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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Hope4Alli, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Hope4Alli

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    So I believe and will hopefully confirm diagnosis soon, that my daughter is more ODD then she is ADHD. I believe these are conjunction with one another. However, I am not sure what to do to help my daughter nor do I have the knowledge of who to turn to for help. I don't want to just use medications as a cure-all. What do I need to do in order to help her now and for the long-term?
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    How old is she? What are the indicative details of her ODD? (I.e., tell us about her ODD behavior.)
  3. Hope4Alli

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    Hostility directed toward authority figures
    Temper tantrums
    Argumentativeness with adults
    Refusal to comply with adult requests or rules
    Deliberate annoyance of other people
    Blaming others for mistakes or misbehavior
    Acting touchy and easily annoyed
    Anger and resentment
    Spiteful or vindictive behavior
    Aggressiveness toward peers
    Difficulty maintaining friendships
    Academic problems
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    From what I understand, ODD is not a diagnosis that can be treated by medications. IF there is underlying depression, anxiety, etc. that can be treated with medications and it might help with some of the behaviors you are seing. But ODD is more of a set of behavior/personality traits that needs to be modified with a behavioral approach. There's a lot of reading materials out there, even just simple stuff for dealing with oppositional kids. Do you have insurance? Who is "confirming the diagnosis" for you? Hopefully whomever that is will take the time to go through some options with you and give you some resources.

    Hang in there. :)
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    Please do yourself and her a favor and be open minded to medications. Mine started on them again almost a week ago and it has been HEAVEN here! This is the sweet girl I once knew. This is the smiling, happy girl that can now do anything in life with out her bad attitude getting in tne way. Some people truly have a chemical imbalance and medications are needed for that. I let them be optional here for far too long. I now realize that I know what is best for her and being on medications is simply something she needs. I believe my daughter has ADHD, Agitated depression and ODD...
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    Pleases take her to a neuropsychologist. Most of us oldtimers here are "iffy" on ODD as a diagnosis. It is more a symptom than the big picture. All of the kids listed here are defiant, but they different reasons for being defiant. Has she ever had a complete evaluation? She could have a mood disorder, Aspergers, an emerging personality disorder, lots of things. But ODD doesn't stand alone and ADHD doesn't explain all of her negativity. I'd also be open to both medications and a good psychiatrist after having a neuropsychologist do the testing (they are very intensive 6-10 hours). ODD is usually given to very young kids who defy an early diagnosis.

    Good luck, regardless of what you decide to do :) Also be careful of recreational drug use at her age. It is common with our differently wired children.