there is hope!