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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jody, May 12, 2010.

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    I have been slowly weaning my daughter off the Abilify. Today was one of several good days we have had in the last week. She actually was helpful and got right up this morning, called out I love you and made it to the bus early. I was almost afraid to say anything because I don't want to jinx myself. We go to the Dr, tomorrow. i told her that I wanted her off of it previously, she didn't listen. Daughter is also not raveneous 24/7. Eating normaly. She gained 27 lbs in about 3 1/2 months. I am hoping that we can have a few more days. That would be so nice!!! Now she takes Adderall Xr 40 mgs 1x daily and wellbuterin 300 mgs 1x daily.
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    i'm curious what made you decide to wean her off abilify.

    what was happening (other than the weight gain) that concerned you? and how is she doing on just adderal/welbutrin? for some reason i thought there were some concerns that she had some type of mood disorder that was unidentified, but maybe i'm wrong.

    and how come you dr is reluctant to wean?

    sorry for all the questions--i'm just interested...mine is on abilify too.
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    Her mood really wasn't any better than it was before. It seemed to work great at first then tapered off. Also, she was very unhappy all of the time. When she would blow up there wasn't any stopping it. I guess we'll see, I might be writing she was hitting me in the car on the way to school or something. I figured if it wasn't helping her mood why have her on it. She was sleeping 15 hours a day in the first two weeks, maybe that is why it seemed like she was in a better mood. I don't know it if is the right thing or not, but she is actually having a good day here and there.
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    thanks for posting.

    glad to hear things seem better....i also kind of cant make up my mind about abilify. sometimes it seems like it does nothing, but then i hear the doctors voice saying medications cant fix everything, so maybe i expect too much.

    i hope it all works out for you both!
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    Her diagnosis is ADHD, ODD. Depression. When she was on the abilify, I just couldn't hardly find any good days. Medicine certainly doesn't do everything (Oh how we all wish it would) but I don't see any reason to take a medication if it's not doing any good, only causing more problems. The weight gain was terrible. We eat pretty healthy, but she was just raveneous all the time. I bought 10 good size oranges and she ate 8 of them in two days. I know they are oranges but it was that way with every thing. Constantly hungry. Then the depression was getting worse because the kids were asking her when she was having her baby, the teasing. Uh, kids are mean sometimes. She called me a few minutes ago and I almost fell out of my chair. She said I am coming home on the early bus mom. I asked her why, she said she wanted to spend time with me tonight. OMG, I am really getting suspicious here. I am looking out for trouble. Her being nice usually means she wants something and if the answer is no, it's really big trouble.