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    Not too long ago Aubrey got a nasty scratch on her leg from a spring in Nichole's boyfriend's parents couch. Nichole put bandaides on it the 2nd day as it looked like it was trying to get infected.

    By the 3rd day it was looking worse and Aubrey was having a fit when we had to change the bandaides and put on fresh neosporin. It didn't appear to heal, just swell and get worse. On about the 5th day I helped Nichole with the bandaides again. By this time Aubrey was actively fighting having it changed.

    I told Nichole that the cut wasn't infected. In fact, it looked to be fairly healed. But Aubrey was clearly severely allergic to the adhesive on the bandaide or the latex on the bandaide. Because she was swollen and a horrid set of hives had broken out right where the tape was.

    So then Nichole felt awful because she'd been careful to keep the bandage on to prevent infection and it had cause something else. But after a few days........she was better.

    But, now here's the odd part, she's scarred. Fairly prominant. Hives? Aubrey didn't scratch because it hurt her to do so. And we put allergy cream on it soon as we figured out that was the problem.

    Scarring? With hives? Does she just have sensitive skin? Never seen this before and am just curious. I mean, I'm also severely allergic to both adhesive and latex and will break out in hives from head to toe. (literally) But even ones the size of saucers never left me with a scar.
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    That does seem odd. Maybe a nurse from the pediatrician office could offer some advice and insight. I did want to mention- has she had a tetanus shot?
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    I would call the doctor and ask about this. It seems very strange.

    I would also call school, daycare, every doctor and tell them she has a latex allergy. I am sure you know how severe it can be. Our school has it posted on both sides of the door to any classroom if a child or teacher has a latex allergy.

    In kids it is esp important to let school know because balloons are cheap and many parents send them to school in treat bags.

    I am sorry she has a scar. Is it possible there is an infection under the area? I have never heard of hives scarring.