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    May i ask who in here has children suffering from ODD? And where did they take their children to officially find out that they had it?
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    ODD usually goes hand-in-hand with other disorders. It rarely stands by itself. FRom what I've lived and learned, I think a neuropsychologist is the best place to take a child for any evaluation. THey do intensive testing and can nail things better than regular therapists and regular psycologists. That is important. Almost every child hear has ODD behaviors, but they are due to their other disorders--ADHD, early onset bipolar, autistic spectrum disorder--the list is endless. I would definitely seek a neuropsychologist exam--you can find NeuroPsychs at Childrens and University Hospitals. I doubt you'll hear that he only has ODD.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you found us.

    I agree with MidwestMom. Only with the right diagnosis will you be able to put the proper interventions into place to help your child.

    What specific behaviors in your child prompted you to seek out this message board?
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    We were originally told our now 13 year old was ODD with ADHD. He is the least ADHD person I have ever met and even the psychiatrist who initially diagnosed him changed his mind.

    We finally figured out after years of torture that his co-traveler is school based performance anxiety disorder coupled with a disorder of written expression. Since we have been dealing with those issues, the ODD has diminished almost entirely. He still does passively defiant stuff - like refusing to sit for a school picture for his yearbook because his "essence" will be stolen (difficult child speak for photophobic!, telling his chorus teacher that he does not approve of her choice of songs for the winter concert and not handing in a poem he wrote because he did not believe his English teacher would honor her promise not to read it aloud, but the shutdowns, the physical avoidance and the like have virtually ceased. Once we knew what we were dealing with and dealt with it headon, the ODD became less of a player.

    Figure out what is comorbid with it, and realize that you may have to go through several possible diagnosis's like we did and when you get the right one and treat that, your ODD will be helped too.
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    Depending on insurance policies, you may need to speak with your primary care dr first to make a referal to a psychiatric dr. I agree that a neuropsychologist evaluation is best, however it can be a long wait to get a appointment. I would make an appointment with a child psychiatrist until you could get in to see a neuropsychologist. The psychiatrist can help address some current issues you are dealing with, even if you dont want medications until after the neuropsychologist evaluation.

    My youngest was diagnosis with ADHD first. We dealt with that for almost 2 years before the psychiatrist realized the behaviors were more ODD and disruptive behavior disorder type behaviors.

    You can also ask your childs school to evaluate your child for special needs, developmental disabilities and learning disabilities. This can help with school by making accomidations that your child might need for education purposes.

    Welcome aboard. Hope this helps.
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    Hi! We've got ODD, ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety, and possible Expressive Reading/Writing disorders.

    Our "ODDer" travels with a pack of disorders!

    Neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist and then I got a neuropsychologist done which confirmed some of the diagnosis' and gave us names for others.

    <u> </u> OH WHAT A HAPPY, HAPPY HOUSE!!! :smile:

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    Well hello, wickedsgrace,

    You made me smile asking who here has children with ODD? I mean, well, mmmm, isn't that what most of our kids here have? At least, the difficult child children (what we call Gifts from God, i.e., our difficult children).

    Mine is certainly ODD. That was the diagnosis we got from the local mental health clinic psychologist when we searched for help after two suicide attempts which were more calls for help than real attempts, but still very very distressing at the age of 12 and 13. He is now 21. And still dreadfully difficult.

    I don't know how you go about getting a diagnosis in the USA. I am in Israel and the health system here is quite different, although not bad, considering.

    Although the generally accepted opinion is that ODD comes along with other disorders, ours seems to be just ODD, straight and undiluted. Like whisky -- neat!

    Anyway, welcome, and please tell us a bit more about yourself and your ODD child.

    Love, Esther
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    I too have a ADHD with ODD. His first diagnosis was ADHD with mild conduct disorder. For us, in Canada, we went to our family doctor to get a referral of a psychiatrist and have seen about a zillion different councilors! His first diagnosis was from a psychologist that evaluated him. The psychologist was part of the school board so I feel like his assessment was somewhat influenced by the school staff. Once we got to see the psychiatrist she was able to read through everything and not have any verbal influence from school staff and her diagnosis was ADHD with ODD, which I can totally see. I could not see and still don't see any mild conduct disorder.

    My recommendation would be to see your family doctor and he/she can point you in the right direction.

    Good luck!