off to my last visit night with difficult child... will update after too

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    It feels like a year. difficult child (Q) is gonna call me to make his last food request (my treat when I go) while in the hospital. He is going home tomorrow if medications are not toxic. (not likely but...) By reports, the hospital teacher said that ALL week he has stayed in the class and has gotten his work completely done. (crazy, he is still in need of direction when blurting etc. but he is compliant with that again). THey said he is staying in groups too. When he cant he is asking to leave or if directed to leave does so willingly. Tends to come back within a few mintues and says I'm ok now. I think the difference is he is told to leave so much in school and by now they are burnt out and frustrated so maybe not as instructive/therapeutic. THey asked me to send a list of things that worked at hospital so they can try. I know they really do want it to work. Several people have stopped me and are very worried.

    Today even the doctor said that he is super calm. Now he just called and did the normal, "may you please get me a shake" I said yes. He says good because even if they dont have it you have to get it or else I will be mad. sigh. But not yelling, just his usual blurts that get really old at times. I will take that over rage! and besides that, the nurse said, try again and he did right away.

    Hope the visit goes great.... I said my prayers... looking out for :stalker:
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    Good luck! I haven't kept up with a lot of people here lately and should start reading more threads from newer people. I'll try to do better. In the meantime- I hope all goes well tonight and tomorrow!
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    Hoping it went well.
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    1. Got my purse back! Everything is inside, all is good in that area of life...whew.
    2. No labs yet, dont know if he is coming home or not tomorrow but that is the plan. They are usually back in one day so they should be there early tomorrow morning. He still thinks difficult child can go home because we can adjust it at home now that he is more like his normal difficult child self.
    3. difficult child forced my hand. He said, "Cant wait till I come home on Sunday" I chuckled because that his his tactic when he wants something that I have said no to, he will just act like he never heard the real answer. He said why are you laughing. I said what do you think? He said that he will be leaving sunday, that is what the doctor said. I said, well you will have to ask again, because I was told tomorrow, BUT dr. W said that you can call Annie on Sunday to say good bye. He said, you will let me use your phone? I said yes if you are nice with it. He said ok. Just like that, no problem. HOLY COW. Maybe he IS going to get back to himself. He will always have moments of, well, ARRRRGGGG, but it is so much easier to handle when he gets back to his 80-90% of the day cooperative level.
    4. I have arranged for one of the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers to go with him out into the community on Sunday after horseback riding. I think it will be good for him to go with them and get back into a routine. Each episode leading up to the hospital happened when one of them was here and so i want them to get back into it. He has one worker who works at an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) during the day so he has seen kids pick up behaviors and said that they often feed off eachothers symptoms so depending on his actual state he will be careful to either reassure him or just move on to the next activity and redirect him. I hope that will work out. other Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker is a family therapy student going for her MA and engages him a little more in talking about the why's and what are you feeling...kind of things. OK for some things, but often he just doesn't know and it forces him to create something that then gets recorded and I know is pure nonsense. She is pretty good otherwise though, and really tough, doesn't take anything personally, is super even tempered and has worked with really really agressive people so mine is not much compared to what she has experienced.
    5. I am better prepared for him to come home tomorrow. I realized that in talking to so many different people there in one day after not having that in two weeks, I just got really overwhelmed. They often contradicted eachother in little ways but important to me. so, now things are good.

    I hope when they call, he is well and we will just pack up and have a good day. It is supposed to be a nice (50's) , sunny, a little windy all weekend. The trees are still that deep orange and redish and lots of leaves on trees still, probably will blow off this weekend. I am glad he gets to be out more this weekend.

    Iwill update his return for sure, thanks all for your love and support during this time. i hope it is just a blip in our life, I suspect it is really the start of a new phase.
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    Hope its the start of a good phase. Glad things are looking up right now.
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    Thanks for updating early.
    This means I can sign off early tonight and get some sleep!

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    It REALLY helps when there is times of less argument....this just gives us as parents some time to 'recharge' and get a bit of hope for the future!
    Hope things go smoothly!
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    Really good news about the handbag-purse, buddy. And bestest wishes for you and Q as you are reunited.
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    Hoping all goes well as he transitions back home. Sending many gentle hugs your way.
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    Thanks guys... oh i forgot one really strange thing...

    doctor said Q had this strange thing happen, he wasn't sure it was a seizure, but it was someting...he doesn't know what.

    He was in his bed and really shut down. He wouldn't arouse, they tried pain responses and little medical tricks to get him to arouse and he didn't. When he finally did come around, he didn't have a headache like he usually would with a seizure. he didn't complain of feeling fake (but he doesn't tell much anymore, just doesn't like to be vulnerable in any way) and didn't have any behavioral signs before. He has had these "shut down" times before at school and at home. I always thought it was behavioral, at times just needing to stay in control or handle stress in the best way he knows how. But if they tried all those things to arouse him??? Do you think someone can so psychologically shut down they can not feel pain or anything? Kind of concerning.