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    I have a group of friends I met the first day of college (that was the fall of 1965); there are 5 of us who live within just a few hours of each other. For our 60th birthdays we went and saw a 6th memeber of our group in Florida. We aren't as rich this year but we're all turning 65 so we're meeting up in Kansas City at the new house of one of our group. There are 2 of us in KC, two from Nebraska, and one from Oklahoma. We will celebrate all of our birthdays. It sounds like a great time to eat, drink, and be merry. I'm off in just a few hours and won't be home till Sunday. Sounds like a great time. You can all hold down the fort while I'm gone.:bigsmile:
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    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!:choir:
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    Have fun!